Francis I is on a mysterious / stupendous Jesuit grand tour – started by Ignatius of Loyola, rumored to have seen Hollow Earth – traveled through it and wound up in the Tibetan high masters’ hands. “There and back again” – to MontSerrat. A stop in Cuba where Snowman could never fly. Did he only time-travel there? He knew things, and he set in motion a thing that would take 500 years to come about.


He shows his allegiance in his coat of arms. Society of Jesus, plus an 8 pointed star, often seen in secret Cathar architecture, 11th Century. Astrology suggests by 2025 with Saturn in line of Neptune a global transition in belief systems. By March 2020, Saturn conjunct Pluto, we see in the horoscope of Francis I, that he is considering his options as he is running out of time to create a “1 world religion” or some fancy operation of that nature.

He is born during a very powerful Saturn – Neptune opposition (divided internally over how to believe) and now, the soon to be 80 years old pontiff possibly sees the end of suffering in sight. Pope Francis has chosen the motto “Miserando atque eligendo”, meaning lowly but chosen; literally in Latin = ‘by having mercy, by choosing’.


On rare occasions he wears it out front in public. This is as if say you get a guy into the White House who wears on his lapel the Golden See Eye Aye doubled-headed eagle. He is humbly stating. Yes I am in charge of this one now. It is a silent take over, centuries in the making.

Art of deal making is in the air. Can Trump get us a better deal? I know so.

Francis I embarked on interesting things: He brokered the USA – Cuba deal, while meeting his Russian Orthodox patriarch equivalent on Cuban soil, (first time in a millennium meeting), and opening the way for the Cuban sandwich, and then he plans on embracing the Lutherans (of which Merkel hails), this in a once in a half millennium meeting in Sweden, of all places, a country completely demolished by social engineering experiments of the bizarre kind. Will he scoop up the “Cruz evangelicals” next, and the Mormons? The direction it is taking is one world belief for retards.

Earth changes – like Mount Aetna or Vesuvius exploding – aside (and the crumbling financial funding) where Rome no longer can host the underground alien base of this Sorcerers’ networked palace system, this detached Argentinian Jesuit (born with Sagittarius Sun in line of Galactic Center) has not much choice but to either integrate / join / unify all “belief systems” into one, or dissolve everything. He tends to see dissolution as best, internally.

Or, maybe he resigns soon. All of it is also possible. He has certainly entered the heart of darkness by now – mindful of the most likely of all the outcomes. It is not impossible that a Taoist 5th column went in with him when he took over the windswept house of cards from Ratzinger. Francis Underdog has a huge task ahead and only few years left. We are still waiting to see the Templar documents and the handover of the cosmological archives and the classified planet observatories to the Public.

Nibiru / Dark “Black” Star by Bowie notwithstanding… The astrology – mid to long term – points towards dissolution and ending of belief systems, and of the Roman Catholic Church, and to Francis I being the one to bring it all about, peacefully. The alternative is the unpleasant scenario we know from the web bot linguistics by clif high friend.

The end of division in sight.
Confusion in Confucianism? Have the Taoists finally won?

We have moved from belief society (people believing stuff) to a knowing society a while ago where people have HiGHER educations. And the Jesuit deep down in Francis I knows this to be so. You can’t pull this number on folks! His own astrology tells us this true story oddly enough. All his mind has to do is look into the Obsidian mirror. He knows the time has come. 2017, 2020 soon. He said he would not stay long.

product_thumbnail.php In my 2007 book FORESEEN – Beyond Time I show how the Templars play the key role; and before them the Cathars. The knowing was / is cosmic. The knowing will have to be shared open source.

From 1977-79 I was taught hidden history / sciences by a Jesuit professor in Switzerland, in private, things most highly educated peers would call “conspiratorial stuff” if not controversial or heretic. He might go to jail today if he were still alive to teach the things he showed me. Most of what he knew is nowadays “verboten.” Thinking is not allowed anymore by law in some “universities” of the gate keepers.

The Cathars, Templars used to have, and now the Jesuits have 1 key to hidden astrology / cosmology. The question of where we are from and where we are headed to next, in the big picture, and what the star constellations tell us about who came from where to this place… Look at his coat of arms symbol. 8 pointed gold star and 2 keys! It is a star federation.

As someone who studied under the rigors of these advanced masters, i know of many interesting things they did under the radar, over time, for instance causing the revitalizing influx of Confucian insights into main stream Western consciousness – by the brilliant 16th Century Jesuit Matteo Ricci who was Superior General of the mission in China, and who argued that Confucianism and Christianity are not opposed and in fact are remarkably similar.

Astrologically we have returned into this multi century cycle (1525-2025) which involves now also Planet 9 (Jupiter’s higher octave) and a bunch of asteroids and dwarf pieces floating over the chess set orbits of Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and beyond – while most of this crucial action is in Sagittarius, where Truth is a pathless land.

Jesuits use astrology to time moves. I know this because it was a Jesuit who introduced me to the technicalities of astrology. That was long before we had discovered the heavenly bodies now named Ixion, or Nessus.

Here is Pope Francis horoscope – art by St.Clair.


It is fair to say thus that the Jesuits (via “F1”) hold some timeless keys to important knowing. However, there is also freedom from the known. There has to be, or we all go stupid. And we know it is time to enter the unknown. Here is a good way to look at the astro-sociological implications of the next years. Ending division, inner & outer, ending wars (inner & outer conflict), and creating space for understanding and cooperation.

Decondition the mind with this excellent outstanding 1 hour conversation between the great teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti and a Jesuit master. It shows the man from the future pointing out things to a man from the past.


Just listen, observe…
At a time like “Easter” – time well spent. Thinking without thinking.

The Future emanates from an advanced world

News of a major pyramid and community-building project in Russia. Researcher Valery Uvarov is involved in a project to build a community working with an interconnected group of especially designed pyramids that might serve to produce unique effects and to enhance a wiser generation of Russian kids. In this 2015 interview he explains details about this futuristic project which resembles the ideal work and design from a more advanced world.


(In my subscribers-only Radiant Zones Network I disclose more knowing and explain the astrological calculations which lead me to our pondering this reality more carefully.)