First New Moon 2018 Capricorn – joined by Sun Venus Mercury Saturn & Pluto. Deep revival / resourceful initiation — accompanied by Mars aligned with Jupiter in Scorpio ~ exposing dynamite state secrets ~ Obsidian Mirror style. Timeless phase with a maturity & success end 2020. Arctic ice age started, restrictive climate, personal limitations. Safety. Structural transformation of institutions, governments: Everything of scope under a microscope of societal purpose / usefulness.

~ Time of The Deep Game ~
aka The Smoky Vibes

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.
― Frank Herbert – ‘Dune’

2018 sees Mars / Jupiter well-aligned in Scorpio to Capricorn transit planets. As expected statistically gold price rose a bit. Phase 2018 starts by revealing deep state secrets and hidden hand affairs. Events sociological in scope.

Several whistle blowers of all kinds take apart the fibers of the elite now. Hollywood & fake media (ruled by Neptune) is just where it starts. Later it is all the 1% bankers, etc.. an inside senior engineer type of Twitter, interviewed by Project Veritas, suggested they do at Twitter pretty much what Snowman said they did at NSA. Spy on everyone and make everything (Trump’s account incl.) available to whoever wants it.

This is the back drop in which Saturn starts its once in 29-30 years trek through Capricorn. This is the stuff of a very tense thriller. We see purges & counter purges, coups & counter-coups. The time of Saturn in Sagittarius hyper-ideologies is over, not all of it passed the test.

The phase 2018-2020 speaks to us about High Quality, expertise, mastership, heavy responsibilities, resilient tenacious striving drive towards accomplishment/s, and of massive achievement via focus only on what is necessary and useful. The main cosmic backdrop is Neptune’s astral winds in Pisces to 2024. Sifting through the fake narratives to intuit reality. Fiction imagination. Salon revolutionaries will be cleaned out.

A time of simplicity, frugality, austerity at a personal and possibly global level is well-indicated. Excesses of anykind counter-indicated. Economics are back to basics reality business models. Times when elites, class status, order, anything to do with “establishment” – even the ‘rule of law’ notion itself ( see Catalonia’s Surreal WindMills ) – comes into question. Deluded processes come to an end – while inspired ideas will flourish.

Criteria of Saturn in Capricorn:
Is it useful to society’s purpose? – in light of this measurement marker one can see that an ‘anarchist response’ in politics will not last long in this ponderous transit of intransigence. Anarchists will be outlawed in this aspect. There is an OBSiDiAN MiRROR quality to 2018-2020, a time of revelation.

Coup d’Etat activities are countered by intelligence. This is seen in the case of Trump vs Mueller, Trump vs Bannon, and Deep state vs deeper state.. Perhaps this is also the lesson for the ever so clever Mr Mas & his creature – KRLS Puigdemont, the harry potter of Catland in Belgium. Fruitcakes & snowflakes will have a reality check-in with astro climate ahead.

Sweden (Europe’s most “fake” society ) goes into Civil War – No Go Zones . . . how about that for Saturn in Capricorn?

Colleague astrologer Carl Boudreau states :

Capricorn is about management, administration and governance. It is about high level organizational work. On the most basic, textbookish level, Saturn in Capricorn will compel us to more closely scrutinize governmental, managerial and administrative decisions. It will drive a more detailed, critical awareness of political and economic process and a generally investigative form of awareness.

This Saturn-driven process will show us the true cost of past, present and upcoming decisions. Under the influence of Saturn in Capricorn, the weight of our accumulated errors in those areas governed by Capricorn will become uncomfortably apparent. We will, for example, begin to perceive the true cost of organizational, administrative, managerial and legislative errors. Saturn will compel us to revisit the decisions involved and correct any errors.”

Saturn in Capricorn has this opportunistic streak to it where the end justifies the means. The alignments with Pluto also see success for well laid plans involving silent mission type diplomacy coupled to secret wars. For example: North & South Korea are talking again in 2018 – first time ever in decades… thanks in part also to President Trump who stayed the course in his correct psychological assessment of the fat boy. Trump is a genius – as I explained in this classic Spring 2016 predictive clip.

Master Putin who watches the world for all of us a bit, gives the fat boy nevertheless good grades: Shrewd & Mature Korean Leader Won This Round! – so says Putin.

Saturn in its own sign has an isolating & icy energy to it. The Rune ISA [ I ] mirrors this astro signature. Supreme courts are very busy in this alignment. Dictating new laws. Reputation & achievement are key, yet it is strictly speaking a very disciplined – and in same breath also an extremely ruthless – three years ahead into end of 2020.

Saturn enforces a steely view of reality in Capricorn. It is interested in how the world REALLY works. And it makes judicious use of that knowledge. I was born with Saturn in Capricorn – in an ‘intercepted first house’ no less, so perhaps I am the best suited to explain the next years ahead and help guide this invisible show of power to its destined end game.

Arctic weather & extreme climate changes (plus earth quakes & volcanic eruptions) are afoot expanding in scope intensity and size allover the Earth planet – mirrored by stone cold grey Saturn in Capricorn – and by 2020 these changes will morph this planet into a survival mode thinking and into debating the real preparedness issues facing mankind. The development is not as was falsely predicted by fake science; there is no global warming. We face an ice age.

Beyond that event time line is the eternal ET journey

This 3 years long transit acting as constant background theme is indicative of strategic vision via conservation of energy & effort, via caution, prudence, calculated delays, useful limitations, moderation, restrictions, rules & regulations, and things that slow everything down. Commitment in integrity is the stern demand of Saturn in its own sign. It questions the pessimistic / rigid attitude of Capricorn.

Saturn & Capricorn are not to be confused. Saturn actually brings out the great stuff in Capricorn, such as focus & dedication to purpose, to the pursuit of the aesthetics of this purpose, by time, economics, management, structure, order, manifestation of eternal forms. A time when elevated experts and authentic authorities in the most specialized disciplines of any kind are in highest demand ever.

The by-product is that everything which passes these long research & development test phases will persist and succeed later. Saturn in Capricorn is a Marathon runner up to K2. Perseverance, tenacity, resilience etc. are the keys to this passage ahead. This is a long haul signature. A steep climb. Gears will grind. Best is to tone down the pace now.

Master Krishnamurti on things timeless…

In its own sign, dignified and in charge, Saturn achieves stability in its own self-sufficient / self-sustained manner, by being persistently perseverant, by saving & manifesting resources, by demanding accountability; and it does not seek or require the approval of others, it does not care about timed opinions of a timed people, and so it can come across as aloof, if not autarch – or even autocratic at times. It outlives by out-waiting competition.

Excessive expectations — such as the endless unsustainable rise of crypto currencies, or the idea that “cold fusion is reality by 2020” — are shown their reality matrix in this aspect. But perhaps cold fusion will come about eventually, as will vacuum energy. Crypto currencies as designed so far are a scam. People will figure it out in time…

History is seen anew in this alignment.

Take Europe for an example. What will happen to this old decrepit continent full of long violent history? We discuss this on & off with the last sages standing — in a trans-atlantic style: America’s foremost psycho-analyst Dr. G Heath King reminded me of the French seer Albert Camus, he who announced Europe’s demise in the following words:

“In the very midst of the sound and fury of our history: Let us rejoice. Let us rejoice, indeed, at having witnessed the death of a lying and comfort-loving Europe». Fake media are promoting the same «lying and comfort loving Europe» meme – (Speech by Camus at University of Uppsala, December 1957).

Now there are twenty or more “regions” (out of a hundred) in Europe who question the usefulness of the 27 nation states they belong to. This sets the trend for a long discussion about the anatomy of a future functional European continent — while the radical non human elements keep invading Europe. This “malaise” or illness of welcoming invaders is to do with suicidal genetics.

Sirians would never allow a Shammat element breeding in their midst.

Elegant as ever, Putin asked them all last year – politely as usual – ‘why did the Europeans not give this whole thing some serious thought a long long time ago? Could they not think of this before? Can they not study their own History?’

Yes how about seeing it coming long before? Prof Fursov called Europe a museum.

[Born in February 1959, I watched this show as a small boy A Nordic Asset and I knew, this cannot be for real. Not sure how I lasted out two Saturn cycles in this surreal make belief world. I recall in 1989, ONE Saturn cycle later, future German Chancellor Gerd Schroeder also saying, like a Celtic seer who knew the secret plans, that the EU / Euro game is dead on arrival. Guess who he is partner with now? Putin.]

You think TWO Saturn cycles in Capricorn is big?
See John Le Carre (foot note) has THREE under his belt.

Themes & memes under deepest scrutiny ahead are timelessness itself, as well as aging, authority, traditions, institutions, governments, engineering & architecture, anything structural, such as bones & teeth, retirement plans such as social security and pensions, or anything that keeps forms in shape.

The time ahead has an esoteric signature to it which questions “Reality.”

Trying to live longer? – Medicine is subject to control also. Cancer & stroke & heart disease research is starting go become more serious eventually in this astro aspect, as they figure out that the “scientists” they rely on completely sold out to the chemical medical cartels. Russia is leading in Cancer research as well as in other fields of mathematics, science and space exploration, all related to this astro alignment.

Saturn in Capricorn is the ultimate Bringer of Form, manifesting planet, and Lord of Time. Space & time, time-space and sacred geometry itself, are ruled in this alignment sector. We will see a new cosmology emerge as I predicted in 2006 in LIGHT-SEEDS / ZEN OF STARS parts 1 & 2.

As Saturn approaches Pluto by 2020 we see two principles at work powerfully — Saturnian limitation and structure creating form, with Pluto’s transformative / abrasive / destructive tactics — and in those moments in History we often witness the overhaul of society and governments, as we have seen walls and structures come down in such astro alignments. Only that which is built for the timeless time will outlast 2020, and with Jupiter approaching the endgame it portends of a magnificent transit.

Saturn in Capricorn is high tech preservation of highest genes

The above is a 1979 Mercedes G class encased in a 44 ton cube of resin. A statement about what has lasting tech value. Capricorn Saturn symbolized at its best in timely manner at a 2018 USA motor show. This reminds insiders of the eternal invention of Crystal Light-Seeds Resonators — by St.Clair

Timeless Capricorn Saturn

(see famous author born in this signature in foot note)

Ice Age

Projects / ventures started in Capricorn Saturn signature have long legs – Success.

Situation 1.1. 2019
Scorpio moon sets a secretive tone . .


During its long Capricorn transit into 2020, Saturn forms the following six crucial aspects, which depict the time atmosphere ahead, as most of the six alignments inter-lock / over-lap over time like a Kaleidoscope of forms shape shifting until the final 2020 Gong:

* Saturn semi-square (45) Jupiter on December 22nd, 2017, at 1 Capricorn (Jupiter at 16 Scorpio) (first) & March 14, 2018, at 9 Capricorn (Jupiter at 24 Scorpio) & again September 3, 2018, at 3 Capricorn (Jupiter at 18 Scorpio – final) — Friction & economic upheavals possible. Reset in currency markets probable. Gold points to a new market in China / Russia. (see foot note)

* Saturn trine (120) Uranus on August 27, 2018 [both planets are retrograde and never meet exactly, but close enough to portend greater positive longer lasting changes 2019-20. Once in Taurus, after 2018, Uranus ushers in a long-lasting land & resource revolt into 2024, most profound, in how we approach our resources – as seen in my 2017 film clip.]

Uranus in Taurus well aligned with Saturn in Capricorn

* Saturn sextile (60) Neptune on January 31, 2019, at 15 Capricorn (first) & on June 18, 2019, at 19 Capricorn & again November 8th, 2019 at 17 Capricorn (final) — with Neptune in Pisces ruling the alignment. This is the best of all beneficial alignment phases ever – as BOTH planets rule the sign they cruise through. This favors the study & application of Zen knowing, Tao Te Ching, and of the hard earned skill in consulting the perennial I-Ching / Book of Changes An economically intelligent time when vision, imagination and a sense of pragmatic realism fuse into smart actions via intelligent strategies.

* Saturn opposition (180) True North Node on April 30, 2019, at 21 Capricorn (first) & on July 4, 2019, at 18 Capricorn, & on September 28th, 2019, at 14 Capricorn (last) — with True North Node of the Moon in Cancer. All the more powerful World Karmic passage of deep game note — as Saturn & Pluto hover in line of the area of fixed star Vega. South Node in line VEGA is Karmic and of good augur. There is perennial ET wisdom coming in from Vega. The truth is out there …

* Saturn conjunct Pluto on January 12, 2020, at 23 Capricorn. This is where it gets deadly serious! This aspect which works at cross purposes is the subject of a whole film series made by St.Clair in May 2015 FORESEEN 2020 – Sea Conference.

Saturn / Pluto Capricorn reminiscent of The Samurai Code / Tao Te Ching studies. Saturn builds / brings form & creates structure. Pluto (rules nuclear power) tears it all apart if it useless (Fukushima) or unwanted (Hiroshima) or because an earth quake wipes it off the map… That is how extreme these few years ahead are in reality. All or nothing.

* SATURN / PLUTO / JUPiTER / MARS – a Stellium – This is BiG !!!
— Situation room on 20 March 2020 world wide

(Vernal Equinox 2020 / Sun Aries 1 – setting the stage for Twenty/Twenty:
– A major inter-planetary Capricorn / Vega board meeting) / click enlarge! –


Summing up Jupiter & Saturn

New mini clip series 2018 – A Cruise with Jupiter’s Journey

– N O R D i C * A S S E T –

Many nations will undergo deep inner structural / relevant changes of an inner kind, and even alter their future trajectories under these aspects — in a time of profound realignment of international treaties and / or restructured constitutions – and within their nations / regions and the blocks they used to belong to. Alliances are shifting. They align with reality. Truth. Facts.

Famous Saturn Capricorn Native – Alive:

John Le Carre

— born 19 Oct 1931 Saturn in Capricorn / 3rd return now — published his latest novel, possibly his last – A Legacy of Spies – going back to his old heroes, and even he figured out that the Western world has had it by now. Banked on the wrong powers that be.

John Le Carre was former MI5/MI6 — i met him in 1982 in Switzerland at a Law firm, where he was reading “Little Drummer Girl” {he might recall the young Swiss intel officer in full dress uniform.} He told me he met the heart of Palestine – Abu Amar – in some nondescript desert cave. His story and mentors are legend now. Who were they again? Smiley, & co.

My heroes were real. And famous too. CIA acting boss Ambassador Vernon Walters & Secretary of State General Al Haig. These guys walked through bombs – did silent missions for half a century & shaped the world. They taught me later how it’s done and still survive it to tell the story. Captain Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 is another story I lived by total recall; met him too:

Where legend meets conspiracy. Did Kubrick really fake the NASA stunt?
I was asked not to spoil the ending of this movie of my own narrative…

The book


– N O R D i C * A S S E T –


by St.Clair

Pragmatic Saturn in Capricorn asks: “What is / who is / how is it USEFUL (to me) ? – Saturn wants it lean & mean, economic, functional, useful & eternal. Set in stone. Forever & then some.

China & Russia – jointly – will set the correct price / market of physical gold trading by 2020. in sight but out of reach is a federation type realignment of the greater powers towards a self sustained mankind. There will be a new monetary system 2020. It is in Saturn Capricorn alignments every thirty years – mas o meno – (1899 / 1929 / 1959 / 1989 / 2019 — 2049) that we see truly world changing events of long lasting scope take place. Russia for example is developing the Arctic. The others asleep at the wheel.

“Our future will be dramatically different from what we imagined possible.”
~ Michael St.Clair

Saturn in Capricorn ZEN Lesson:

* “Everything that has a name is subject to limitations” \
Hence, such divergent formulations as: “Your own mind — this is Buddha” –

* “Seeing your own nature is becoming Buddha” \
“This is not mind, this is not Buddha, this is not a thing”.

A Cup of Tea

— “Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen (stuff perennial).
— Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor’s cup full, and then kept on pouring.
The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. “It is overfull. No more will go in!”
— “Like this cup,” Nan-in said, “you are full of your own opinions and speculatons. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?”

. . . . . . . Follow up on the ULTiMATE JOURNEY