Tasks Ahead – after 1 year with TRUMP in power – Stuff’s getten better! Economy equalizes. Trance=formation of serious & potentially deleterious scope – planetary alignments never seen in 2,500 years – add to this ‘Galactic Alignment’ only seen every 26,000 years – plus-minus. Tough timez ahead. We discussed Saturn Capricorn signature into 2020 in depth. [Strategic Recap]


You can look for Rivendell all your life with all the Palantirs you can find.

During the 2018-2021 phase we are in the most intense CHANGE paradigm ever I can imagine. Capricorn / Aquarius is where it passes or crashes. Structures will morph or break. Nothing will stay the same. An astro discussion of scope would take a book to explain it. I did that 12 years ago in my 500 page work — LiGHT-SEEDS — which now is more valid than ever. (It is an underground best seller some of you have studied.)

Fixed star VEGA at 16 Capricorn — Vega ‘s weird history & data — a bizarre star of many colorful meanings — is the saving grace, as all planets must cruise in line of this Cosmic point during the next years, and so there is a fair chance for an UPGRADE of MANKiND. Vega in Lyra’s star system: The Lyrans or “Other” ETs.

[When we talk about skies & heavens and fixed stars, we talk star systems, and this means also we are in ET land scape, where ET’s live in these star systems, and some of them seeded this mankind on this Earth planet. Very few are aware of this fact.]

The Space-Time Navigator Story explained…

There is fixed star SIRIUS – famed Eye in The Sky – across Vega in CANCER, asking all sorts of Sirian type questions. Both stars Sirius & Vega emanate wisdom. The stars & planets guide us, if that. They certainly don’t compel or impel, albeit they live a genetic imprint in our birth chart. They are like an aware alive compass of consciousness and life generation. Up to us to be aware they even exist. Most people don’t even look up to the stars, and even fewer know their names – positions – let alone their meanings. Not that this matters.

Vega = principal Alpha (Sapphire) star in Constellation Lyra. The Lyrans are a famous ET engineering race that seeded parts of this Cosmos / Earth planet incl… The “Harp” is situated 10º–29º Capricorn, area in which the 2020 inter-planetary [Mars Jupiter Saturn Pluto] meeting takes place.. From these stars, the Zodiac sign “Goat” emanates its aspirations, urge to rise above mediocrity – need to be seen in the right places / with the right faces.. Socially / politically correct.

This area of the sky craves high status and wants to influence / be influenced. [ – Read more at Dark Star Astro – ]

This is the path of Neptune Pisces 2006-23, Jupiter catches up by 2022.
During that time Saturn cruises through its signs Capricorn & Aquarius.

The distance to travel in space takes Neptune and Jupiter quite some human time…

NORDiC ASSET — Wandering Earth Planet

— The word “PLANET” = means = “WANDERER” in Greek —

Read footnote by Krishnamurti
Saturn Capricorn reflexion: Nature, Depth & Beauty of Death

Two years ago while Saturn was in Scorpio, I was living a permanent security situation. During the last two years, half of my inner circle died — (passed away) — just like that, at very young ages. My Pleiaidan ET tech friend ( Daniel Kesonen ) was only 12 years older than I, had seen it all, and then some… and Sheila Lama – my bodyguard lady – was same age as I – w ay younger still looking, as she guarded rock stars already, while I was still in university.. her approach to life was even more radical than DK’s or mine.

They lived the healthiest life ever, super aware humans, never drank nor smoked for decades, never did anything wrong in all their lives — served all of mankind the whole time they were here… and yet leukemia & glioblastoma took them out, just like that. They were both pioneers in health matters. Pioneers of after life and of ET tech.

It left my team with many unanswered questions. Same questions Jiddu Krishnamurti would have asked when his little brother died unnecessarily when he was still a very young man. I had to experience this aged 58, so this was new to me. I never never lost any asset. Nordics don’t lose assets usually — nor do they get lost.

Sheila always talked to me for 8 years about “The Plasma” and after-life contact ability, which she lived in all the time, and I had a hard time to follow her there and comprehend what she knew; most of which deepest advanced stuff she was taught by Robert Monroe & Frank de Marco in person / by correspondence – respectively.

Daniel knew the masters of free energy: Bearden Bell Bedini & the secret ones. He had worked with the best, from USA, Russia and China.. He had even funded them. He was like the secret banker of the new Tesla dudes. And I advised them both, while Daniel knew that Sheila was my body guard. Now that they are both in inter-dimensional space, I am re-learning.

Both were extremely fearless / brave people, all this did not faze them one bit.

It left a giant black hole around those of us who were their friends and worked with them for a life time. We are still sort of re-assembling ourselves after this event. As a military guy they knew I would restructure this well and soon. These are things we do in silence. Even more capable people have come forward now.

These kinds of “questionable” experiences also produce good side results. Among the idiot medical professionals (a hundred or more of them) I met 2-3 sages. One of them we call “the Buddha head”. He called me “boss”. I guess we knew who is who.

These guys are usually night shift hospital bosses who see what they see. One of them is my friend now, and he does more advanced stuff in his private practice with electro-magnetic field resonance. There are doctors who are searching beyond the known. They really do care. There is a part of humane medicine that will make it in the shadow of the cartels.

(The one doctor who understands this business the best has himself lost his partner to brain cancer, and he is very upset also that a decade later we still have no solution to this plague… so I simply listened to what he had to say, at least I know he walked in these shoes a while too. Unlike the liars in this business he always told me the exact truth – even if it was unpleasant. For this I am always grateful.)

As a former special forces guy I was pissed off to experience / witness this loss that I had no control over, and be unable to change things, and as an intel officer I asked the doctors honestly ‘what in the world are you guys doing? You don’t have any cures, you are purveyors of lethal drugs, but you pretend to be the white robed sages? You belong in jail, don’t you think?’

The questions hang in the space. Being assisted by a body guard witness lawyer, i smiled at the chief doctor and his illiterate assistant ladies, as he knew he was in very serious trouble – toast – if he tried push the envelope one more millimeter with me.

They had NO answer except assholish looks on their dense faces, and puny knowledge I could question with Harvard Medical Manuals. . I almost wiped one of these guys out who tried sell me chemotherapy / radiation as a “cure”. I told him my lawyer will deal with him. He left and went silent. Not sure why I did not wipe him out. Must be my legal mind above my cat instinct. My lawyers said wisely that we can deal with fake doctors more appropriately in courts. Doctors never show on time. Lawyers know this.

As a military officer I sort this out the Nordic way. Well, yet? Why did Nikola Tesla’s, Wilhelm Reich’s, Royal Rife’s and Dr Fred Bell’s / Bearden’s & Bedini’s studies patents & findings get destroyed – stolen and suppressed? We know who did this. But. Who allowed this to happen? Who did not prevent this from happening but had the means to stop this from taking place?

[Tesla’s & Reich’s developments could by now help mankind with climate issues.]

At that point my line of questioning takes on an extremely intense prosecutorial tone as a trained lawyer. And none of the ETs want to answer any questions. They ARE supposed to be the BiG guys, and i am their little guy here, OK i get that, but the game gets old after a while simply because the BIG guys also cannot get the results I imagined possible.

We had long talks about their “rule of non-intervention” and what this entails. The higher level ETs (Pleiadians Nordics Lyrans & Andromedans, etc.) observe / assist here on Earth a little bit, but generally they have agreed among each other they will not actually INTERVENE / interfere into event time lines. They bring in science. The Sirians will actually GO ALL in and try change stuff, to no avail, but it has not worked so far. There is this “grey” Shammat type element that has eaten up this planet like a Cancer. The Greys have messed up the Earth. How we get rid of this is not really at the level I am classified to talk about.

“You can’t even save the best of us?” I asked them. The Nordics and I had BAD and profound discussions for three years now about mankind, madness & medicine. I am not the pleasant / obedient Nordic Asset dude, albeit I am their most diplomatic asset and who speaks the most languages on this planet; and who has the most placid disposition — Considering I was trained to kill people I turned out the most polite elegant of all Nordic Assets.. I was recruited because I am the smartest they could get OK, for no other reason. So, I asked the Nordics:

“If you can’t save a human life, then what in the world can you do?”

This is a fair question. Not even loaded. Who needs to re-incarnate here forever, when we don’t want it anymore? I can ask any thing I want they told me when I was a kid. Yet. That is the ultimate insult you can hurl at them, ok. We got into some bad dense extreme truth talks — the Nordics and I — for about 3 years now, on & off. I told them that I disrespect them and I find them unable to run things here. The worst you can tell them. They went silent. Bad talks. Like a Mexican stand off.

Capricorn Saturn Question 2018-2020:

“So, how is the mind to free itself from time? Time, after all, is knowledge. Time comes into being when there is the sense of achievement, something to be arrived at, something to be gained. ‘I am not important, but I shall be; in that idea, time has come into being, and with it the whole struggle of becoming. In the very idea, ‘I shall be,’ there is effort to become; and I think it is this effort to become which creates time, and which prevents a comprehension of the totality of things.

You see, so long as I am thinking about myself in terms of gain and loss, I must have time. I must have time to cover the distance between now and tomorrow when I hope I shall be something, either in terms of virtue or position or knowledge. This creation of time breaks life up into segments, and that becomes the problem.”

“You are seeking, asking, longing, to walk on the other shore. The other shore implies that there is this shore, and from this shore to get to the other shore there is space and time. That is what is holding you and bringing about this ache for the other shore. That is the real problem – time that divides, space that separates, the time necessary to get there and the space that is the distance between this and that.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

[The K was born with high sky Scorpio, I translate it into Capricorn Saturn.]

This is like out of the LIGHT-SEEDS movie: The hardest going discussions / conversations / activities, over a life time, between the Nordic commanders and their human asset gone rogue. This stuff had been brewing fora decade. I told them ten years ago, I was unimpressed with their actions and no actions. Obman and such.. we lived through the worst decade ever now, and we “hope” things will improve now..

One of the best (Sirian) assets of the Nordics goes missing. The man with the golden gun is unavailable. I know they have other assets. So I called in Krishnamurti’s spirit as Judge and asked him what is this Earth humanity / mankind about, if we cannot help move it to next level?

What’s the point then? How many more times will we play this game? That scared even the Nordics. The line of questions I fired at them put them on the defensive for ages. For a while I was glad be rid of The Nordics. I said “dont come back unless you have answers..”

Krishnamurti’s spirit (who has been like my friend for 20 years) told me that it’s OK if I push the ETs around a bit – just as they push me around. We are EVEN.. but he asked me later kindly not to play him against The Nordics ever again. Was nice try and worked one time only. I said that’s OK as long as the Nordics do what we say here. As long as I am here, they work for me, not the other way round. It’s called SELF-DETERMi-NATiON.. 😉

Eventually we settled the matter, they understand that from my human asset view point, medicine is a poor show. Everything mankind has going here is NON functional. So at least we agree on the fundamentals. It’s not my task to re-invent medicine or mankind, but I had to see tangentially that medicine & mankind is a dirt hole business.

They told me it is only my task to stay alive longer. I don’ have another job. And fix what I can fix, if I get a chance.. We agreed they will never hand me a job I cannot fix. “Don’t waste my last few years here,” I told them. In this back drop I asked the Nordics to give us some information of value. (I told them don’t tell me trivial stuff I know.)

The Nordic Prophecy is steep.
Beyond “DUNE / SHiKASTA”

The new purpose now, for mankind, is to create Space Cities ready to function in 100-200 years. If not, there is no point. Then all dies, fine.

Earth Changes (quakes fires volcanoes, storms, winds, water, weather climate etc.) will change the earth by 2020. Society will have to change in 2026 when both Neptune / Saturn pass the Pisces / Aries cusp zone / The world in 2018 now (seen from another galaxy) is a “ S H * T — H O L E ” — to use a now famous term. [(It is not the smartest place to re-incarnate into in the future.)]

It will take into 2028 to figure out a way out of the impasse we are in. We have to figure out new energies, new medicine, new technologies, new societies, new structures, new everything. By 2048 we may see a planet (Earth / Shikasta) we don’t recognize, maybe water world, perhaps DUNE, or like planet Mars after they were done with their nuclear wars there. (Now they live in underground bases.)

There are the guys who were and are on / from Mars. I was not part of them. But I met them. The Martians are not the worst. They are more human than human…..

Best is LOCATE a new planet OUT THERE . . .

In this context,

Often times, Dannion Brinkley’s knowing is the most advanced we know of.

Zensu Wisdom by
—– One ZenTzu —–

“Self communication [awareness]
is not linear & not logical
Our Visions Cause us to Evolve
BECOME the Living Vision[ary]”

The Nordics always send me a GOOD LUCK sign from the skies 😉

more sky spy views at ORGON ART videos – by ZenTzu

Above excerpts — EXPAND YOUR THiNKiNG ! – by Michael St.Clair
copyright 2018 — by St.Clair’s “Black Moleskine” — NORDiC * ASSET