The series of "red-shirted" videos with St.Clair & Elven Oracle cover themes ranging from earth changes, societal management transformation, self organizing structures to a planetary federation, while not dismissing the existence of a parallel black budget society on our planet.

St.Clair confirms Trump will take office and change the equations. It will be a very tough time during which the world will realign, Trump might stay on 8 years to see through the 2021-25 economic revival. Putin has offered Europe one open space and friendship. New treaties will come about.

Asked about 2020 & beyond big picture he says it is without a doubt a new social science about how mankind will learn to manage itself. Shared prosperity is the goal of Neptune in Pisces. People have already understood now that a new consciousness is afoot. Otherwise we would not see the movements birthed we see now.

The change is for the better.
Not everything will pan out as planned! Many surprises in store.