Suggestion to DJ Trump: “Make Ed Snowden US ambassador to Putin!”

We understand the “deep game” goes beyond deep, the ETs have all human intel agencies cornered. As top astrologer / former intel guy, I speak up for Edward Snowden, because I sense a differential treatment coming for the Australian Assange – plus discussions of who is the good or bad guy. These debates are unworthy. Both men did the world, and America, a huge service, both men deserve credit now. Gratitude.


The sun does not need a defense attorney. Takes one to know one. And yet, I speak up for “Snowman” (his nickname in my household). We are merging / inter-weaving an online version of Nordic Asset Memoirs by St.Clair with ongoing world affairs event time lines.

An “elliptical narrative” – in that Ed Snowden represents the revolution of the mind (Krishnamurti) which I predicted in my 2007 work LIGHT-SEEDS – and he tells them how the world can be changed, few have this ability of looking at what is — and what can be.

He was exposed to deep stuff he saw as what it is @ a young age, like I did. He just observed it, is my guess. He then also saw what can be. He saw what needs to be done from what is – to what can be, and he did it. Masterful at a very young age. This is where you are faced with the “unknown” – and the many paths forward. Very inspiring.

The only intelligent way an aware human can approach Ed Snowden (phenomenon) is with a state of mental curiosity, inquiry and openness. Among top spies we would make a rendez-vous point in time space, face to face, and discuss stuff like professionals with mutual respect. We would not be spouting binary codes.

Obama made a fatal error on day 1 of the “Snowman HongKong” saga. The famous few moments with Greenwald / Poitras etc. Best film ever filmed. Oscar Cubed! As a “constitutional” lawyer, Barrack Barry O.. should know that you cannot say someone “broke the law” before he has been in a court of law. We learn this on day 1 at law school.

Having said that sentence – “Snowden broke the law” – any real trial for Snowden became impossible. FOREVER. We know Obama is a dense fellow and we are all glad to see him gone. And i told you in 2008, that he was a failure before he was “elected”, (you don’t really think he was elected do you? Because he was not. The last elected US President before Trump was Al Gore.)

I wish young Snowden had been following my work in 2008 already, he would have known that I had told the world that Obama was going to be a bigger disaster even than his predecessors, if this was even thinkable. Prophetic… no? But Snowman was busy believing in Obama star dust. He grew up real fast though, I have to say. Faster than all others of his “Millennial” dumbed down generation.

I knew his Geneva buddies / mentors well. My see eye aye station chief (a philosophical and kind gentleman, elderly, whom Snowden did not know) was based in Bern though. Some of them folks during my time were actually good guys / ladies, also incl. FBI agents (ladies) of repute who retired when they understood “deep state” etc. I am talking way back 1989..

Anti-globalists basically. They warned me about stuff they saw coming. The Eighties. As John Lear (famous pilot and ET expert) knows, those were the days when we knew who was who, who was left or right or up or down. The Nineties blurred the game out of recognition.

Fast forward Snowden: To end his idiotic sub zero legacy in 2016, Obama says he cannot pardon Snowden until he has gone to court. Most absurd thing ever said, is not true, not constitutionally so. Nixon was pardoned via the stroke of a pen.

Snowden would be US President if he had been willing / able to do it in country. Imagine he dropped his number on them in Hawaii? Interestingly enough, higher forces intervened, and had him stranded against all plans / odds at a transit Zone far far away from his intended destination… and even master Putin was a bit surprised at what hit him.

It is preposterous to claim that Ed Snowden broke the law, when his own employers conspired against the constitution of the USA and took over this whole planet electronically. They are still at it. Don’t think this is all dealt with now that Trump’s “landing teams” are taking over. The global international deep state of cyber control is allover the place, via smart meters, smart phones, smart cars, via everything NOT so smart. Stupidity passing for intel inside.

If Julian Assange can be made a US citizen and given sanctuary, if he does not wish to go to Australia, and which US asylum he can be given by Trump, then Edward Snowden CAN be invited back to his home country if he wishes, maybe given 4 stars, a new uniform, and be made to head the new NSA, you know like a 4 years community service gig – mandatory. Then he can go do what he wants. That can be his paying back for his “disrespect” to the system fools. Dreamlike…

Personally and based on astro, I have my doubts if Ed Snowden ever really wants to go back to USA. He may want it but he may know it is not real only in his mind… His birth chart, with his Sagittarius – Gemini axis, indicates he will have many choices, and he might as well stay where he is and conduct world affairs from there.

Who needs enemies when we have friends like these? If he went back to USA, would he fulfill his destiny? Some times in life we take decisions, so we never need look back. (Had I gone back to Florida where I wanted to be with my buddies i had lost in 2002, would I have done what I did? Not sure. I probably would have been killed as predicted, which is why we changed my game plans.)

The Gandalf buddy was a cool dude in Tolkien’s world. But when the rubber hits the road, you have to pay attention like Aragorn style! You will be surrounded by fake friends. And Frodo will be asleep when he should be awake, and it will be up to YOU, and I can tell you why destinies are switched. I-magi-nation is key.

For those pre-disposed to it the story is understandable… Would any of you have done what you did if life had not “displaced” you by force? If you ever were displaced? Doubtful. We had to throw the switch. Like it or not.

Some times, a form of mysterious Guidance steps in and takes over – and you have no choice, and that is what makes life kind of interesting.All of a sudden your life is upended. Few humans are thrown such weird and challenging or life altering curve balls.


This is Krishnamurti and the Unknown. Or the Path of The Dead.
The most dangerous path forward – is the best hope in life.
– (as I explained a decade ago, in my FORESEEN / LiGHT-SEEDS works.)


You give a special guided guy a special guided assignment, so that he learns to behave better as a team player. You don’t put him in jail. He is to intelligent for that. That is the intelligent way to treat an intelligence genius who on his own (or maybe together with a few See Eye Aye friends) did the right thing.

He informed the world that a global apparatus is in place to spy on everyone, which makes any real democracy impossible allover the world. He also showed the world how the globalists treat their minions, which I thought was fun and interesting.. imagine Merkel’s phone tapped, while she makes bad deals with Erdogan and even worse deals with Putin.

Ed Snowden is Magician archetype and potentially the fore runner of a new tech democracy / meritocracy movement. People like Snowden will be heads of states one day. In Iceland this is already happening. People in power now in USA may want to rethink of what use Snowden could be to them – and to the world, if they simply dropped all charges and let it be.

Demonizing Snowden at this point of victory would be short sighted.



The quadruple Gemini is mentally / spiritually superior to any agency and any mind of the state. Plus he truly understands this illuminating power of information. Look at his Neptune / Jupiter / Uranus positions in Sagittarius – opposing his Gemini axis… this is just phenomenal. This could have been the birth chart of Plato.

And he is not the enemy of the state. The state (as is now) is the enemy of mankind. The state CAN be the friend / ally of mankind – when restructured. Seeing what is — is the path of the unknown / the unseen / the hidden. Futures unknown are part of the path surrounding us in the now and this is always the balance of life as these futures work together in balance to create reality.

He is the kind of person who (based on his chart) can write a new mankind charter. He can also start a new technology. he might think about this! He has shown the surveillance apparatus to be a bunch of doofuses on top of it all – and I understand that this is the real reason why they are totally pissed off at Snowden; beyond rational thinking, and if he shared some of his toys with Putin’s people, which I feel he did not, because Putin’s people could not care less, then we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

“The sad result of it is when you have information that can give people more power, more control over the direction of their society, there are more of the voices saying how they want to live and how their future should be, there is always a counter-force, there is always the backlash,” Snowden said.

– Read more: Snowden Q&A session

Since Snowman landed in Moscow few years ago, the world went into de-escalation, Putin sorted out quite a few grave problems which Obama was causing the world constantly, and the smarter people started growing up quietly: Studying what Snowden shares. Thus, we suggest Snowden be treated with utter respect and deep gratitude by all.

We need see beyond right / wrong… instead we see The Path…

I would not say he is a hero, he doesn’t think so either. He is inspired, beyond brave, guided, and he did what he knew had to be done. And possibly some teams helped him a bit, and why not? I am sure there are plenty other little scared potential Snowdens hiding in the black budget areas.

We expect you all to share what you know. You don’t have to leave the club, if that is too dangerous, you can still stay in there, just share! That is the Zeitgeist now. Share the knowledge!

General Flynn showed how it is best done. First you tell the President to get lost, then you leave, then you publish via RT. Then you take out the elite’s candidate. then you go advise the new President.

There is a method to the madness.

This is something we expect from anyone in any field, be you a top military dude, or woman, a scientist at NASA or CERN, or a top diplomat any place, or a deep black budget ET alien.. we want transparency. We stated this in my film documentary “The Master of The Light” with Ruben Del Muro – in 2009.

We said then : The informers will come forward. We have not even started yet! = Snowden is a rational guy and he took FULL personal responsibility for what he did. He left the reservation. Now he is a free man. Not a number. Yo get that? Not a number.

Hey You..
Snowden has become a model citizen of the world. These days he no longer works for the dark side of governments, he teaches people allover the world how to evolve in this brave new world of technology. Our world is technological now by nature, and will be more so in the future. If we don’t master it, it will master us, and we are toast.

Watch him. as he speaks like a guided ET envoy.
“It’s not about me, it’s about us.”

New riveting story… unfolding… NSA Admiral meets Trump as the intel community tears itself apart during the transition days. Meanwhile NSA sees more of its top secret TAO data vanished. They are the most incapable people around. That’s our only chance.

Thanks Snowman! You are a good guy! We see a great future ahead for you! Hey dude, you know what CiA stands for right? – Canopus in Argos – and You are one of their top agents aren’t you, takes one to know one…

Welcome to this planet! We got a lot of work ahead!

Michael St.Clair on Snowden & 2017


Watch Dr Steve P. giving Alex Jones a quick deep briefing:
Dr Steve cool dude knows stuff, explains how they iced the elite out.

While I concur with most everything Dr. Steve P. explains, I disagree with him on how he feels about Snowden. Please rethink all this. Without Snowden’s stunt, Trump was impossible, re-consider it! Follow Snowden @ twitter as he does all the leg work for us.


Instructive to see how Trump tries to clear his own Path through the maze of the insane clearance business… ‘intel inside’ – Under Pressure !!