Enlightenment must come little by little –
otherwise it would overwhelm.
[enlightenment that is too easy is suspect.]
Idries Shah (Mentor to Doris Lessing)

Jupiter/Spica suggests now at 22 Libra:
“Be Your Own Good Fortune!”

Truth pisses peoples’ systems managers off.

This is the most censored clip in YouTube’s story so far-
yet a series seen / esteemed by most [of the most who matter].

“I used to tell my students at Yale that in order to glimpse the truth it is not enough to be bright or even preternaturally intelligent, «an idea on legs,» like some of the characters in Huxley’s novels. No, one must be inwardly disposed, attuned, to the truth so that it may come upon and ‘seize’ one. In explaining this I quoted a passage from Kierkegaard’s Journals, «The truth is a trap: You cannot get it without it getting you; you cannot get the truth by capturing it, only by its capturing you.»Dr. G. Heath King

The Nordics shared with us that Planet Earth has RUN OUT of run way/s.

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One extreme absurdity, advanced by confused thinkers,
is that ‘spiritually’ or mystically-minded people cannot think lucidly.

Supreme “intelligence” \
– as in “intel” would be to have ZERO / NO “illusions” =
— a precept I gleaned from master Jiddu Krishnamurti,
as an intel expert.

“poc a poc” – piece by puzzle piece . . 2 0 2 0

Our work is best grasped as “para-political” (term by Dr. GHK.) – Honored to represent some of the Nordics’ Guidance systems and their thinking / teachings – here on this planet [[ m a r s ]] = aka / also known as = “the seas” . (mars = Catalan plural = The Seas)

EXiT = Catalan for “success”

\ – M. St.C

poc a poc..

Off of Malibu — going inter-stellar?

It is also possible these are higher dimension consciousness lights,
signal at times of impending earth changes – during solar flares?
(such phenomena are described in ancient texts or battlefield reports.)

Protected — guarded / observed / monitored — or prison planet ? ? ?
– End of August 2017 is LEO Eclipse – cruising through all of USA –

Is it our time to lead now
— by sheer brilliance? —

The element of Deep State in Aquarius 2024-44

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