If the smartest globalist elite seers say the Trump election was unexpected, then I (who predicted foresaw & expected it) ask you: “How can these elite people see the future, and where will they lead you – if you let them?”

Think about it + !




[[ White Knight ]]
* counter attack \/
Move + check mate!


The summary consequence of what I was shown during Trump’s election night is stunning. 11/9/2016 is the reversal of 9/11/2001 in many ways. Reality has been upended as I foresaw in my book LIGHT-SEEDS, a decade ago.

Many seers were told to shut up after 9/11, be those advanced tech / science or economics high finance / or political / military / deep state / intel people. Imagine a futurist (St.Clair) of the 21st Century who actually has deep intel sources interacting with his seer group. Imagine he has also Nordic ET guidance who can take him places…

We help mankind make this transition into a shared prosperity a reality, and we will manifest it, and the more aware and mindful folks move along, the faster and better we get there. Here we witness / document as futurists a revolutionary process of a historic movement, and which I predicted to come about.

StClair Astro*Intel

22 + more parts to this Historic documentary series to come…



The controllers (with all their seer / apple / silly-con looking glass technology) were unable to FORESEE let alone control the future in the way they wished, and then found out that the best for them is to impose a closed system circuit Sovjet style dictatorship in a deep state world wide, and part of which is in place now.

Part of which – however – was already dismantled in Russia which has left the reservation when master V. Putin showed his people first, and then the whole planet how you do it. Iran followed the lead. China is on its way, Africa gets it. Some Euro nations are thinking about it. Libra born visionary Putin protected the future of mankind as best as he can.

{The folks who Stalin kicked out in 1947 wound up running the USA. Do you actually understand this fact? And later Putin threw out another gang of degenerates in 2001 who now run the Homeland Security in USA and who infiltrated the DEEP STATE in London.}

Observation is superior to judgment:
observe now how Trump observes & takes it in…
(observation is its own right action! he knows.)



Great Honor to meet President Obama!
(is what Mr. Trump said, he’s got class.)


When you have the upper hand . . You Are Most Gracious!


Trump is looking around his new hazienda,
and he feels a few improvements are due 😉
(He is a builder, right, he can see the issues ≥ )
I would not be surprised if he tears down this place..
and puts a Golden Palace in its place. Trump US Plaza.

The classic sign of aggression is you feel inferior
but Obama actually did NOT feel inferior with Trump –
because Trump has this gift to make anyone feel OK!

You see. . . Trump never feels insecure in any place.
I watched him from 1994-1999. He always is in charge, ok.


The Western elite minions who appointed Obama in 2008 (Chief Financial Officers of top nine Western nations) say now on 11.11.2016 with a straight face to their media ministries that they did not expect this dynamic event, that this whole situation is unexpected – and resembles a “populist uprising” (their words).

People voting for themselves was not in their agenda.
The “elite’s sense” of Democracy needs “re/education.”

How either stupid or disingenuous can you be to state that you feel this is UNEXPECTED, when I told everyone to expect this? They should not take this personally. It is not about THEM anymore. They are History. Their time is beyond sell/by/date.

The people have spoken clearly, in huge majorities (plus 70%) and kept secret so far, and will speak more and louder, nation by nation… and the globalists will compare the Trump voters to “color revolutions” — only this time not as planned…

Now these same globalist elite people – Reptiles & Grey clones a la Clinton genetically – find out that their dictatorship is imploding – as we predicted correctly. This must be extreme to experience your own existential ending as others, super experts, predicted to you, with absolute expert professional authority, as I was proven right at 09:00 GMT on 9/11/2016.

Yes they have their eyes on me (Michael St.Clair) as I type, because they know that by now I am dangerous to them, guided by the Nordics, never secret about that fact, and they know also that in reality I predicted their own downfall many many years ago… (1999) and they know now that I am not just any “targeted individual” — but a “Protected T.I.”

In other words they know that we are like Aragorn –
Able to obscure their Palantyr seeing tech ability,
and indeed which I proved now, we blocked them cold.
Basically, we check-mated SillyCon Valley, and that’s HUGE!
no wonder my videos have only 111 views, when million see it.

Their liberal “non-democracy” is now working in a way they could not foresee it ever to work, yet the functional model dates back to Plato’s MERiTOCRACY, Greek, which the controllers morphed into a BladeRunner nightmare over 2500 years. Now we peoples move it into the next level of Techno MeritoCracy.

People actually vote for themselves (one of their own) now in 2016 / 2017. In France also we will see that Marine LePen understands that this is the future formula. Folks will vote for one of their own – and not for some imposed elite minions of bad blood. How about that!

The US population sees TRUMP as one of their own, and which he indeed is. I saw him do burgers with his folks, he is not at all a fancy guy.

This will have great peaceful effects. When he speaks of “America” – he means all of them, black = white, Hispanic, Latino, yellow – green – red ‘ blue… whoever – women .. wherever… it is not a problem, but a solution, as long as we all BUiLD / create / construct things. T O G E T H E R .

The VOTERS of Trump were HiDDEN in plain sight.
— And anyone who did not see this is not in REALITY.


Cycles & cycles

These are astro cycles within ET cycles. And they work.
That is the only reason besides my sources I predicted it.

Elite controllers had wished to impose a closed system which not allow for cycles changes. They were however unable to lock down the cycles. They tried in 1814 and 1917 in Russia. Same people who tried to take down Trump. They All Failed.

In all cycles of life, now and then, will appear a so-called “transformational” cycle, out of the norm of cycles, and a paradigm shift which makes 2016 and 2017 resonate with 1916/17, also astrologically by the way, a sheer mirror.

These cycles of change are MORE POWERFUL than all of mankind. Pisces Age fish poured out onto Land, Aquarius Air Sign Techno Ahe starts, has begun when the internet came online but goes through a test phase into 2047.

The cycles exists with or without people on this planet. We happen to interact now with these cycles, but they do not really inter-act much with Humanity. It would be up to us to understand what they are about. We do not determine the cycles. This much we should know.

If you have studied JRR Tolkien’s “The Lord of The Rings“, then you will smile and grasp right away what I say:




Despite all of his super seeing Palantyrs & many rings…
SAURON never ever foresaw his future own downfall.

Why? Because he was too involved with his own power desire and so could not actually see the real future because he was consumed by his own desire of what he Great Reptile King Sauron wanted.

Recall! – Only when Aragorn (the returned high elves’ king) pushed Sauron’s influence out of the Palantir of the White Tower – did Sauron grasp that he was toast. By that time it was too late to foresee it! Get it yet?




” T i m e ” – (motion of dynamic event time lines) – has too many variables plus dimensional contortions etc. Way too many.

Most humans cannot plan two years ahead. Sauron showed them the WRONG futures. So did the globalist elite and their miserable media minions. (Recall a famous The Economist front cover for 2016 showing the CLiNTON clone as a meme president? They are finished. We cut off their futures, and now see the new 2017 Meme Balance front cover – re-scrypted by St.Clair)


This is a first in human history that the controllers lost control and it is as Whitley Strieber said . . . “The Birth of a New Human” is at hand.

The elite can plan in 4 years cycles, beyond that, they don’t have what it takes. I told them that Trump would wipe them out and they laughed at me. Keep laughing 😉

All of this is now way beyond Trump. And yet we owe him real gratitude, and people should go to work now at their own levels to make this revolution in “Self Determination” work at their most personal and neighborhood levels.

The movement involves the next tech generation, those who voted for Trump, and those around the world who will vote for their own leaders among themselves in their nations; this new tech expert generation is a capable crowd and CAN solve the problems.

People follow “personalities” a la Hollywood silicon,
and who pledged to fly to Mars when Trump gets elected. PLEASE FLY TO PLUTO!


Real Leaders are people who enact solutions.
Locally, neighborhood, regionally, globally.
Welcome the Builder President Donald J Trump!!!

Why do you want to have an incapable (corrupt) global group of genetically retarded sub-humans of the old brain – and with NO foresight ability – lead you peoples on this planet to nowhere, oblivious of reality, when you have a super capable new tech generation among you now – and which simply wants to use SWEEPERS to clean the system up at all levels ( economy energy education / medicine / intel / finance / military / science math new physics time travel tech / internet new media & communication tech etc.) = so that we all can get on with life?

Try ponder what would most behoove your own self-determined future if you had a chance or a wish to make it happen?! In my futuristic memoirs NORDiC ASSET – by Special Agent St.Clair in 2017 — I will share this:

“The best hope in life –
is the most dangerous path forward –
The Path of The Dead!”

– michael st.clair


Personal Thanks

– Donald J. Trump
– Alex Jones & Roger Stone
– Dr Steve Pieczenik & Colonel Anthony Shaffer
– Dr G Heath King, Julian Assange,
– Clif High & Anonymous


– Ruben del Muro – Sheila Lama & Zensu –
[who predicted I / we would be proven correct]


Day by day . .
some advice . .

— “send Z globalists to a North Korean re-education camp!”
follow Michael St.Clair @ St.Clair NordicAstro

My friends ^ I – (very connected aware dudes & ladies) we are asking President elect Donald Trump humbly to pardon Julian Assange & Edward Snowden asap, please, and put the boys to work for mankind, no award needed, just recognitions and credit, and we submit this request to the world public on 11.11. 2016.

/ M.StC
Side note.
Did you observe young Barron Trump – 20 March 2006?
(quadruple Pisces with Pisces ascendant) he reads you..
— to the President’s left? He observed YOU ALL well !!!
He took it in. Like some young Sirian Ambassador.
His TOTAL Psychic Telepathic Recall Message was:

—————- “I am not impressed.

This boy will plow his own destiny. Pluto / Galactic Center.
Bushido Samurai & TaoTe Ching. Masters Teachings . .

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