St.Clair Nordic*Asset outlook 2019-2026

Seven years of Uranus in Taurus.

Astro*Intel – Pluto Saturn in 1284 The infamous Pied Piper / 1518 Machiavel Luther & Loyola – 2020 A technological Revolution where our data is the most valuable commodity which is Uranus in Taurus (Uranus digital  Taurus’ resource). Planet’s society techno-revolution crypto-currency. Chiron Aries new medicine. 2025 Saturn Neptune. China’s expansion.



The future modifying the past?

Something people today are taught is not possible is likely a possibility for advanced planetary civilizations as part of an advanced Spiritual Technology working with the higher principle of COSMOS. In his new ET Nordic Contact series, St.Clair explores the extreme situation of planet Earth in light of his knowing about where we came from and what is most likely to transpire in the coming years .. where St.Clair reports back to the Nordics, meaning this is Report not addressed to Earth humans in this time zone nor on the Planet Earth in this current dimensional format.

SteganoGraphy – those meant to grasp it will.


Seven  part film documentary – 45 min.

Unknown Futures

seen through the Eye of Time.

Password To The Stars


– by St.Clair

Pluto Saturn Uranus Neptune three phases: 1284 / 1518 / 2020

Applied – discusses valuable classic literature study resources

(Healing Light of The Tao – by Mantak  Chia;

Pranic Healing;  Awakening The Third Eye

/ The I-Ching by Wilhelms – Baynes)


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