Sociological Event Timeline 2018-2025 AQUARiUS planets

By 2020 we face a New Tech Awareness revolution ~ as Aquarius is a tech consciousness platform ~ mankind evolves from individual I/me priority ~ to a developed sharing of universal data – information for the greater good of future humanity. ~ Michael St.Clair

By 2025 we face the awakening out of the big deception of data information.

ET tech transfer exposure in context of Time Travel physics
Visual, telepathic´& hardware contact, plus Future message
Jupiter Sagittarius In 2019 [Issues of Higher Laws]
Saturn in Aquarius 2021 group system management upgrades

TIME MAP 2018-2025 ~ by St.Clair
compares sociopolitical + mental climate to current astro-events.

[Following 22 min / 8 clips tell a DEEP SCRiPT 4 initiated aware folks!]


PLUTO Aquarius observations 2024-44



Year of Earth Dog – Earth´change year. Carnival 2018 revealed who + what is behind the fast falling masks.

Now 2018 we enter new discussions & discoveries. Winter 2021 the swearing in ceremony of the President of the United States we see Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius & at this point a whole new connected society begins.

We are in a time of The Unforeseen
.. some events (due to the Planets) of unexpected events that can change in surprising ways. Uranus rules the unpredictable.

St.Clair Talks Astro*Intel:
Aquarius Pluto 2024-44: long term 20 year phenomenon / influence of humankind’s lives on Planet Earth …

Defusing the Earth realm

“My advice, made to a close confidant of the president several months ago, was that Trump, who hammered out and finessed the formula for an unparalleled economic expansion in peace time, should at the outset negotiate directly with Kim.”

Psychoanalyst Dr G Heath King (The da Vinci Peace Plan for North Korea) reminded me of this wise counsel:

“Plan Ahead –
or find trouble at the doorstep!”

~ Confucius

The Little Red Man
of Destiny

The Secret
by Stanley KuBricK

~ Project NAPOLEON ~


Stay tuned to my expanding 2020 film work: NORDiC*ASSET [StClairCrystals]

Also – for direct sighting contact.