Exploring Aquarian Cycle

Michael St.Clair’s kaleidoscopic journey as targeted individual (ET contact boy aged 7) — from young Swiss military intel officer, moving through high level mundane life, and on to the esoteric Art world — is for the first time exposing the wisdom of the advanced sources he met – over decades – what was shared, and why it is relevant. No one was ever told any of what follows, as surreal as it is.

Art by ZenTzu of OrgonArt

“My project was retarded by laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time. But the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success.” — Nikola Tesla

N O R D i C * A S S E T

I n t r o d u c t i o n
( * Talisman Quest * )

Michael St.Clair

[Though your father was a student of Jung, and his assistant, his negative attitude toward your mission in life indicates he did not fully understand the great psychoanalyst, who said:]
“Astrology is assured recognition from psychology without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the knowledge of antiquity. The fact that it is possible to construct, in adequate fashion, a person’s character from the data of his nativity, shows the validity of astrology.
” – Dr. G Heath King

This just to say, yes Nordic Astrology is in my ET contactee blood, not my father’s.

NONE OF THiS iS TRUE or NEW ! Fake Fake Cubed?


There are Agents of “Canopus in Argos” (CiA) — allies of humanity — who never die. We retire or expire. Perhaps Gene Roddenberry / Spock was from Canopus? Lessing didn’t make up her stories. Herge / TinTin? Kubrick 2001 ? Sure you recall TinTin predicted the Apollo/Kubrick 1969 Moon shot series in 1953. So when I told people my funny space alien moon stories (aged seven or eight) they just said: “Keep on dreaming buddy!”… and by age ten I showed them we had Apollo 11, fake or no fake ok. At that point I became an annoyance to my peers / parents all of it, aged ten — Outcast!

For my “SheilaLama” buddy!
(And for ZenTzu – who saw it all through.)

At the time Snowden left Hawaii, and then wound up in Moscow, it was suggested to me (by clients / associates / “friends”, etc.) that it might be interesting if I also were to simply start saying whatever I had ever collected in my mind. While I have the advantage not to be in a situation where I cannot choose when what to say and to whom, I was wondering in what way my own story is of any interest.

After I told a few of my rogue stories to some trusted friends, and later to some peers / colleagues to see how they like the fact that they never knew I hid behind the clown mask of a “woowoo futurist” (with too good of a track record to be for real), and they ALL agree that the information I share is relevant, deep, detailed, intense and timeless. Some of it — as it pertained to my work — already went into my 2006 LIGHT-SEEDS — and which stands on its own, for the last decade, without my own story.

Start My Story

For years, I knew I would choose when we tell it and how. Snowden had no choice. Once he stepped into that plane in Hawaii, the die was cast. He had to open the pandora box. I had come close to such situations also in life, not as extreme, but not for the faint-hearted either; often I had to use my military special education, otherwise I would not be alive to tell the story.

My life / work took me through almost all areas of interest, because I am interested in a lot of things that all hang together — since I am aware, as of age three, I know all of it hangs together.. while I am expert only at one thing only – “incandescent perception” which is more based in my cat instinct, and not on a mental plane of assessing data or assembling jittery pieces of mismatched information.

This is why I was of special interest to my superiors when I was 23 years old. While they objected to my disrespectful rogue approach, they were impressed by the results – not by the rules – as they said, which behavior I had modeled on some French actor in a high end spy film. He was the kind of guy they hated, but needed when they messed up, which they always did. So they needed him a lot. He didn’t need them.

So, I left the Swiss military early at 26. One career done. Next?

My colonel (a cool bearded Zen dude from general staff, and my personal leadership instructor, who advised the Afghan fighters during their Soviet occupation a decade earlier) told me that if I was 2nd intel officer of a 2 star general, at age 26, there was no more higher i can go faster, and he advised me it would be great if I go try this game elsewhere… he felt the speed I had achieved was pretty surreal.. and so I did. Leave the club.

This suited me. I was unable to work with the Swiss. Too dense. I told them if they didn’t make me a special intelligence colonel, general staff, by age 30, I would leave right now. They were unable to change their silly rules. So they lost the biggest asset they had. I didn’t like their style, they didn’t like mine, we were very ill matched. I am sure glad now, or I’d be still there kicking their asses around. They would not have lost the “Swiss Gold Initiative” – if I had been in charge. You get what you deserve!

I should mention that I met Billy Meier when I was a kiddo, his farm was close to where my parents grew up; and I observed with inner amazement how Swiss elite media treated him when he started talking about his visitor friends. I knew better be quiet for a while! Famed Swiss author Erich von Daeniken same, Swiss scientist Bruno Stanek, same, I met these dudes as teenager. So, I have also a formal space education, with Stanek it was science not fiction.

Much later during my LA phase I met the guys (former Air Force) investigators good guys, who debriefed and worked with Billy Meier later, before he went off the deep end, and so I had both perspectives. Some of what Billy Meier told the air force guys is true, I was told. As best I know Wendelle Stevens knows what is true, or not true.

This just to simply state that at an age when ordinary people have not even achieved any silly useless degree in a University, I was taught how the world really operates. I had my “eyes on the ground” briefings as a teenager. Having read this, you understand I do not need to argue what I know. I had clearances above Top Secret at age 25.

Other countries — USA / UK / Germany / France Italy Spain etc. — later found out that when I am in their spaces, when I was, if they know, very unusual / interesting things manifest, like the Catalonia sovereign movement, which I advised to go Mayor level and it did.

Let’s be clear at the outset, I never worked for “the firm” in any manner, but they know of me and I know them well, because we have so many funny friends in common allover this planet. Later – few years after my Swiss intel stint, the Swiss See Eye Aye “station chief” befriended me, another reserve fatherly type. He showed me the ropes of worldwide web of life in a decade.

So I shadowed him, “master John” as i called him, for a while and learned a lot, his contact list was simple, all of the club MIC, at a dial. He really was my GOOD friend and he showed me all I wanted to know. If I do not know more, then it would be because I was unable to know what to ask next, and I decided to just go do stuff with him — instead of ask / talk stupid crap, GO OBSERVE some voice told me!

Observing is its own right action.

One day that guy and I got to meet Colonel G. from Libya… and together we went on an anonymous Swiss watch buying spree. Col. G. was cool dude and worked for the club too. He was actually a very advanced man. Made his prosperous country into something that even women would love to live in — and be a part of. Aged 29, I met Col. G. in person, on a tarmac, and his staff, efficient& ;polite folks, and he respected me, which few Westerners do. Another time we went to see an Indian head of state in London just to sound out some proposals for America and Europe.

Things like that we did. I met unusual / advanced / strange people from many walks of life: Not in alphabetical order… Former (and present) folks from the UN, CFR, CERN, NASA, CIA FBI DIA DEA, CSIS State Dept., deep state, black budget, intelligence, industry, aviation, governments, heads of states, science, Cancer research, new medicine, new mathematics, free energy, finance, gold, secret societies, and more. I was allowed to see all of it. Allover the world.

Really, I cruised full spectrum world-wide for forty years. I met seers and climate / earth change experts, I talked to some “spiritual leaders” also, which I found illuminating. I met HH, the 14th Dalai Lama, and yet I was unimpressed. One of them told me I was really great at hiding my light. I said – yes I was told it will keep me alive a few more rounds. He thought I would do some very great things in life. I said “Thanks so much, consider it a done deal.”

One day in 2002, the gardener / seer lady of Jiddu Krishnamurti contacted me and suggested I should be more careful about how I say what I know. I asked her what would she know about what I would know? So we became friends / allies. At least I can say I met one human being in my life, an ET really, who I respect.

Many big ideas were hatched with my help. I created our own networks. I worked on dozens of large scale projects, start-ups etc., and I advised hundreds of people in how to sort out their businesses and their private lives. We can say we changed thousands of people’s futures for the better.

My specialty was how to save their asses & assets. It got too tiring and so extremely complex to see even only just one family of a few humans through the maze in one year – that I retired from that intense counseling sport. People have to do their own thing, their own way, find out for themselves, and they cannot live their lives via my say so. There you go!

At times I also went all the way to meeting / working together with outstanding authors, excellent artisan craftsmen, original architects, famous artists in all media — film, photo, painting, sculpting — and then even being taken care of for years by the very same family who looked after the great Senyor Salvador Dali & his wife Gala.

It is fair to say that to them I am now the “Dali of Astrology” — as they call me. So the spectrum of things we can talk about is adequate, or unusual, let’s say. Some times they ask me a lot of private stuff, which is only natural – since I ask them so much about Salvador & Gala Dali. They told me a lot about the Dali’s – and it inspires me to hear their stories. I am a world Dali expert by now and could easily bust any museum expert. So we exchange our lives between his former confidantes and myself.


“What is your favorite quote?”
Buzz Aldrin uttered it: YOU either CHANGE, or YOU DiE!”

“Is death not the biggest conspiracy of All?” I was asked.
“You would have to study the Egyptians, Master Thoth!” I answer..

“You had a colorful life by all standards. How did you meet all these people since childhood?” I was asked.

“If life was not colorful, what would be the point? Some I met by design, some by chance, or guidance, as in right time right place. Some just dropped into my parents living room to start with. My parents were Swiss socialites, both dumber than dumb but passing for clever, one as a news paper publisher and the other as a psychologist. They had “personalities” over for dinners since I can think, and so after a while you as a child with a new mind want to meet people who have something relevant to say, other than how awesome they are; when as a child you see they are beyond inept.”

“Opening move?”

“From a past life I guess, I was interested in higher levels of planetary cooperation, and in the Swiss military – at some black budget level – I learned, during exchange programs, while on a French nuclear submarine for one week, that the global maritime intel military world is very small and the true professionals tend to work together across the Historic Divides. Later I was shown this to be the case with absolute certainty.”

“The intel/military world never left you, although you left it?”
“It is like a fish net, once you hold one piece, it never ends.”

“Tell me about Vernon Walters, author of Silent Missions – and so famous in hindsight due to playing himself in the French (William Karel) Kubrick satire / docu-menteur Dark Side of The Moon (- a rare “Must see” if unaware of.)

The Famous Unique Lens…
Stanley Kubrick was the only 1 able to direct it!

Dark Side of The Moon” came later, and I thought it was so like him to do that stunt – days before he actually left this planet. I first literally met General Walters (others called him Ambassador Walters, he was both) in an elevator in Palm Beach, and we were headed in same direction, and he said “oh you did Swiss intel”, let’s go have some coffee across the road.”

“Which road? How did you know who he was?”
“Worth Avenue on ocean front! I knew his face, he was legendary to the intel community, he was the “fixer” or more US Presidents than I can list, starting with Truman. He had to go sort out that dude. Yes, he retired there under the Madness of the Palms — as he had told the bastards at the See Eye Aye, (see Dark Side of The Moon) he told them “if you push me on Nixon, I leave your shop in the shit it is now and expose you all for the bastards you are.” He was just temporarily holding the fort in Langley for Nixon as his OverSeer. He showed them a photo of his place and told them he had a nice future ahead.”
“Palm Beach. Sounds lovely.”
“Yes like the real Hotel California. You go funny there unless you stay aware. All his stints were “temporary” and super dangerous. Some high level idiot in US intel world once said: “The Brits had their fake James Bond, we had our real Vernon Walters.”
“Was he that great?”
“They called him a secret hero. He had mystique, a legend in his own life if you think about it… and he was a maverick, went rogue most the time, tall, imposing, highly intelligent, fluent in half a dozen languages at least – batchelor, never dealt with that stuff. He was efficient, his rolodex was the planet. He was interested a bit in my research, and helped me understand what is real and what is surreal and what is fake. All I had do was ask..”
.. And ye shall find.”
“I was impressed how he told the powerful few to get lost. He was totally unimpressed with the high end mental garbage of so-called High Society. He taught me to be the same. to ignore and avoid them. We were both self taught, and had been taught formally by Jesuits when teenagers, zero university degree; he respected that extreme early courage about me, to simply tell system education to stuff it.

“You threw away all your official career chances at age 21 – right?” he asked.
“Yes because my advance intel showed me no way out of that path.”
He smiled and knew we have a winner. “Show them high level disdain” is what he taught me, and how to boss anyone around I meet, also. That’s the only language they get, who is the boss?”
“He taught you that?”
“Yes he said accept no BS! I observed him.. Well he told me to do something so beyond outstanding that the discussion ends. He also told me next level would be jealousy, and more. We are at this stage now. He was actually secretly See Eye Aye boss while Nixon was riding WaterGate with General Haig in charge of “La Maison Blanche” as we called 1600, Penn Ave. – since he and I always spoke French together.”
“Or any language, he would test how many I can discuss stuff with him.”
“They told you all their crazy stories in private?”
“Many times over, imagine, and some times those were also entertainment soirees, for maybe ten people present, with impersonations of Nixon’s by Vernon, with Al Haig rolling off his chair laughing, and then he would do a rendition of Kissinger’s foul mouth Bavarian accent. I wish i had a camera in those daze. Later Vernon Walters conceptualized and implemented the German reunification, which I think was the greatest thing ever done anyway on the constructive side of world affairs. He was known as the Renaissance Man of the CIA.”
“Say that again?”
“He was my mentor also. He taught me the world – Vernon Walters CIA Renaissance Man – and he died right after 9/11. I was unable to talk to him about it, but met a few other people who knew some pieces of it.”

“Who else did you meet?”

Beyond Personalities? – I had a serious life in the international Art word – and still do. Names & faces in places I forget, honestly, who cares… it was a circus… actors, directors, screen writers, actresses, thinkers, philosophers etc.

Names? John Frankenheimer [Seven Days in May], (when was his researcj assistant on a German project in 1985); J Lee Thompson, Gregory Peck, Peter O’Toole, Roger Moore, Sean Connery, John Rhys-Davies, Sharon Stone & Grace Jones, Grace was very cool, intelligent, authentic, we flew to LA together – later she re-emerged in Florida. Fantastic & funny people. I met a guy who I would describe half rock star / half terrorist / half past human — Roy Batty.”

“You lived in LA & Florida as a young man and met everyone?”
“Yes I was interested in the minds who were writing the scripts.”
“But their scripts were based on Classics or stolen manuscripts.”
“I even helped them in researching their stuff.”
“That is where CiA meets Hollywood?”
“Sure, I had mentioned Kubrick 2001, Ridley Scott’s BLADE RUNNER as seminal in my view of the world in as far as it confirmed what I knew as a six year old kiddo.”
“Wow, that is far fetched.”
“Oh yes, i had special friends, one I met when I was barely 25, you recall actor Rutger Hauer, in London, he made Blade Runner into what it is, forever, only by making up the final lines in “Tears in Rain” — ( referred to as the famous short C Beams speech ) — which is about the best stuff ever filmed in all of Cinematographic History, safe Chaplin – and he saved Ridley Scott from himself. That is true Greatness. Rutger Hauer had this thing it takes to make it happen. It shows that the agents of Canopus are alive.”

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

“Tannhaeuser Gate? Orion’s shoulder?”
“Study Richard Wagner,’s characters whose fate is beyond their own control & overlay it onto star gates mythology.”

“You cannot go into the face of Ridley Scott unless you are God-like.”
“He was very much G-like. Because he is a real actor. He studied this stuff forever – a true professional. Very humble man, in appearance and soft spoken intelligent, and yet with such a super powerful presence to fill a room unnoticed… Roy Batty walks in..”

“Sounds like a Cosmic Thriller school you attended. He taught you acting?”
“Sure. He taught me you have to make it up, on the spot, as you go. It is a thriller. Our whole life is. Others I met because I put them in my research cross hairs at a young age already, some times I failed and missed. Very rare. The miss became the win! I had decided aged 12 or 13 that I would meet both the NASA astronaut of Antares A14, and Kissinger, one day so he could explain his story to me, but instead I met Al Haig, by utter chance again, and when we talked at times about my real target of interest, he said to me: “Dude you don’t want to meet this creature.”

“Wish to speak about Al Haig?”

“Misunderstood by many, super smart dude. Witness of 60 years of above TOP SECRET History. Made History happen happen stance, ok. Laughed about it with me… We had several meetings, planned, or by chance in same restaurant and others at parties of yet others where we would invariably run into each other again. We knew the same people by 1993. Except one morning meeting in frozen Winter early Nineties Washington, D.C. office where he showed me his new book Inner Circles and explained what he was up to allover the world. He said his days at the White House were pretty insane. His life in the viper pit and how he made it.

He carried his own concealed gun, just in case, can you imagine.. which gives a fair idea of the paranoid climate there.. He was not the source of infamous Deep Throat. He was a funny guy, very smart, particularly in evenings after a few glasses, he would lead the festivities, Sagittarius style. The show got rolling when you gave him a glass or two.”

“Amazing to hear it in first person. To witness all this at a young age. Did he tell you about Nixon, Kissinger, China, did you ask?”

“I asked a lot of stuff. In front of his own lawyer funny dude Len Garment, he once said Kissinger was completely demented and that without him – Haig – present almost like a bodyguard of Nixon’s, the President would have been finished off on an alcohol / pill cocktail overdose — and it would have been bad mayhem. He guided Nixon in the final days so nothing bad would happen to him. He said Nixon was the best President he ever served, totally underrated, he did China.

Haig personally served them all since JFK whom he buried personally, and until the evil Bushista gang who fired him as Secretary of State during the Falklands affair. He told them he is in charge of foreign affairs, and not the White House. They told him to get lost. I think he paid them back later for it.

Then he was doing advanced stuff, when the internet was only getting to be used by people, he headed AOL. He heade a lot of Mil.Industrial Complex corporations, and I asked him why? He said honestly.. “At this age I have to make some money.”

He died in 2010 in winter, of pneumonia I think. He was an exceptional man who definitely saved America’s ass twice, single handedly, with Nixon gone and Reagan shot. He was in the middle of every hot hell situation you could invent, he was right there, always, from MacArthur, Yalu river, all the way to Palm Beach.”

“His best advice to you?”
“Never even try beat these guys at their game, they are totally evil.”
“You dropped your idea of doing a face to face with Kissinger then?”

“After what Al Haig & Vernon Walters taught me over years there was no more point in meeting that Reptile. That’s typical investigative Scorpio moon child going after a purpose below the surface, with no one knowing… until the heat seeking missile hits the target.

[ – My insert: By the way I was a trained marksman sharp shooter in Swiss Army wearing all 4 shooting medals you could get, before I even went to Intel school. They knew from their test methods, that when a young guy has these 4 medals plus the academic track record I had (maverick university law school drop out) then he is very interesting because he has more focus than needed. – Note: impromptu unplanned, I also met Jimmy Carter in private with his Secret Service dudes in Switzerland, and he was a good guy – in my humble opinion. The dudes said I am a good guy too.]

Example: Dr. Edgar Mitchell (above right)- I wanted to talk with the astronaut on my own, no media, I needed his understanding to confirm what he knew anyway. I preferred stick the quote to him than to my Nordics whom I held responsible for my research, just as they hold me responsible for my life.

The Nordics said, “OK we get you to meet him.” They did. I spent seven years setting it up, preparing, researching, becoming a time travel expert, talking to NASA scientists, face to face, so I could hold my own with him and get his answers at a time he was not going to be talking about my questions. By 2001, I was like a NASA inside seer.”

“Now that NASA Apollo 14 air force Capt. Ed Mitchell has joined his space brothers in heaven, can you say it?”

“It is complex. Stafford, Young & Cernan (his three colleagues of Apollo 10) are on written transcripts discussing their audio contact (weird “music” from space) with “something” and then, before it cuts off, the last line in the transmission is Young: “No one will believe us.”

So you see the magnitude of their life dilemma? They met the aliens in person. He, Mitchell for sure was on the moon, I know he was, it is too obvious. And no doubt about it, but how did they get him there? Not in the tin cans, I supposed?

But I was told in a pre-briefing while arranging the meeting point, not to ask him this very question, or our talk would end. What I gathered is this: He didnt want to return to Earth. He was depressed ever since. He was not allowed to talk, harassed all the time, and basically he had enough.

Except Buzz Aldrin, and the dude who became a recluse. The one everybody forgets… Michael Collins, it is fair to say they all went nuts. Imagine, what will you do after that stunt? Re-invent yourself! Or raise the funding to do the REAL Journey/s…

Get to Jupiter & Beyond!
Buzz Aldrin way smart & always a good joke.

Edgar Mitchell was constantly re-inventing himself, and then he became incensed when he found out that his IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences was a See Eye Aye black op / funded set up to round up everyone interested in what he had to teach. That made him pensive. I would have turned the shop on them.”

“Why did you want to meet all these people, you had an idea?”
“So they would explain to me how the world & space really works?”
“What made you think they would talk to you?”
“I had to do my home work first and I knew I am the contact, and they would know it if they are for real. And if so our contact was a go. Most the time it was.”

“Why did you want to know all this complex cosmology as a child?”
“Because I knew all explanations given were PURPOSEFULLY false.”
“How old were you when you knew this?”
“Nine years old. Everything shown to me by adults was 2nd hand lies.”
“Like in Fake news, false history, war on the mind?”
“I studied conflict! I know they are not well in the head. They lied to me.”
“You hated that?”
“I could read their minds and it did hurt me.”

“Why did all these people tell you all their stories?”
“Because I was born in Scorpio Moon / Neptune conjunct.”
“Look at Assange and Snowden. Scorpio moons. Look at how they live and what kind of work they do. You understand Scorpio Moon now? And I had it in line of NEPTUNE when I was born in 1959, because I am a bit senior to the two colleagues.”

“Is it a good idea that you asked Trump to pardon Snowden?”
“Yes because we want him pardoned / honored as an exceptional human being & thinker. USA was founded on an act of treason in 1776, and the traitors later became US Presidents. However, I would advise Snowden, who reads me, to stay where he is, even after a pardon. It is simply safer where he is – pardon or no pardon. I hope he grasps without me explaining.”

“He is good to go, let’s envision he does not create himself new issues. He deserves some down time now and a lot of medical assistance. These kinds of stunts reduce your health drastically. And you sometimes ask yourself, is it all worth it?”

“What about your books — Atlantis Oracle, Icons of Destiny?”
“ALL my early pre 2003 work has been suppressed / blocked / stolen by the gatekeepers of publishing in USA and in EU since 1999 when I made my own astro radio show debut in Florida and told people about the ballot recount for 2000 with Bush 2001.

Ever since then I became a targeted individual. This was the only ever ballot recount, and I predicted it a year ahead. People went insane about that prediction series. And when one year later I invited Brad Robinson, a former CIA buddy to come on my radio show to say what he thinks about 911… I knew now we have crossed the line in the sand.”

“When was that, the name of your show? What did he say?”
“On my show Passage One One. On a Clear Channel affiliate station, WBZT, not some alternative media, which I did work with in writing with RMN for four years. Until I experienced / witnessed and understood both MSM and ALT media are two sides of one badly made coin.”
“Could anyone hear you?”
“Sure, all of Florida, they listened to me in their cars driving – or in their offices. Or homes. On every Monday. They loved it, and it became a lot fun until the radio bosses asked me not to talk too much hot stuff, because they really didn’t want to lose me. And I said I am not doing astro for bored house wives. I am doing planet changing games. And You asked what my CIA buddy said?

A piece of the puzzle is missing.” Most famous sentence uttered on the air, ever, while all of NewYork was in fact sitting in Florida then. And the host lady implied I be the guy who will solve the puzzle. That was Spring 2002 when I correctly predicted Chirac then and Schroeder later, same year. Those are the facts. Publishers even stole my very first books long before I was even known in 1998. I had to rewrite and republish some of it on my own, etc.”

“You waged your wars then?”
“We’ll see about all that.”
“Did you ever step into an ET craft?”
“We sure did as kids aged six to nine, allover the world… and those who did know who took them places in their educations. We were treated like special people by the big people. I was at the copilot switches of a huge craft aged 7. Just to see how it feels.”

“Who influenced your mind the most you think back as a child?’
TinTin / Herge in original French as of age 3, Spock Roddenberry, and Kubrick, aged ten. These three taught me what I needed to know very early. TinTin figured things out no one can make up, Spock told us to be more like Vulcans and less like morons, and Kubrick, that’s very complex. He taught me aged ten to observe reality, study & research reality carefully, and then render it back in universal manner so anyone can get it.”
“Did very many get Kubrick?”
“Not really.”
“What is your favorite movie?”
“2001 Space Odyssey”

Leaving Earth by 3987 – (Art – Neo Wave Series by JamesWhite )

Consider NORDIC ASSET = Memoirs of A Targeted Individual

Neptune in Pisces . .
Pluto in Pisces . .

Targeted Individual! Do you know why?”
“Knows Too Much Reality! Has a TRUE Narrative to offer on science, hidden history, world affairs, economics, ETs, cosmology, medicine, is highly dangerous. That’s why.”

“Has someone told you?”
“I have a friend who showed me my file. It’s an interesting file. I am of more use to them alive. I know what they don’t know. Personally I prefer studying the future technologies, space travel, new mind communications, higher Arts – as to looking at the ever useless same same repetitive cycles of world affairs, human politics, and economics. I am way more interested in what the Nordics teach me.”

“What they teach you?”
“Few humans are interested in what the Nordics know, and perhaps that explains why I am still alive. I consider the worldly knowing people are after me irrelevant, mutable, timed, whereas the other ET based knowing, timeless, well I would consider it dangerous if I knew it was around. It is a good thing they think it is a joke.”
“A joke?”
“Well I know they think I am crazy. And I play this part real well. Recall great actors taught me. This protects me. But how can I be “crazy” and at same time be the top world futurist? Does not add up, does it?

Often times, and as a famous futurist specialized in mundane astrology (2000 US election) it is obvious, I am asked to comment on things, because those who ask me know that no one else has my perspective. I have proven them all wrong so many times over so many years, 20 years in a row, two decades now, that it seems my guidance has been of some interest to some aware ones.”

“You made most of the old mind ISAR celebrity astrology & world pundits look like a complete joke in 2016 with your Trump prediction.”

“It’s their own doing. They suppressed my knowing on purpose for twenty years, never published any of my works in their “high level” peer magazines, and to top it off — they dared challenge me on Trump, so I let them have it. Payback for twenty years of bad behavior, and they self-immolated finally, like when Mount Doom goes off.”

“Lots of people hate you now for having been right on Trump?”
“You know what.. I don’t care, however, I mentioned in my 2015 prediction video series that I met Trump few times in my Palm Beach phase, at his Mar-A-Lago, and in the fancy bars, and he is a good guy, and he would be US President, and I wrote it to my subscribers soon after he announced his run; all I needed was to know this was his intent. The rest was written in his astrology, of which I was aware already since 1995. Having met him I knew beyond intelligent, and I have many friends who know him from those times.”

“You still have intel contacts around the world?”
“More so than ever, after my track record is brilliant looking. 5 misses only of over major 250-300 trends / predictions in 20 years. Of course they all watch what we do. They know since 1999 that I am the targeted individual, and they told me so. Some media people even started copying the way we do my signature documentary videos. We have a unique changing style of our own, with coded messages in the looks / visuals. They get it.”

“YOU are in touch then with special media / intel / industry folks?”
“They know what we do, and who we trust.”

“Why did all the “personality astrologers” get it so dead wrong?”
“Because they do not even understand the mathematics of the science / art they purport to master, and more to the point because they are biased globalists’ tools / mind-controlled peons, and puny non-professionals.”

“False Prophets?”
“Fake News / Disinformation Agents of New Age. Exposed them all my life.”
“You did some stellar interventions in your times!”

Fragments of “X-Files”

( – from a real meeting @ a surreal place – )

“What was your best work ever?”
Master of the Light – with Ruben Del Muro, 2009 – the great work/s.”

“Have you won this “perception of knowledge” war by now?”
“Now, I am like the Man with The Golden Gun, nicely played by Christopher Lee whom I also met long ago, and I wait for the next job, if it comes or doesn’t, makes no difference, matters not. I am sure the French know I did the Trump prediction, and I never retire, and it is as Trump told his famous Mar-A-Lago butler at age 80, “if you retire you expire. ”

“Tell me about Trump!”
“He has the vision plus what it takes to enforce it. My friend Dr.Heath King ran a study of his own, and he feels, and I see it also, that Trump is of Mongolian descent, in fact he looks like Genghis Khan. The Unifier.”

“What’s the core of the Nordics teaching to you?”
“Let Nikola Tesla explain it in his own wise words:

“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”

This statement applies to historians, astrologers, scientists, mathematicians, physicists, doctors, system people, anyone. Tesla knew he was ahead of his time, as was Krishnamurti, as was Wilhelm Reich, as am I. As is anyone sane here now. You cannot be mentally / physiologically healthy here if you are “socially well adjusted” here. You will go insane, have Cancer, anything.

He said when challenged: “The future is mine, I am the future.” This is the only way you approach life, or you are toast, and I live by Tesla’s findings. The Nordics who tell me that Tesla had figured everything out there was to figure out, they say to me:

“There has to be balance; Tesla knew it, He too quit the games at some point, and you St.Clair cannot fight these wars anymore, this is the end of an era also for you, the end of an era for the whole planet, and it is for others to fight on. You showed them how to win. That’s enough now.”

Keep in mind that at exact same time (more than one year) as some of us helped Trump + USA win their destiny back, my American life friend / bodyguard got diagnosed with terminal GBM4 brain cancer. The brain surgepn told me after she saved her life successfully: “6 months, 1 year max.” Takes a lot of inner power to stomach this. And fight it back anyway to save that life. This to say I am now also a Glioblastoma world expert, I fought valiantly and even the best doctors said I deserve the 5 stars on my cap.

Trump was a side show, during that time up to some point, while I was creating / managing a private hospital for my personal friend for over one year. The doctors who came to see my friend… they told me that I am the best Hospital there is. They said “one day we work for you.” I said asked them politely to get lost, I am not a hospital dude.

Yet at same time, I advised some of our circles who had sometimes raw nerves. Lost hope, lack of orientation. Doubts. Negative thoughts. YOU are not allowed 1 such thought when in a combat mission! You tell your mind NO!!! I kept telling them to just keep cruising, at least now they love me for this!”

“They didn’t believe they were going to win?”
“Some of them people are intellectuals. Some of them the usualt scaredy cat intel people who always see ghosts. I told them we will win this about 366 times once a day… This is war. War is war.”
“Psych wars?”
“We need to win the information platform early. They wasted a lot of time bringing in Assange for my taste. We all do what best we can, but even the great victories are very relative when at the same time your closest buddy goes down..

The Nordics showed me the whole thing vaguely: It is the same force field we always interact with and / or fight. First of all we need to know we fight ourselves. Krishnamurti taught us this. All we do from day 1 is live our conflicts.”
“So true.”
“My friend fought Cancer for one year which had been fighting her for who knows how long? Fighting Cancer? Cancer fighting humans. Alex Jones fights MSM. MSM fights Trump. Trump fights globalists, globalists fight peoples, and guess what, those morons fight themselves.. etc. It’s endless, but very interesting, and in the end they all are the same force.

Study Tesla and you grasp it in his scientific way.Study TAO / Samurai Code, and you get it that way. I have taken a time traveler perspective with my Nordic Guides on all of it, as they see the whole thing. I am being shown the unfolding now.

As explained in the seer stories in LIGHT-SEEDS, the core issue is this fact that we are Hybrids living in a place we were not designed to live in, and that we need to re-ignite from within, until we can leave Earth and create more suitable existences in our collective futures. That is the mission. The purpose why we are here, is in fact to leave this Earth soon. This is the whole mystique / prestige we have now about time travel, and all of our existence in Cosmos. The choice / ability / awareness to set our desti-nation/s / Destiny. Self-determination. Remembrance of who we are.”

“The Seer Stories by Zensu.”

We structure our entire life experience around the hybrid environment = HOME. We can love the Earth and we can appreciate the Earth. Such a BEAUTIFUL Planet… But we hybrid Humans are not suitable to inhabit the surface of the Earth. This hybrid insecurity has led to many of the problems we create as we structure our world for our collective survival. There lies our vulnerability and insecurity as well as our strength.

Hybrid Earth Humans are VULNERABLE and SENSITIVE, Hybrid humans need to create Hybrid Environments. Humans also have the intellectual ability and skills to design and build these hybrid environments. This ability is designed into us.

To understand society and how society works we have to understand ourselves. The human is one part of the UFO phenomenon. When we see things and when we experience things we are also part of that encounter / interaction. A relationship or encounter does not take place outside – it takes place inside. In a strange way we are always interacting with ourselves


2048 — “WayAhead” is an understatement

The paranormal strikes again –
when a camera lying down clicks itself off on its own

Showing secret aspects of what we know — both as astrologer / seer who scanned time into 2137 in LIGHT-SEEDS, even 4044 when the Aquarian cycle ends, and as a practical person who has been in world situations you do not want to be in, and who met those who know how the world really works.

Futuristic presentations at NEWMIND TECH / FUTURE NEWS site serve as a portal for the NORDiC ASSET to explain his incandescent perspectives on reality. St.Clair rarely offers “opinion” or “world views” because he does not need them, he knows what he knows. Then in addition, there is the Nordic Guidance.

Glad to share some of this knowing. Although we will meet many interesting and very unique unusual names and faces, and in many places as we move through my existence, we insist we understand the Aquarian Cycle Ahead we embark on now is and will always be BEYOND PERSONALITIES.

. . . to be continued . . .


Where should we start?
Where we both grew up, he and I. We never met until the day we filmed this, and yet we had been in the same few street blocks for a decade at the same time when we were very young boys. He was a teenager, I was a toddler. Four extra-ordinary human beings made this unique documentary happen.

Thank you
Ms. Patrice Chaplin, Master Tew,
SheilaLama & Zensu

Michael Chaplin & Michael St.Clair

(Conversation between 2 Krishnamurti students, in intel dialogue between equals = 2 Pisces, both authors & film makers, both same interests, both optimists, both just shooting the breeze about life, their works, and Charlie Chaplin’s gypsy heritage.)

Discovery Journeys
Kim Castells & Michael St.Clair

SheilaLama who filmed this 2013 series always said:
Kim Castells is the real Indiana Jones
St.Clair gets to talk to him, and I get to film it all!”

(ZenTsu gets to piece it back together / make sense of it.)

For the purpose of preparing a leading world wide futurist meeting in May 2015, with experts in astrology, economics, intelligence and military / world affairs, St.Clair’s spoken (filmed) presentations were summed up in a synopsis type booklet: SCORPiO MOON Narratives Revealed – advanced concepts discussed in this tiny 101 page work. (Published March 2015 by Zensu/Lulu)


Zensu’s Uranian NoteBook @ EarthChamber11 / EarthChanges


Foot Notes St.Clair will cover in future documentaries, now.

* The best movie never made: Kubrick Napoleon Book project

* Ninety years & going strong: TinTin / Herge

* Welcome to 50 years of Star Trek
Who killed Roddenberry / Spock – and why?

Dali’s Art Work The Paintings – by Taschen
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