St.Clair Talks 2016: March Equinox 2020

St.Clair suggests that we will see more of the changing paradigm influencing the World. Astrologically the worst is behind us. By March Equinox 2020 we will see a reset where we will go into a whole new different existence. The influence of change can be felt in the World right now. March Equinox 2020

St.Clair BOTH SiDES OF THE MOON - 2020

St.Clair suggests the USD price of gold is irrelevant as the artificial suppression of the gold price follows the exchange rate in Euro maintaining a once ounce price of around one thousand Euro over the last two years. Both Sides of Reality

St.Clair - Light-Seeds Time Travel

St.Clair gives an informal discussion about experiences and life changing insights behind his book: Light-Seeds Futures of Planet Earth where he suggests that each person has their own future and past connections / guidance / inner teacher. Light-Seeds Time Travel

St.Clair Ahead Sea Conference: Planetary World Cycles

St.Clair and friends gathered for a relaxed informal discussion on Planetary World Cycles looking ahead astrologically to 2020/2021 with the Saturn Jupiter Pluto alignment. Planetary World Cycles