RZ Network

St.Clair conceived of Radiant Zones Network when writing: Light-Seeds - Futures of Planet Earth.

The human mind is the ground or foundation of Radiant Zone experience & way of life. This is similar to Tibetan Buddhism or Zen, where essential Chi (life force) is the energy use to create harmony and balance in the world.

St.Clair Catalonia Conference

St.Clair's Channel

St.Clair Foresight 2020 Conference, discussing astrology, markets and world finance in Catalonia.

Intelligent Architecture

To continue this work, which has been a lifetime study of many disciplines, St.Clair is searching for a way to design and develop a simple yet harmonic living environment that is also much more advanced than anything we build today. That is: Architecture for people. To create this Open Source alternative building plan, intended to be a different form of architecture, funding will be needed. [link to details]

Designed for Humans

There will have to be a radical change in the way humans build living shelters. Radiant Zones Network is also about being aware of the way society organizes itself and why it organizes itself in particular ways. Buildings are not designed for humans... Buildings are designed for finance and banks; taxation and the resource industry that include: wood steel copper and stone. [link to PDF]

The Radiant Zones Network mind is an inner human world reflecting universal cosmic principles of inner harmony and balance.

At the same time St.Clair began to understand that Earth humans are a hybrid race. Essentially, Earth humans are not natural inhabitants of this Planet. Realizing that humans were created (originally) to inhabit highly developed hybrid environments.

Developed Hybrid Environments
Every creature on Earth can live, survive and adapt to the natural external environment. Every plant, insect, as well as birds and animals adapt to Nature except for humans .

Humans have to create and wear clothing and need to build shelters. Humans are totally dependent on resources: Stone, wood, metals, plant fibers, leather and soil (agriculture).

Preserving Earth Resources
Realizing that humans are a hybrid race developed to live in a hybrid environment is essential to taking steps to preserve the Earth's natural resources.

Humans try to pretend they are a natural species of this Planet just like all the other animals and creatures. Only, that humans have evolved when the truth is humans are are hybrid species.