Astrology & Timing

St.Clair looks into the mathematical astrology and psychological based dynamics as they develop over the next three decades from the point of view of the human, and from vantage points of global players. St.Clair's Astrology strong point is in developing a fine-tuned sense of what is possible. He sees in detail both the dangers and the opportunities arising, into the years 2021 and beyond. This is where St.Clair's game plan and timing makes a difference in how we all approach the great leveling, followed by the great reset. Our time frames are wide open.

A Changing World In Motion

Based on St.Clair's ability to read deeper into the hidden levels influencing world events as they take place and unfold to become the dominant reality. St.Clair is able to reveal the event signatures and patterns effecting global human issues forming around land, food, water and energy resources, and how we can respond or adapt our lives to remain balanced and centered. Our analysis deepens as events unfold using the art of applied actionable intelligence.

Macro Economics & Gold

One of our exclusive team has a degree in economics. We see and understand both short & long term economic trends. Including the effects from the gold backed "World" currency strategically turned (in 1971) into the petrodollar. We understand why and how gold is to become the answer for a new World trade currency, backed by countries with most at stake in terms of developing a safe future. We advise on how and where to procure and store gold safely, as this is case to case specific.

Weather & Climate Variations

The Earth has had a good run in terms of climate over the past centuries, but this climatic stability is coming to an end. Over the next 100-200 years, increasing tectonic events and weather changes will be the new norm. There will be land degradation as well as rising sea levels. We devise strategies as to how best to be prepared and to adapt to the Earth's variations in climate. Learn how to build community safety and share how to grow food.

Consulting & Coaching

Our methods of advising clients consists in sharing what has worked for us over many years. Sometimes leading to an enlightening coaching session based on astrology, the I Ching and other seeing skills. We can help you to change your life - for the better - simply by changing your mindset. Change is a natural part of our lives. Our consultations are varied, sometimes legal advice as well as practical and economic.

Health Food & Inner Balance

We studied health issues, pranic healing, awakening of the 3rd eye, and more, in practical ways for decades, by exploring what works for each of us, since what works well for one person may not work for another. We do not give health advice; we share however hints as to what nutrition / supplements can help in certain conditions. We learn that experts have figured out a sane way by using the "Inner Smile" and simple better breathing techniques. We know that a healthy gut is a healthy mind.

Thriving vs. Surviving

Some people feel - given the challenging issues ahead - they have to go into a survivalist defense mode mentality! This survivalist mindset is the wrong approach. Each of us attracts the energy we signal to the world around us. By projecting balanced Aikido style energy and thinking positively, we are able to thrive even in most adverse circumstances. We guide clients into a self-changing energy field where they see how they can enact balanced win-win strategies which can also serve their community. Teaching beyond-survival mind energies, we address Zen rules of the I-Ching.

Intelligence vs. disinformation

The war taking place is an intellectual war on the human mind. All conflicts begin inside and are then projected outside into the external world. As we live in an age of mental-disinfo, we discuss how you assess correct truthful knowledge of relevant facts as opposed to falling victim to mind manipulation. We are observing "what is" and not speculating on events. We share important findings as they come to us based on questions. We do the research for you. We deliver answers to your questions, but most importantly, we show you how to find those answers on your own.

Internet Communications

Aware that the Internet as it was originally intended has been completely subverted and morphed into an entertainment circus, we foresee the development to find new ways of establishing better communications between people. We predict a new future Omninet and discuss our ongoing findings - ranging from software to future applications and hardware trends. We have studied the OPEN sea of the world wide web since 1995 (professionally), and we foresee new solutions ahead.

Radiant Zones Network

In a world of depleted energy zones it becomes essential now to thrive in secure ways by bringing about a self-sufficient, economical, practical and sensible way of life, starting from within. We have termed this "Radiant Zones" in the book Light-Seeds. We explain in great detail how to set up an autonomous life outside of the system while showing you also the risks such an existence will entail. You choose whether you sail the seas of tomorrow or whether you stay inside a dying system.

Meeting St.Clair

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A New Paradigm

St.Clair advises clients in how to leave the system carefully to create a meaningful life in a new paradigm by taking personal responsibility. In 1978, St.Clair studied political sciences. In 1983 he served as intel officer to a Swiss general. He was in touch with renowned key figures in global diplomacy. General Alexander Haig & Ambassador Vernon Walters were his early mentors.

I-Magi-Nation & Aikido Mind

Our experienced approach applying Inner Seeing of "Aikido mind" where we explore together how to unlock creative imagination, as well as how to create innovative, practical and economic solutions that lead to break through ideas and new concepts which help us remain calm and balanced in a self-sustaining world. We see no limits to inner knowing. We share resources, readings, innovations, and show what kinds of exercises work to fine tune and hone into an imaginative & prosperous life style, free from the old restricting paradigm mindset.

I Ching - Book of Changes

We apply real world practical application based on philosophy of the I Ching - Book of Changes. These subtle revelations are reviewed and strengthened through applied Astrological understanding. I Ching readings (usually one question) reveal the working of the deeper psyche and their effects on the physical world we inhabit and interact with. Both the I Ching and Astrology can throw a light on hidden elements affecting our lives in unseen ways.

Exit Strategies & Communities

Exit strategy we are often asked to advise on is A person in balance with his / her community becomes an asset to society by exiting the old system and yet by benefiting the neighboring community locally and directly in any way you can. You do this genuinely to benefit the OTHER first. The key points here are simply; education, children, food, health, energy, resources, balanced and decentralized distribution.

Krishnamurti & Mantak Chia

We have studied and applied Jiddu Krishnamurti & have studied Master Mantak Chia's writings for many decades. We advise people to make use of the valuable teachings they share with the world. We use as premise the statement; "You have to find out for yourself. Only an empty mind can see clearly." At best we can give you the keys to your own ignition. Truth is a pathless land - this simple knowing is what guides us. We highly suggest you study / apply the wisdom of the Masters. Be like water my friend!

Guidance & Inner Seeing

Our ability to stay in balance and see clearly from within while staying calm, is as important as the capacity to see events ahead. The change comes from within. We are able to show clients how to make use of this inner seeing ability on their own for themselves. We can give guidance as to how best to enact necessary changes. Inner Seeing guidance is a balance of the inner and outer worlds. We help clients access their own guidance, also showing and using tools, such as runes, the I Ching, astrology, and more.