Space based economy & energy, black budget – overall shift in attention to new memes ahead: St.Clair on Trump / Putin, gold, markets, dark Tarot, ET issues, and the unknown – in 6 part mini clip series.

Collective consciousness is improving. Major challenges…

“The moving finger writes & having written moves ON!” In this video commentary, St.Clair suggests that we will see more of the changing paradigm influencing the World. Astrologically the worst is behind us.

People allover the place show an interest in things no one can usually speak about professionally in open “polit correct” society. St.Clair predicts by 2025 a fundamentally new social science. New space based applied tech for research insiders. More leaks in highly compartmentalized data info yet to come. Cover-up etc. On the whole TRUTH seeps out…

Neptune’s position and alignments by other planets to it mirror sheer confusion well into 2017. Upside… Saturn brings clarity – see how Putin explains the world view as seen from someone at the switches but not beholden to the Western world.

As to those who peddle fiction memes, “the crash, the crash” . . the phased collapse “planned implosion” is a gradual process in the works since 2001. 2020 is the realistic target date for the end game. Re-Set!

Between 2016 to 2020 a new energy will affect Europe and the World moving beyond the geopolitics of the last few years into a necessary planetary paradigm change. By the March Equinox 2020 we will see a reset where we will go into a whole new different existence. The influence of change can be felt in the World right now.


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The tide is turning and in terms of planetary alignments the worst is now behind us.” Shifting planetary energies will create challenges to human psychic developments. People need to sharpen their perception skills as we move through shifting dimensions.

Humans will have to adapt to these energetic changes over the next 50-60 years. This could mean unusual PSYCHiC dimensional and / or 3D physical Earth Changes / and inner shifts, all creating a need for what St.Clair calls:

Intelligent Survival. New sciences, new tech / energy and new medicine to come very soon is obvious. 2025-2029 exceptionally positive Uranus-Pluto alignments. Better communications available ahead.

By 2020 everybody will have to in some respect be aware of what people like Catherine Austin-Fitts (“Mr. Global / Break-Away Civilization Black Budget”) are talking about – including the extra-terrestrial question and why the human black hole exists.

This information – by 2020 – will not be pie-in-the-sky … but will be an essential part of understanding human presence and human developments on this Planet – well into the distant future. What you make of “social media” / human mind control paradigm shifts in all this?


Next: St.Clair identifies gold price suppression in Euro

St.Clair says: “Fed have no strategy, no plan, no way out! Behind the 8th Ball.” He suggests the USD price of gold is irrelevant as the artificial suppression of the gold price follows the exchange rate in Euro maintaining a once ounce price of around one thousand Euro over the last two years.
— special gold consulting web http://stclairgold.com

Additionally gold’s rise will relate to changes in balancing economies beginning in 2017 and continuing into 2020. One has to do one’s own research to understand the Big Picture!

The gold price is not an “Island” on its own living outside of the rest of society and World economies. The value of gold is also related to hidden events and deceptive human activities such as: black budget and non-disclosed Secret Space Program – research Dark Journalist: Secret Space Program 2015.


St.Clair discusses the potential future Presidential election of Snowden around due to the changes in Astrological alignments in 2036/7 – but today Trump is looking serious. St.Clair comments that Trump does not care about the system, he is not from the system. Trump will be at the Oval Office as the Sun enters Aquarius in 2017…

Trump & Putin working together in the future would be the de-escalation of events based on Astrology that St.Clair has been talking about. Libra Putin has helped put the world back in to balance.

Putin Western bad example healthy alternative

In an exclusive frank Putin / “Bild” interview – January 2016 in 2 parts,
Putin explains candidly HOW THE WORLD REALLY WORKS . . . Read it!


How to build time portals with break-away civilization techno toys?
– The business of the break-away civilization and how to exploit it for pleasure and profit.
– by clif high, December 28, 2015
With respect, i am assuming that any reader of these words is familiar with the concept and context of the break-away civilization. However familiar you may be with the break-away civilization as an outsider, you may not have considered just what the business of the break-away civilization really is, and what it can do to enhance your life and future.
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