The Sage of Florence lived two PLUTO cycles 500 yrs ago & his teachings remain timeless & as realistic as Krishnamurti‘s except they seem rough on the edges. Machiavel knew that “Rule of Law” was simply a ruler’s method to out-law anyone he didn’t like.

He taught all this to beginners. He lived a frugal if not Spartan life, like T E Lawrence – ‘Radiant Zones’ self-sufficient style – in nice small estate in Northern Italian vineyards. Taurus born feet on ground guy. Pragmatic.

Diplomats, navigators, sages & powerful princes came to see him for guidance in secret ~ to discuss their time-limited plans with him, which must have made him very pensive anyway… you know like say Charlie Chaplin would go legally “copy” some ideas from Jiddu Krishnamurti. You can call it Machiavel’s caravan trail, all powerful people cruised by his place.

He didn’t mind.. this is all part of the ET edu.. program.

“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” ~ Niccolo Machiavelli

The Greeks had beautiful ideas. Plato Socrates Aristotle Asklepios etc. But in parliament the Greek senators beat each other up in real life. It was pretty barbaric stuff in day to day Greece. Architecture notwithstanding. The Romans then went some more notches down hill.

The nice guys of the ‘Enlightenment Age’ – [da Vinci] – were not actually prepared to do what it takes to manifest their visions into ‘3D’ social business models, while Venice was ruthlessly playing everyone against the middle who entertained “nice thoughts”.

Machiavel was a slick political operator. Imagine Roger Stone 16th Century.

“We are all ultimately the sum of what we achieve, not what we intend. If we care about wisdom, kindness, seriousness and virtue, but only ever act wisely, kindly, seriously and virtuously, we will get nowhere. We need to learn lessons from an unexpected source: those we temperamentally most despise. They have the most to teach us about how to bring about the reality we yearn for – but that they are fighting against.

We need weapons of similar grade steel to theirs. Ultimately, we should care more about being effective than simply nobly intentioned. It is not enough to dream well: the true measure is what we achieve.

The point is to change the world for the better, not reside in the quiet comfort of good intentions and a warm heart. All this Machiavel knew well. He disturbs us for good reason; because he probes us where we are at our most self-serving. We tell ourselves we didn’t get there because we are a little too pure, good and kind. Machiavel informs us we are stuck because we have been too short-sighted to learn from those who really know: our enemies.”

(Does above sound like Trump or Norman Vincent Peale? Well yes, they studied him also. I don’t know anyone half way smart who did not study Machiavel as a teenager.)

Born 3 May 1469 – 21 June 1527, Machiavel was an Italian (Florentine) diplomat, politician, historian, philosopher, humanist, and writer of the Renaissance period. Futurist. Dean of “modern political science” – advanced thinker. And yet… ‘nothing new under the sun‘ ~ Ecclesiastes.

The political philosophy / sociological knowing level has not changed by 1 iota in 2 Pluto cycles – it actually improved slightly from Greek depraved levels… and then nose dived after 1500… and all this had master Krishnamurti very worried not that he cared too much; and his eternal student Bruce Lee summed it all up:

~ “E M P T Y * Y O U R * M i N D

Be Like Water ~ My Friend!” ~


St.Clair reads a short KARMiC passage from:
Krishnamurti’s Notebook by Jiddu Krishnamurti
~ in Florence, October 13 1961 ~

When time and its measure cease then only is there the whole the unknowable.
Krishnamurti & Machiavelli were both Taurus (born in May) 430 years apart
both of them radically questioned the system calling for radical change.

[Book speaks for itself, a gift from Sheila Lama]


What we have seen so far is that we have visionary / futurists who see great ideas that will work, even how to do it, and they are filled with ideals and positivity. They just don’t know what the enmity of their project will look like.

This is where Machiavel the realist comes in with sharp & uneasy advice, you need see him like say an intellectual “Colonel Kurtz” special forces type who will ask you how you intend to drive your “ideal” and beautiful project through the walls of the “rulers” of the day?

If I could talk to Machiavel, like Frank de Marco can talk to JFK.. past life stuff.. I would ask Machiavel: “Dude, what in the world went wrong?” He would probably tell me to study Krishnamurti and re-read THE PRiNCE very carefully!

Niccolo Machiavelli for ‘absolute beginners’
~ means understanding free PDF aka – The Prince

Beyond deep study – short film clip for adults.
Machiavel advising “Nice Guys” in how to grow up.

(Dr Heath King pointed us to this video & text resource.)

Same, in printed words: Machiavel Advice For Nice Guys

Astrology 2018-2020
Rule of Law / Sagittarius Jupiter colliding with Jungle Law notions. Capricorn Saturn is the great manifesting agent, tries uphold timeless “principles” – and Pluto transforms them into nothingness. It will pass through the eye of the needle – or not. All this process is something very few can understand, it doesn’t seem on the face of it to make any sense, but as the Nordics say in joking jest… “trust The Plan man!”

USA 1776 chart shows Pluto 2nd house syphoning off internal resources into black holes – opposing retro Mercury in Cancer 8th house. Pluto is now coming back around the final corner 28 CAP to terminate it all. You know what all this means?

You can’t trust anything they say.

Alexander Haig (for it is worth) told me once after we had enough drinks that we should never take any thing too seriously that the USA tells the world, he knew it is just some joke, and he also questioned the style. I said “Say that again, Sir!?” – and he did, he said it is a very.. very poor show. But they get by with it. 240 years..

Many shifty allies Gemini / 7th house descending… Mercury retro Cancer… symbolizes NSA CIA etc. But see.. 240 yrs ahead inscribed in its chart, imagine that? “USA Corp.” is always / or soon bankrupt, while USA ~ “we the people” ~ stand a chance perhaps, if awareness switch if flipped ON soon enough ~ before 2020.

Awareness switch ? ~ [study my 120 film clips 2008-2018]

Now enters Martial Arts expert, legend & sage Bruce Lee – discussing some of Krishnamurti’s Teachings & how he applied them.. Inspiring powerful film clip montage like only these two would have been capable of producing ~ while not even alive to do so.

You should stop the video just to really analyze Bruce Lee’s Library.


Imagine Krishnamurti, Bruce Lee, Machiavel & Tesla in some retreat at some space station.. discussing reality now… These Canopus in Argos agents simply recorded the ‘archives’ – while active here. The unique life feature they all had in common is the deep realization

~ They Lived In What Is ~ (not a make belief world)

Guess what. They all were killed. Tesla, Machiavel, the K, and Bruce Lee – poisoned. Strange no? Is the end the beginning?
~ of Futurists & Seers ~ St.Clair’s Black Moleskine.

Imagine now

Looking at 2024-26 SATURN’s “realo”~teachings: Hitting NEPTUNE’s spiritual smoke & mirror zones, thats like a solid oil tanker disappearing in Bermuda Triangle… what you think keeps the upper hand in this planetary encounter? Neptune or Saturn? “The Rule” is that the OUTER planet NEPTUNE holds sway & Saturn has to squeeze itself into THAT surreality of ideas & concepts & imaginations and make manifest some of it.

Chiron has just passed 2018 the cusp zone Pisces Aries where Saturn & Neptune are headed later. Chiron gives us a preview of the tasks ahead. New medicine, transport energy tech, communications, self-determination, new everything. No more 2nd hand copies.

* { “Fifteen was approached by the Greys in his role at the ACIO, and they desired to provide a full-scale technology transfer program, but Fifteen turned them down. He had already established a TTP with the Corteum, and felt that the Greys were too fractured organizationally to make good on their promises. Furthermore, the Corteum technology was superior in most regards to the Greys ~ with the possible exception of the Greys’ memory implant and their genetic hybridization technologies.” ~ Dr Anderson WingMakers }

— There was “WingMakers” original, “Q” original, “John Titor” original, “QRC2137” ~ very few originals, like Krishnamurti, Tesla, Bruce Lee, Dali, and then many many fakes thereafter, you get used to 2nd hand humans soon —

[ * Dr G Heath King, leading futurist & author of “Inside The Mind of World Leaders — DaVinci Peace Plan [2018] — reminded me that Machiavel would laugh at Venetian type globalist “int’l rules of [trading] laws.”

The Laws are ROMAN originally & designed to subdue / abuse traders.

Take as example the Versailles Treaty [Sea Law] ‘VERTRAG’ 1919 that runs out 99 yrs later as in NOW. Germany looks stupid if that treaty is applied. Merkel needs to study secret laws. Putin quotes them “laws” when it suits him, but Putin also applies Machiavel when he has to. Now Trump joined the club of the Machiavellian poker players. It will be fun.. OK.. you see it was maybe not a good idea for the German Kaiser Reich to treat Trump’s ancestors so very poorly. Caste Karma is one hell of as boomerang!]

* Prof Andrej Fursov, Moscow university historian, expert on Stalin secret archives, sociologist, futurist also & aware observer of reality, stated while back that in his computations there is NO state of “Israel” on any future map. It’s gone. Just saying.

The Truth You Speak
Has No Past & No Future
It is,
and that’s all it needs to be.

~ Richard Bach [“Illusions”]

History/Astro Pattern~Analysis \
Pluto was in Capricorn in the following years C.E.:

Thanks to the teaching of the Apostles Christianity is spread all around the Mediterranean.

In the West, the emperor Diocletian tries to restore the Roman Empire emphasizing its pagan character. In the East, Constantine establishes Byzantium.

The first competitions between the Bishops of Rome, Istanbul and Alexandria appear.

Charlemagne unites central Europe in the spirit of Catholicism. Around this same time, in the East the Muslim Abbasid kingdom (Damascus) is founded and in India Sankara reforms Hinduism.

The Crusades. In the East, Mahmud of Ghazni consolidated the Sultanate of Afghanistan, rivaling in splendor the kingdom of Baghdad.

The last Crusade. In Egypt, Mamluk Turks take control of the country. The Ottomans invade India and establish the Delhi Sultanate. In China, the Emperor Kublai Khan declares Buddhism as the official religion of the country.

In South America, Cortez and Pizarro ruin the kingdoms of the Incas and Aztecs. In Europe, the Reformation manifests. Vienna is besieged by Turks who rushed from all parts of the world to participate in a religious war. In Persia, there is conflict of Safavid dynasty (Shiite Muslims) with the Sunni Ottomans. Machiavel publishes “The Prince”

The successful outcome of the first Russian-Turkish War (1768-1774) establishes the Russians as protectors of the Christian populations around the Mediterranean. 1776 USA declaration of independence.

2008-2024 ? ? ?

LIGHT-SEEDS by Michael St.Clair OUT by 11.11.2009
[Templar’s 700 years commemoration]
……………………………………………………………………. ? is the rest of the test written yet?