St.Clair Advises Clients ...who are interested in owning gold – with an emphasis on buying / selling gold & silver in the appropriate locations. Observing his highly accurate precious metals predictions and warnings against holding paper certificates, many clients have become aware that now is an opportune time to buy; they consult with St.Clair on location issues, from Singapore to Hong Kong.

St.Clair does NOT buy nor store precious metals for clients. He advises them how to do it by themselves, since he teaches that we all must learn how to be our own central bankers. St.Clair has good relations with those few professionals who have the adequate secure logistics to store precious metals. St.Clair provides specific and confidential gold advisory services.

NewMind Technologies is an advanced global consulting practice to help clients enact meaningful solutions to fast approaching social change.

Gold is the easiest of all metals to work, as it occurs in a virtually pure and readily workable state. Gold is alchemy. Gold is described as an element whose atomic number is [AU] 79.

Gold does not corrode or rust. The metal is so malleable that it can be hammered into paper-fine sheets through which light can pass. It is widely used in many applications, from jewelry to electronics as it is a good conductor of electricity.

  • St.Clair has been an adviser to the gold community since 2002
  • when he predicted how the gold price would behave until 2020
  • St.Clair is connected to the handful of few leading gold experts


Gold chart

"The desire of gold is not for gold.
It is for the means of freedom and benefit."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson