When a two year old psychic boy born on JFK’s birthday (Gemini) starts playing glass bead games with a NORDIC ASSET Legend on Earth, it gets extremely interesting for the adults watching the show proceed in silence – awed, stunned – game a little guy invented.

The Nordics tell me – subtly – watch:

“This is Your Sign!”

Hermann Hesse, as you know, crafted the most amazing novel ever written.

His book The Glass Bead Game – Magister Ludi is supposed to surpass wisdom itself, and it does at times, while at times it falls flat on its face. I read it when I was 12 years old. In original German. Hesse lived in Switzerland while I also lived there. Now you grasp why after reading that book I would never take any teacher seriously… 😉

[[In Joseph Knecht’s (Joe Slave’s) holographic ‘translation’ attempt:

. . . ‘For although in a certain sense and for light-minded persons non-existent things can be more easily and irresponsibly represented in words than existing things, for the serious and conscientious historian it is just the reverse. Nothing is harder, yet nothing is more necessary, than to speak of certain things whose existence is neither demonstrable nor probable. The very fact that serious and conscientious men treat them as existing things brings them a step closer to existence and to the possibility of being born.’]]

Fast forward — Catalonia 2017. AutoCracy Take-Over Coup Attempt? .
The chess pieces advanced to their significant squares by now… BCN Checkmate.
I meet a construction genius type aged fifty plus who studies my RZ house architecture design ideas, which he likes, which need adaptations… and he brings along his little 2 year old boy when we meet to talk. We discuss serious things at times, and other times we just goof off, well, maybe not?

The builder is really more interested in my rare original French TinTin book collections [which I read aged Nine in 1968] than in my ideas of self sustained super clever energy housing / living life style. His favorite work is the fabulous UNICORN TiNTiN saga…

Eventually the little guy – Ian – deems me fit enough to play a real 3D game with him. That would be like a Gary Kasparov type deeming an Edward Snowden type to be good enough to play some NEW game with. You need 2 creative ORiGiNAL (not 2nd hand humans) players that do not know of rules. This would be a new dynamic game. That is how we will redo this planet.

As my friend, legendary “Dr Jason Knight” in Talisman Quest (Dr.GHK) says:
“Memories of Laing, Leary, Kerouac, Robert Lowell”

Actually – I boiled it down to these 4 — KT KT —
Krishnamurti – Tesla – Kubrick – Tolkien — The KTKT Quartett

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
– Jiddu Krishnamurti

The scene – a Catalan restaurant, “The Inn @ Bree”
Aragorn was invited by the Hobbits to join the table and play a game

A large rectangular table 8 feet long 3 feet wide, narrow.. and ten people around it. I happen to sit at one end. The kid sits in his high chair on the other end. The discussions are a bit shallow boring and he can see I am getting tired of talking to people about ETs aliens and stuff.

The kid, a super intelligent observing quiet dude, psychic obviously, pulls out a dozen glass beads from his pockets and lines them up, on his end of the table, you know like NK’s Kim Jung bing bong lines up fake nukes over Japan… and he starts sending one bead across the table to me…

Then I think what if this game means world dominions and i hit scalar button on Yellowstone. Can the kid read my mind also?

I catch his 1st bead, and send it back to him faster. He watched my technique. [Flip bead with middle finger.] He does same instantly. Gemini mimicry. The bead almost flies off the table. I catch it, by time i send it back to him, he sends me TWO more my way, I send them back, soon enough we have 12 beads going back and forth and sometimes we manage to hit each others’ beads in mid way, like a cruise missile taking the enemy’s missile out in mid flight.

We dont have RULES of LAW to this ‘silly’ yet creative game. Because we just invented it on the spot and play beads, and the games evolved. We dont care about a winner or loser. It is just to keep focused. It was a special – almost spiritual – moment of experience, ten minutes long, watched in awed silence by a focused group [of 7 adults] who applauded the kid and me, when we were done. They applauded. I told him:

“You the best glass bead game player — at age 2.”
I sure made him look like the winner — and he smiled. I made this kid smile.

When I was his age, 56 years ago, I also invented my own games with NO rules.

The sign? = New games with NO rules.

A piece of gratis “free” NORDiC Wisdom..

“The more you have to control stuff… the more stress – the less power you have. Lenin knew this well. Trust if GOOD. Control is BETTER? Right? No! Like you have to create a bigger & bigger control system to control your machine more & more — until one day the experiments BLOW UP in YOUR FACE!”

Nordics’ guidance teach that there is a dimension of reality beyond what technology can master or access – and yet TECH is a human / ET brain product.

The old brain “control/surveillance” system requires more * more resources [ Peeps.. money .. time .. spaces, etc. systems plus non-constitutional Gaaagles which need be antiTrust busted.]

Whereas a non interference game – non system – a la NORDiC style – is a LOT easier to run than heavy multi layered control systems, but that’s for the peeps on this planet to figure out on their own.. next 200 years.

The “controllers” (Reptilians / Greys) dont seem to be aware that the more they control the more it affects them! You have to be a 24/7 prison officer guard ok / organization and that takes energy and resources and more. Watch the TX floods a la Harvey now. It also wears on your nerves — like trying to deal with flood water and contain it ? You have to be joking right!?

Consciousness is like water — (be like water my friend, said Bruce Lee) — and over 2,000 years the Roman Empire failed in that one control game, even the Chinese could NOT contain their game. Atlantis gave up 26,000 years ago on this game. Only the Nordics still play the very new NON control games..

Is that not why the Soviet Union fell apart and became impossible to run ? Hey you.. Ask Putin. He told Oliver Stone all about it. His experience at KGB was not worth it, is why Putin resigned, and later took charge. Me too, my experience in the Swiss robot control system gave me the idea to leave EARTH — and now we have a technology with the Nordics to do just so.

St.Clair’s Nordic clip series

Michael St.Clair
copyright Sept 2017

On a humorous note…

Glass Bead Game
‘with’ / vs.
The Court of Owls