When a country / culture / civilization starts trying to rewrite its History – by taking down its Historic monuments, be it Buddha, Lenin, Mao, Robert Lee or Stonewall Jackson, then you know it is that time again, when a country falls apart. Even President Trump can only watch and comment on it. Who’s next, George Washington himself? There is a dark side to the orders he gave his generals in 1779.

Which America? – Which future? Falcon spirals down to ground… The one in which British / German & Dutch ‘founding fathers’ (fugitive criminals) killed the millions of Native American hosts they met (genocide, land resource grab – wars against mankind) — and then enslaved the Africans thereafter – (when they figured out the Natives were unsuited genetically as slaves?)

Or the fake “America” of the Pleiades agents / Nordics who gave the ‘humans’ from Europe this paper idea… the famous US Constitution principles / concepts — and which the Franklin / Madison / Washington / Monroe / Jefferson Masonic bros & dudes claim they made up on their own?
(Serious copyright theft right left there. Dishonest. Betrayal of Guidance of Mankind. Nothing more evil than that. Vile. Toast.)

Understand, the guys who signed the USA formation papers are the same who signed the genocide orders. Look, you need seriously get that super-above top secret world INTEL:LiGENCE fact through your head. And the paper they signed was given to them by advanced benevolent ETs.

Our Motto:

“More Human Than Human?” – Tyrrell / Rand Corp. & Gaagle

As super chameleon “Goblin King” – David Bowie stated…
This is Not America .” This is like BLACK Jack STAR’s Boomerang.

[Above version with Sterling Campbell foot kicking drummer of super fame.]

Jiddu Krishnamurti once explained to a private group of people that it is better not to be “awakened” and stay dumb in darkness, than to see the LIGHT switch GO ON, and then lose it all, ok. Seriously he said it is better not be ‘enlightened’ than lose the ephemeral so-called ‘ enlightenment ‘ – indeed… He said that experience would be the worst you could experience here. I think he knew, he was one of the “WingMakers” originally.

And we are experiencing it now 2017-2020. The light switch goes off…

Look at the US Founders’ behavior. These are the same previous ‘incarnations’ who enslaved the Celts, Irish, Scots, etc. They are the ROMANS re-incarnated, or ‘SHAMMAT’ in Fictional Shikasta by Doris LESSiNG. They end up badly.

These are the very same guys [‘gentlemen’] who SUPPOSEDLY wrote (then signed) the famous Bill of Rights & ^Declaration of Indep^ etc.. (independence of what?) etc.. These wiser papers from 1772-1777 and which they claim they invented them principles… they are the very same ones who ordered a systemic genocide; now how is that possible??

See super shocking quotes by George Washington / Jefferson / Madison & co.) – what to make of these guys? SubHumans – in 1779, Washington gave anti human orders to eliminate the tribes. See his orders to Sullivan! [in PLUTO Capricorn destructive cycle as is now on 2020.]\

So if you are DONALD J. TRUMP, or Michael St.Clair as an ET Envoy from the Nordics — or Sirians or Pleiaidians… what you make of it on a scale of 1 to 10, if you were a Judge on a War Crime against Mankind Tribunal Bench? it is an 11. OFF THE CHARTS.

And they keep doing it all over the planet, again and again. It is as LESSiNG or DUNE Dude Frank Herbert explained… The Spice Wars, Dresden, Darmstadt, Stalingrad, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Napalm, Iraq, Afghanistan’s opium, Libya – Syria, Yemen, Africa, and on and on… it never ends. It will never end. Unless something BiG stops it.

It is a Karmic war crime cycle — as fat as taking down planet Mars in those ancient alien wars some of us (like Boriska in Russia) took part in, and regretted later. Which the Sirians & Martians / Orions did. And of course – Mysterious Karmic Winds blow all around planet Earth still after Atlantis sank – with gale force of close to 9-11. 2020.

If I want to know stuff super secret… I send an essay like this 1 out in space. Like in 2015. Then I watch what Putin does. . . He watches, he observes, he does nothing, he waits them out . . and the Nordics told me “please do like Putin to be one of us!”

Some peoples (nations) will pay the Price / prize and very soon in collective alternate Karma — because some time some processes need be stopped cold. It smells like a Judgment of some kind is in the air now, when Jupiter crosses line of Spica fixed star to oppose Uranus – as Mars passes line of REGULUS fixed star. While Pluto still opposed Sirius fixed star, wreaking total havoc to systemic government structures world wide. Hope you pay attention to what else is going down…

It’s that time again, every 1000 years or so. It just goes upside down./

My American friends always ask me to tell them what I really feel or what the Nordics really tell me. I don’t like sharing this but I have to – my American friends are in very serious trouble now. I don’t see how it can end well.

The Nordics are aware of the fact, as well as instrumental in processing this knowing — that we helped explain why TRUMP was the correct last choice of America 2016. But this is NOT America.. And we also told many of the ‘available’ private advisors of Trump’s inner circles, that in truth America is Toast. I mean I told him in 1995. It’s over. He knows it too. I knew it too, then already.

Since 2015, we wrote multiple memos to Trump’s shifting inner circles since we still have a few alive aware friends around him… we said “HEAR ME on NO MORE WARS!” They said “Roger that.” Trump Tillerson are the only anti war guys left. Everyone else represents shady agendas. But Roger Stone says Bannon betrayed the USA Trump base. Well has Trump delivered? If he doesn’t deliver, there is no re-election, and possibly worse.

Honestly, I don’t know, but I like Roger Stone a lot, and who points out correctly that Trump is his own man, has his own ideas, doesn’t need any svengali, correct, that’s why we wanted him. Nevertheless, Bannon is one great guy who did a lot to point out where the dead bodies are buried. He was iced out, and you should all follow the Bannon trail to understand the hidden America better.

All Trump does now is an atonement operation process — an advanced human ‘intel’ exercise ‘in positive thinking‘ — very motivational – inspirational even if you watch him — and all this on behalf of many BiLLiONz of humanZ on this planet – as we asked he would please do.

If the dark ones remove the elected head of state from power unconstitutionally as is now in a rolling coup d’Etat, then Civil War is up next, planned for 2020 – Titor time line 2024 fake or not, I saw it also – and they know this. Trump is not responsible in any way personally for what has happened = nor for what will happen, he is OUT of the loop [clearance to leave Earth] — all he was assigned to do… was DO the only job to see this great thing through — to its bitter & predicted end — and that’s all.

2020-21 is touch down time. In any event 2021 is a new start, new faces 😉

Make America Great Again? \
I don’t feel so, very sorry. [It never was so great to start with.
\ Jiddu Krishnamurti taught that “The 1st step is the last step.”

[America was founded on a first step of massive genocide. So . . . ? ? ]

Watch The Nordic Knowing Series

. . . as David Bowie once stated about his beautiful work “Ashes To Ashes”:
‘It’s not worth understanding anyway…’

(Then lesser guys like Nirvana‘s boys copy his work “Man Who Sold The World”) – how cheap is that? “2nd hand humanz” is what The K called them.

APOCALYPSE NOW’s Martin Sheen – introducing David Bowie ‘ s
– in original – Man Who Sold The World
– (and himself out..)

It is now known at NSA that Human DNA is an alive technology.
NSA was tasked in 1952 to monitor decode control Alien traffic.

Expanding the “American Future” line of thought into a Western World Future discussion… we simply see the whole civilization now under threat of extinction. The Europeans are caving in. The reality stares everyone in the face – city by city, nation by nation. If the Western World does not want to defend itself, then that is the future, the end. Even if Trump & Putin are on good speaking terms, relations are @ their worst ever. And the Chinese “Sirians” take care of their stake in the pie…

This is not what we wanted, we wanted peace.
Krishnamurti says:
“Be & stay with what is. What you like or dislike is irrelevant!”

The question of whether or not there is a God or truth or reality, or whatever you like to call it, can never be answered by books, by priests, philosophers or saviours. Nobody and nothing can answer the question but you yourself and that is why you must know yourself. Immaturity lies only in total ignorance of self. To understand yourself is the beginning of wisdom.

– J. Krishnamurti

We apply these tenets to ‘artificial intel’ also.
We ask: ” How would “A I” understand the K’s teachings ? ”
He was from another star system. A land far far away..

‘Brains linked to computers will kill our inner freedom’
– The philosopher ‘Zizek’ to RT on biohacking & identity loss
Is there hope for mankind?

Overall, the philosopher argues that humankind has entered an era of technological domination. St.Clair calls the era “post human” in all.

“Biology as science is totally integrated into a project of technological domination, manipulation and so on. And this technological use is inscribed into how biology functions today… life itself becomes just a technological process,” Zizek said.

But there is still a deeper philosophic problem, which nowadays has growing practical implications, Zizek said. “Is our identity fully determined by DNA? Or are we are not just biological automats? Do we have some spiritual freedom and so on?”

“I think if we are just our DNA. If the interaction of our DNA with environment determines us completely, then yes we should worry. But in a way, we just discovered that we never were free. We were automats [machines] also now but we did not know it. Our freedom was an illusion… So are we automats which just can be controlled or is there hope for our freedom?”


is what the Nordics taught me when I was 12.

Michael St.Clair

[asked to describe how Nordics look like,
the closest I found is above photo montage, cat like –
and all i see is their faces in the time portals.

The women are bald heads, the guys are blond or dark hair, blue yellow eyes.
They all wear navy suits and a sort of receptor diamond or crystal pendant.
When I was little guy, the bald heads guided me. Later it got serious, suits.
– similar to the ones Dr Fred Bell did and my friend Daniel wore one also.]