October 2015 – Libra Putin evens out the score.


Putin gave the final address about War & Peace. Wise words and practical advice.

in comparison to 1 year ago: (7 min. compilation)

Prophetic & factual, as usual the Putin is, plus outspoken.

In these pages we discussed the realignment of systems, and the new push into a more balanced world. De-escalation is still holding good. As we predicted in our ForeSight 2020 book “Scorpio Moon Narratives Revealed” – the Atlanticists are starting their strategic retreat. Putin addressed the fear mongers stoically. We are engaging into a new reality.

Many challenges are still not met. Europe faces its final hour in 2016. Saudi Arabia faces Iran in the deserts. One day may dawn when the Royals will flee their palaces. Russia’s advanced (ET) weaponry gives a shield over a vast area now.

Next up? Migrations… Climate… Markets … Credit Freeze…
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The Astrology is good. Challenges are interesting.
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On the good news side, the Catalonia “Radiant Zone” has spoken –
President of Catalonia at Guardian UK. Will Madrid listen?

Given what Europe is about to endure if no sane solution intervenes divinely, some smart small nation zones such as Greece and Catalonia will do fairly well during the years of troubles ahead.

^ Planetary World Cycles ^
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The astrological configuration leads to grass roots type upheavals.
With Neptune, Nessus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, it will get surreal.