By 2045 Pluto-Uranus opposition (Nuclear-Scalar) we race into a face-off between new technology and deeper ET wisdom. Atlantis is alive still, as we will find out soon — just a level outside our primary consciousness field, yet available to draw on via science interface / third eye ability. Nessus / Neptune in Pisces. Ixion on Galactic Center, deep series of sociological secrets revealed – with consequences to change human awareness levels.

Art by ZenTzu / CrystalTor

“High above in the atmosphere, unseen by any human eyes, a large disk shaped craft tipped and pitched in stormy skies. Lightning flashed. There was no sign of life below them. There were no towns, no roads, no people and no lights. The craft swung violently as the pilots appeared to get it under control and then suddenly the disk plunged straight down into the side of the lake.”

Attention excludes nothing
“Attention is not the same thing as concentration. Concentration is exclusion;
attention, which is total awareness, excludes nothing.”
– J. Krishnamurti

Fantastic Realism” – term coined by Pauwels / Bergier – (search for our unknown origins) going on around 1910-1960 coincided with Dali’s Surrealism in Art. Magritte, Breton and “The Theosophists” with ring leaders Blavatsky / Bessant – minus “gone rogue” Krishnamurti – Doris Lessing & the Sufis, all laid the ground works for the super advanced secret societies.

First Contact! TimeTravel was being considered & taught.

Dali was introduced in Paris to that ultra secret set – incl. circles of Pauwels / Bergier Fulcanelli etc. and he studied atom physics. Dali was born in a Neptune – Uranus opposition, imagine! Krishnamurti & Dali share much in their horoscopes. We see all this in St.Clair’s Astro NOTE*BOOK – 1890-2050.


During my outlandish TimeTravel Tales – we visit fabled M O N T S E R R A T – (jagged mountain) – known by cognoscenti as the ET portal par excellence, where Ignatius of Loyola is said to have come up with his “Spiritual Exercises” – which some say he was given by some inner Earth Tibetan high Llamas whom he met on one of his esoteric excursions, after he laid down his sword, and devoted his life to the more explorative operations.

Loyola founded the Society of Jesus – The Jesuits. (Think “WingMakers” of 16th Century – Neptune Pluto Uranus cycle). Ignatius of Loyola — (special forces type military dude, who as a kid loved the stories of El Cid, Camelot & the Sufis) — a bit out there – and yet he was after the radical Islam forces whom he instinctively identified / knew were enemies of mankind – (NON HUMANz.)

There is an ancient conflict they all try clean up… Star system of Canopus / ARGOS / Cassiopeia / Sirius / Aldebaran / Pleiades / Seven Sisters / Mars / EARTH / Mesopotamia. Fertile Crescent / Sumerian survivors of holocausts, RADiO=ACTiVE fall out; OK look, it is a VERY long story, as I recount in NORDiC * ASSET here.

We step BEYOND it now! — You find in human history often that the most brilliant self taught military astro minds later become the most advanced way showers of their times in all things philosophical. In many spaces & times — Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, Club Med, China, and on to Russia (Ivan the T.) – their Khans and before them Atlantis… each time space has its 5 star Astro-General.

3 parties – in a circle
WEST / EAST / NON-Aligned

ALL star space Explorers studied strategy & astronomy; Ptolemy, and on.. all have to have military disciplined minds to explore the unknown. You have to be trusted to fly out of this space time. I met one of them who did… Capt. Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Antares commander.

Photo original 2016 copyright by ZenTzu

First you fly jets. Then space crafts. Then you manage space cities. I flew with the Nordics on their crafts as a kid. They don’t tolerate you go off in your mind doodling around; your mind has to be with the task.

In inter-connected time space, The Morning of The Magicians‘ author Jacques Bergier, his source – fabled alchemist Fulcanelli – and TinTin – meet St.Clair. (Fulcanelli did indeed meet J. Bergier in June 1937 in Paris — Giving much background.

Warning us all of Nuclear PLUTO Power — and other esoteric stuff not to stick our noses into. Uranus being Scalar Power – Hiroshima Nagasaki = nuclear / Fukushima scalar / nuclear = all blown up. Combined with Plutonic residue. Neptunian oil spills / chemical pollutions of the seven seas complete the photo finish of the apocalypse, and so OM.)

Ridley Scott – BladeRunner futurist view:

All these “utopian” or “dystopian” models of future societies are not real, but imagined. It is impossible to control a technological society steeped in reality. Krishnamurti always told us to consider that NOBODY is controlling YOU but yourself. While they may try a go at a Blade Runner society, it will fail & fall apart, just as Atlantis & its crazy magicians went down.

Indiana Jones – faced down by St.Clair’s Jesuit WingMakers’ Guards – The NordiX – while Heinrich Himmler SS sought for the Holy Tech Grail in this time area, and was shown the doorway… To Antarctica…

Mysterious Montserrat Monastery “installation complex” =

in Catalonia – Soon Sovereign Nation – like a guard-tower range overseeing Barcelona – BCN, free city state of the future Club Med. May become home to Israel’s outcast elites, the new Hong Kong, we may have to become brothers sisters and cooperate, OK! Catalonia – the secret new “Venitians” of the 21st Century. There is HIGH LEVEL Protection over CLUB MED – Empuryon!

Others say that Sochi will be a mega area also for the creative people.

When the Venice made Masks go down…
Our human bi-polarity is a big issue.

Look.. really anything in these FANTASTiC SURREALiSM multi-media presentation series – by St.Clair is thinkable, imaginable, and who is to know where or how Loyola picked up his illuminations? All that matters is he shook things up pretty good. Yet, this is where we meet the Nazis also and their never ending quest for their surreal “Vril” ancestry…

DEEP ASTRO sees Pluto now in opposition to Wisdom Fixed Star Sirius.

Hawk’s eye view of the portal star gate –
MONTSERRAT – where UFOs fly in & out 24/7.

— impressive impenetrable fortress design miracle —

C a t a l u n y a .
Cat-Land. Cathar, catharsis, cata (down) – cata (against) / -lunya = empty moon? Virgin Land. Empty land. Down land? Seed point / tech / star portal to many civilizations since the pre-historic dolmen time machine installations all the way to the Neolithic peoples, animals painted on caves in the Pyrenees New Fire. [Pyris]Neos. Nessus Neptune – The Phoenicians (the purple ones) – the Greeks, Cabalists and Cathars whom they hosted when times got tough on them.

Catalonia selflessly welcomed all fugitives of all times.

Salvador Dali – the ultimate esotericist thinker scientist artist / explorer of the mind scape – painted / pointed out what he saw on the hyper-dimensional Catalan Horizon. His Horoscope is in my top ten series. Salvador Dali

Mediterranean Blue b l u e Eklectric Blue/

1940 / 2020 Reality gone fractal. Atomic. Sub/atomic.

You notice the “magic installation” in Montserrat with its “Black Isis” madonna & child — resembles Helm’s Deep — a Nazi Thule Vril style fortress of much later years… and you never know if Loyola didn’t come out the other end in — Antarctica — for all we know with teachings from HyperBorea.

When you look up @ night, you will find ET disclosure is a done deal. Takes place 24.7 allover the globe to those with eyes in the head and telescopes attached to it.. In the wake of all this we will have to replace all the “FAKE” disciplines we were taught fake-ness in. All is fake. All needs replaced.

Fake / new cosmology, history, news, science, maths, physics, metaphysics, medicine, energy, even humans. all fakes now. need to be replaced to new concepts steeped in reality.

What has David Bowie got to do
with GnostiX Laughing Magic?

— “be even cooler and scare Jimmy Page” —

David Bowie Blackstar Pentagramm occult gnosis gnostic

2020 / 2050 / 2080 Astrology – by St.Clair Ahead . . . speaks to us about a new social science, renewed structures / a new sociological model of realizing we as a species face the same enemy, earth changes and the challenge to leave Earth. The Age of Aquarius propels us into a pure techno society (Canopus WingMakers Sirian) – leaderless / faceless / nameless / selfless / Anonymous – and capable to spread the technology around so as leave Earth in 200-400 years.

The Age of Knowing (after thousands of years of BELiEF systems) is founded on the findings by our ET precursors — Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Fred Bell, Col. Bearden & Bedini, Russel Targ, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Dr. Ed Mitchell, Dr. Michio Kaku, and many more…

Friends we have reached a moment of crisis/
The enemy have discovered our operation/
They no longer control the ship – we do/
So, back to your stations
– maintain your controls!

The old war economy model (deep space / black budget) of thousands of years of failed break-away civilizations – since the Age of Leo / Sphinx is coming unglued with Pluto & Ixion in Capricorn by 2020, and over time, into 2045, we move into a joint / mutual / shared prosperity — based on a Meritocracy Movement (a la Greek Plato) taking place over the next generation/s.

PLUTO in Pisces
Last 1797-1823,
next 2044-2068.

The enslavement / economic entrapment / war model of old is replaced at some point by a Galactic Federation type cooperation model. Peace being more than just the absence of armed hostilities. Meanwhile be aware we do need to take out “Shammat” (fictional Lessing) or “ISIS” or whatever… there s something that hates mankind, It lives among us humans, and we need to spot it * take it out!

The “thing” (force) that hates mankind is very old & ancient, and because it is jealous of this new adventure — profoundly pissed off that we outgunned it. Mankind is a relatively YOUNG new experiment in Cosmos, yet not gone totally beyond the 8-inter-dimensional Eight 8th ball, and there is a chance still to escape the aliens.

Settle some new “Admin Colonies” in outer dimensions.

Can White win this end game — (solution with NO problem)
— which Marcel Duchamp taught Salvador Dali?

The LaoTzu / SunTzu state of affairs in 21st Century observation is necessary to reach escape velo-city! Not only the guys knew things.

HIGHLY Educated super women – like Helena Blavatsky and Doris Lessing have shown the way ahead, and it is only a matter of time, how many humans will get their heads into these findings and move on inspired / enlightened / illuminated / freed . . .

TimeTravel Tales — Ancient * Futures
— with provocative “NewMind St.Clair Nordic”

Salvador Dali

– Inventing / imagining (designing) his own last supper Party architecture,
he was never lost for ideas that someone could perhaps use some day some time!


“If you need something to worship,
then worship life – all life,
every last crawling bit of it!
We’re all in this beauty together!”

― Frank Herbert,
DUNE Messiah

Astro – Question: Will Pope F1 end the Church?

* Foot notes.

Alchemist Fulcanelli met author J. Bergier

Kerry Cassidy, Chillon Castle Biblioteca Pleyades / profecia – with St.Clair / 2006.

* Atlantis Oracle Memes Continuum Blog – prophetix – by St.Clair

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