Are we grown up enough now to embrace the unknown, can we face ourselves in the mirror of our ET friends & alien foes? This is the BIGGEST relevant question mankind faces really: it has been on the table for a while. For this – you have to know yourself first.


In 1961, on a cold January night – as he was handing his baton to the young brilliant JFK – US President Eisenhower referred to a “Complex” in his Cryptic FareWell address to THE WORLD. Eisenhower was not only addressing America, as he really knew and understood what he was talking about.

The bizarre “Complex” Eisenhower referred to the … military industrial … is way vaster deeper darker and more all encompassing than he could explain in few minutes as he said good bye to America and Good Luck to JFK… (who kept contact with Eisenhower as his secret advisor over the few years he had to live before the bullets took him out.)

It was claimed that Eisenhower had visited some of the Complex first hand but was told not to say ONE WORD to protect National Security, and we can imagine only today that he was brought in to see who the REAL bosses are.

In his address Eisenhower was alluding to an ALiEN GREY techno transfer / black budget juggernaut that had started by 1947 in earnest at the very latest, more likely already in 1937 as was claimed to have taken place with the Germans at that time.

Eisenhower’s address was a coded message to all insiders.

Often in my life I had the strange fortune to be at the right place in the right time to meet the right faces… (Generals Alexander Haig & Vernon Walters, etc.) and I came to understand how the world REALLY works… Where I was taught what human’s today believe is real… is an illusion, at best.

Later in life, by 2001 and before 9/11, NASA pilot Dr Ed Mitchell of Apollo 14 fame confirmed to me in private over a dinner at our mutual friends’ house, that, yes the Greys run the USA show from the background, and he said: Get used to it buddy!

Many of his colleagues (NASA pilots astronauts ground control commanders etc.) had interacted with the Greys here on this planet, or up on the dark side of the moon and also in space on THEiR crafts. How you think they flew to the moon in 1969 with only tin can technologies?



The Complex has embraced the whole planet to some degree as it has spread like a cancer on the Earth. 200 years in the making. They are in Europe, all over North and South America… There are also vast pockets we are told that are not controlled by The Grey / Reptilian Complex.

Watch this 6 min. penetrating new video with the masterful authentic Whitley Strieber who now looks like a transformed man, a statesman-like Emissary of his “friends” at age 71, who is a Gemini. I followed his work for two decades. He is a true master.

Reconsider for a moment.

1957 / 2016

Ten minutes radar-free /
in exchange for the 1 & only message?
“Ten minutes can be an eternity among star travelers!”


“What do YOU offer — big dude?”

= “A new world, if you can take it, buddy!” =


Well, are you going to take it? I am.

You need to study and learn. Go further. Start some place! This is about inter-species contact really. Imagine your house cats and YOU, ok? Clear! You serve THEM! and now imagine you and the BIG CATS out there. See the difference.

Dr Fred Bell has written fantastic works. Why don’t you learn?
Read this here Fred Bell on his Awesome Journey, Rays of Truth / Crystals of Light
He was a Pleiadian envoy…. and dies after speaking to Jesse Ventura. I was blessed to know a man who helped him a lot, and who learned a lot from him….

Why don’t you change?
Because you are scared to be a real human? Of who you really are?
An Original perhaps..
Scared of your power?


There is also the huge issue of

Targeted Individuals

we need to address now. You know.. Those in The Know of what is REALLY real, and fake!? What’s up with all that?

Why can’t they leave us alone, we leave them alone ok! Did I not leave them alone as Dr Ed Mitchell asked me? That was the tacit agreement, but they broke it. I still have the protection the astronaut knew I had. We activated it and now we are going to hit them back HARD.

Why are we, some of us, I am, targeted individuals? Born slightly differently Half human / ET?

Me — because I predict Trump President — and more?

Or due more likely to the groundbreaking Nordic work LIGHT-SEEDS the book I wrote a decade ago.. yes it made its subcultural rounds from Hollywood to The Kremlin… sure it has been a very rigorous interesting long journey since. At least I know we have a few friends on this planet by now. My book and I made friends with some interesting people…


I have been there too, like Strieber, you know, however I was / and still am with the Nordics – as you know if you had read the book by The Master of The Light. They transcend wisdom, and are stern, do not care what I “think” or do, they measure me by my actions however, and, though they can see my sorrows and thoughts… they give me some times some smart ideas. Maybe those were my own ideas? Not sure at times.

Let me say this now. The Nordics are really advanced dudes – they master time travel and all of it. They don’t interfere in Galactic Federation issues, that hierarchic stuff is like kindergarten to them..

The Greys are completely degenerated soulless retards, not accpted by any of the advanced races, outlawed, sent down here to this planet to get lost. You see all they know is nuclear energy. Cloning Clinton, that sort of stupidity. ok! The Greys would be like an ant hill compared to a Nordic Pharaoh. Or like the apes in Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey.

The Sentinel by ACC (Clarke) was surely Nordic by design…

Well, and yet.. The Nordics also told me what the “visitors” told Strieber:

“Do not wait for stuff to happen, ask for it to happen!
Why don’t you engage more? Why don’t you change?
Make this change of worldview / attitude happen!”

I may do so more often… It is not a world view issue really, people like to externalize their stuff. It is an issue of changing OURSELVES. Myself, yourself. People talk about their views, liberal, conservative, whatever nonsensical view. You think the ETs give a damn?

Be aware that Putin’s People also have ET guidance, possibly also Nordic in style, Galactic Fed etc.. only theirs is 300 years ahead. Have you noticed at all that Putin and his guys look younger as they get older and do more and more advanced things? If Putin would not be around, be sure he has about 15 more dangerous guys to replace him. He is actually the peaceful Nordic one among them dudes.

Watch Catherine Austin-Fitts explain the REAL economy situation of the whole ALIEN reality, and where how the trillions disappear, and the entire discussion around all the secret space program which is totally REAL. Off world culture? You bet! Look.. you have to understand some of this or else you have no clue.

The Western alien take-over situation is not to its advantage at all. They hid it well and dis-informed everyone completely. Shikasta’s “Shammat”! China & Russia & India work on warp drives / new physics and hyper stuff of free energy, while the USA and EU have no infrastructure worthy of the 21st Century.. and risk being blown apart with a nuclear Yellowstone type “situation” (you know a la Fukushima) if they keep listening to the Greys and their sirene songs of more advanced toys.

We have an issue on this planet.

They aliens & ETs are ALL among us and everywhere at all sociological levels and across full spectrum. Bad guys & good dudes both.. They interact in all areas of life with very many of us, not only at secret government levels.

There are highly advanced doctors I met in person who pretend to be humble servants, and who interact with Higher Intel, as well as there are genial new teachers aged 25ish who are being taught the next steps, etc. The Nordics taught me astrology of the REAL kind. I mean AstroPhysics and which star system is home to which crew of which race. There are a lot of races out there you bet.

The Unknown is HERE NOW. Has always been.

We have to face it down together, all of us. We need to first be clear about WHO we actually ARE as a species and individuals also. Are we degenerated retards or are we awesome? This is something we need to figure out. Yes.. and when we are OK with what we decide, then we can formulate a collective response. At least we can open an intelligent dialogue.

When you are face to face with the UNKNOWN, as a person, you must have a response ready. Think about it! OK lets do that, thinking together! The ETs have given us “ALL THE TiME in THE WORLD” to make up our intelligent minds….

Here you witness how I address pieces and bits of it with friends

Here I explain The Future
(via personal recollection)

The point is this…
You have to ask for the dialogue, and respond intelligently!
Otherwise they won’t answer you back, it is really up to you!

Be clear you grasp that Shikasta is NOT fiction. It is Cosmology.. Personally, this one here — Sirian Experiments — is my favorite, when I first read it, I knew that I had seen the whole movie before and it is very very real. You just take it easy, and get accustomed to the idea that we are not alone and not as stupid as we think we are.

We are really greater and far more advanced beings than we give ourselves credit. Over the next say 500 years, Neptune Uranus Pluto cycles, this planet will endure extreme changes, and yet produce a way more advanced civilization and which will one day go INTER/Stellar etc.

That’s the whole point, right? What’s the point in being in this kindergarten planet? None. Except report back from our adventures to the big dudes when we get back to their star systems..

It is within OUR genetics to travel VERY far.
Not so sure how many will follow us there..
It is meant to be. I’ ll be there !!

Michael St.Clair


FOOT NOTE – There are those who ask me:
“What has any of the above got to do with anything real?”
Well.. see
Assange UFO/ETs Clinton emails and smile ūüėČ
It’s the economy Stupid! ((You should really read this carefully. it s no longer woowoo. it shows up in Clinton’s emails now also. . and so it is REAL.. or THEY would not have needed to know about it.))

The general described in above link..

Maj. Gen. William N. McCasland is the Commander, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. He is responsible for managing the Air Force’s $2.2 billion science and technology program as well as additional customer funded research and development of $2.2 billion. He is also responsible for a global workforce of approximately 10,800 people in the laboratory’s component technology directorates, 711th Human Performance Wing and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

HUMAN performance wing? as opposed to . . NON human or Alien wing?? OK – he sounds like the “15” character of Famed WingMakers, doesn’t he a bit, or maybe he is rather “15’s” chief of staff. He exists and has a name and a face. Let us ask him who he interfaces with form the ET side.

Look, they do what they do, and will do it and no one will stop them, unless we talk to them intelligently.. and the new US President needs to get on top of it all and ask for full transparency in all this. I hope he has the nerve it takes/

When you meet a real ET in person, you better be ready to handle it.

Personally, I, Michael St.Clair, I don’t mind we work with ETs, I have done it myself, can teach the few who can take it in how to do it.. actually I know it would be best if we all do cooperate. The question is which guys are worthy of us? Polarity.

OK but I would prefer we let everyone know that we try this..
and not leave “folks behind” who then say why did you not ask us?

P.S.: 16 years ago i saw this. Start here if you like: ACIO – original Anderson interviews etc. — NO fiction.

Watch some new footage


Continue e x p l o r e . .

Blow Your Mind Interview:
Nikola Tesla Hidden for 116 Years

Tesla said, ‚ÄúEverything is the light.‚ÄĚ In one of its rays is the fate of nations, each nation has its own ray in that great light source, which we see as the Sun. In this interview this greatest inventor and seer of modern time unravels a new vision of humanity which we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, have created a century later.

Part of this interview is dedicated to Tesla’s critics on Einstein’s theory of relativity that discards the ether as energy. I have proved in the new Theory of the Universal Law why Einstein’s theory of relativity is entirely wrong and why there is no vacuum (void), and that everything is energy.


Study this 7 page PDF by Dr. G Heath King. Ph.D.
on Decoding The Phenomenon of Light


This instruction from a source in Russia.