Salvador Dali’s
Universal Tarot Consultation
~ 2018 [11] Deep Game ~ by St.Clair


1. Estrella
2. Emperor
3. The World

The 2018 reading ~ “It’s all good there.”
~ by St.Clair

Sometimes best not to make predictions.”

Michael St.Clair

THE WORLD / THE STAR / the lock to the home star

…’and the game never ends when your whole world depends…
on the turn of a friendly card…’ ~ Mr. Alan Parsons

Timeless Capricorn Saturn = 2018-2020

Manifests into form, 3D, climate change. Long term resourceful projects. Transformation of structures, institutions & governments – Restrictive environment. Economy back to reality basics. Purposeful & strategic times ahead – filled with caution.

2018=’11’ Year of Dog in China: resilient, autarch & dependable
The signature equates to great hopes fulfilled long term later…

Two clips = Saturnian by St.Clair

Ice Age

Extremely rare & powerful Pluto / Vega (fixed star) conjunction in effect –
Mars/Jupiter Scorpio run. Secret wars, silent missions, deep state purge..
– by 2020 everything will have been exposed so this world can start a new existence — in an aware / informed manner. Magical / ET powers afoot now…

Bundle up = for the Arctic Seasons ahead..

Thanks to master Salvador Dali, for his work & life. Ahead of The 2020 Game

Michael St.Clair – Master of The Game

[As someone born with Saturn Capricorn 6,
I can say lots of stuff about it.]

The consultation speaks to us
about floating platforms in space
and humans reaching to the stars.

Building FUTURE Space Cities