The Event Sociological

Individuals are not in charge of world destiny.
Humans are not even in charge of planet Earth.
So while we are here, we better understand why we are here.

While we look at interesting & targeted individuals’ birth charts, – potential new way showers – (the “Leader” notion becomes obsolete in new times) we need to see the new mankind birth movement is multi-faceted, like a river with whirls in it and sub destinations but the whole thing on the whole winds up pouring out into the Neptune pisces sea…

Way-showers. Guides, scouts… Leaders?


So whether you see the US version (Uranian Trump plus People) or the potential French version (Leo Marine LePen & her new generation) or any version – Holland Hungary Scotland Catalonia whichever – of this same mind, you must please look BEYOND personalities, albeit as an astrologer I see the future children, the special ones, as also key in the mix of our collective future. I showed you one of them, Barron Trump, quadruple Pisces. [See previous Astro*intel 2016 by St.Clair Essay essay.]

Trump and LePen have many Leo planet placements, and are however slightly different in approach. LePen is fighting this battle since she is born basically, day after day, all her life, so she is reaching climax really. Trump went in and did this in one fell swoop because there is a sense of predestination with Trump, and which is in timing yet perhaps open for Marine LePen. She could try again in 2022, but it gets old after a while doesn’t it?

Astro Futurism – as guided by the Nordics also – sees zeitgeist ahead, development of moves and sub tides in the rivers, and even only a few minds, some of them in the astro charts of astro*intel, can then move the whole group of fish like one mind. It is interesting to observe… or like the oceans which are way bigger than all of mankind… “anonymous” / self effacing is hence a good meme. Merging, diluting boundaries…

Yet the lead fish can not do it without the one mind contact. Lead fish? Pisces. It is a matter of who is capable. The “lead” notion becomes irrelevant. Capability, meritocracy. Legions of anonymous fish are rolling back globalism.

There is no rulebook how to roll back globalism. There are some ideas.. Each culture, nation, group, civilization does this transition and transformation of social future management on its own, in its own special way, and yet on the whole most people are now on the same page, even if some sooner or later, depends on their astrology of course…

So now…

Marine Le Pen
5 August 1968


She is a Summer of Love 1968 child. Paris riots. She has at birth Sun plus Venus / Mercury in Leo / with Libra rising, exactly where Jupiter is now, mid Libra. Into her first house, enhanced & balanced peace making self-expression as the election happens. She also will have Uranus at the position in Aries where she had Saturn at birth, this also indicates people transfer responsibility to her.

Good fire / air connection going on in 2017. The Virgo stellium is about service. She could just as well have been a country doctor, Jupiter in Virgo. Instead she became a people advocate. Notice her Mars Uranus Neptune alignments, this is also a visionary, with a unifying force field in her natal chart.

Never mind her dad’s past, she is a grass roots person pure. She even defended illegal immigrants in French courts as their lawyer, so you bet she knows the show from the ground up. She has a vision for a Free France – free from the globalism mantis. She knows more than she can share, she is aligned with Putin also.

This is a unique chance for France to elect a super capable person of their own, a lawyer lady on a mission to defend her nation, and her chart indicates she is very much duty bound, feels absolutely obliged to accomplish this venture. She fits the general archetype of someone who can be a young new generation leader / people representative in May 2017. You can see based on this chart she is a very trustworthy person. It s high time for a REAL WOMAN in a place of European Leadership.

See my astro*intel video of her own statement –
summing up the meaning of the whole Event time line.

Salut les copains & Bonne chance! 😉


Follow her here @ Marine LePen — in the name of the people

Europe needs coaching now, and fast.


The super spy genius Edward Snowden is also beyond personalities as he represents the young capable tech generation, beyond intelligent. What is his future? As he says: “it’s not about me, it’s about us!”

Can some certain birth charts (when selected)
— tell us the truth about human time travel?

This hand-drawn “AstroArt notebook by Michael St.Clair” shows the unique birth charts of (in order of appearance in above video) — Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis, Buzz Aldrin, Doris Lessing, Charlie Chaplin, Bruce Lee, Jiddu Krishnamurti, David Bowie, Salvador Dali and Donald J Trump. — New series available for 2017.