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St.Clair – NordicAstro Futurist

Guiding the Future. Since his 1999 Florida radio shows & until now on his network channel, St.Clair has proven an expertise in applied astrology - surpassed by none. Others call him the "astrologers' astrologer" - as they know his insight is ahead of the trend by light years. His 580 page work - "Light-Seeds" - set the trend since 2006, a decade ahead.

A colleague called Michael St.Clair the "astrologer of the 21st Century" - compared to master Dane Rudhyar 20th Century. Many creative world projects you see on the internet, in movies, books, applied in science, energy, tech - communications - since 2006 - come straight out of St.Clair's pre-eminent works (zero credit to St.Clair).

St.Clair motivates / encourages clients / readers / subscribers to be more than just "2nd hand humans" - to imagine, invent, engineer new future lives for themselves / those around them - be they architects, artists, entrepreneurs, economists, craftsmen designers, inventors, scientists, teachers, doctors, or future heads of states - (people St.Clair advises..)

To "Be Ultra-Original" - to create an independent Radiant Zones self-sustained / self-determination based existence now is a "living charge" - so as to be of use to this planetary society (while not attached to the system). When you leave the system, you become an asset to society - (think of it in terms of Greek philosophy) - "meritocracy" type leadership by scouting out solutions of use to all.

"Thought is always old,
thought is never free,
thought can never be new."

"Truth is not ‘what is’,
but the understanding of ‘what is’
opens the door to truth."
- #krishnamurti

Mars Aquarius 9/11/2016
Technological Election of Uranian Trump
versus Deep State anti reality

16.3.12 Trump Artchart

St.Clair's astro style - based on high / deep levels of reality intelligence - researches / knows the issues he addresses via astrology. If he does not understand the issue, astrology will not be a tool to guide him. His way of work is to see what is potentially hidden behind the question.

Seeing the unseen is his specialty; knowing what others cannot is his challenge. His calling is to create world futures.. Via I-Ching / astrology we can show timing - confirm or question the trend. St.Clair's astro experience is based on a contrarian line of predictive thinking also.

If someone asks "will there be NUCLEAR war or peace?"
St.Clair & seer team step back and ask a counter question.
"Is this the right line of thinking? Let's break down the notions."

Read the Canopus in Argos series - five books by Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing - to see ET reality many ages old; while we here need to understand our astro genetics now by 2020 hindsight.

Where are you from? Who Are You Being? Where You Going?

This world (Earth planet) is made of astro physics; we came from the stars - some of us from Sirius, Aldebaran, Cassiopeia Pleiades, Mars - over times - we are thus star genes. We will create a Galactic Federation of Human Tribes... mirrored on some smarter ETs. Once you see what / who you are, you see the creative line of thought you can take, at which point you are Creator of your own astrology / destiny / journey.

The coming two centuries will push us technologically two thousand years forward... meanwhile.. however.. Don't discard the violent earth changes ongoing. . they are very real - Prepare for them!

-- Discover @ St.Clair Nordic Asset

As to Trump President, Dr. Heath King & St.Clair were proven prescient with detail guided precision, and as to other issues in macro economics, future technologies and hidden real world affairs, St.Clair interacts with deep sources who can confirm or deny things of vital importance that we can factor into the astrology of reality.

By 2017... the world learned of true REAL existence of most of (but by far not all) the hidden realities we discussed in our decade long works (related to globalist deep state control in "LIGHT-SEEDS") - largely thanks to Mr. Trump addressing the truths, which no one polite would have listened to in my visionary meetings - from the business world.

When I told a high level group of business folks in my secret meetings about invisible government / black budget / reverse engineering / ET tech transfer developments since 1947; they looked at me like I should quit talking surreal stuff - despite knowing my sources - such as Generals Secretary State Al Haig / Ambassador Vernon Walters (German re-unification), NASA's Apollo 14 Dr. Ed Mitchell; plus certain Silicon Valley founders / intel insiders still alive.

Current 2020 astrology sees a complete sea change into January 2021, Saturn Aquarius / Uranus Taurus (realignment of resources).. where surreality is REAL, and this can only be the case, if a fundamentally game changing element like "Trump PLUS People" appears in the equation of reality - mirrored back to the stars. The reversal of currents is a new reality, and future deciders will need to understand the future technology now.

The old system guard (empire brain) is totally over-powered by the future new tech hive mind. They cannot even encrypt their e-mails ... nor have they studied Sociology. The new tech breed needs a CLEAN slate to start over. Open Source. Freedom From evil SillyCons'Valley. Once this happens, ALL dominoes go into motion - many new overlapping constructive futures become possible / probable by 2020.