TimeTravel Tales – From The Future

Facing down fake history: interesting pre-occupation, since we want to know, have the right & need to know, what really went on here for ages, and why we are actually here.

My TimeTravel Team – guided by QRC-2137 – visits Dolmens, Elven castles, pre-Atlantis sites, Iberian, Phoenician, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Cathar, Templar & many other BREAKAWAY CiViLiZATiON Cultures — Catalonia being seed point of it all. They all survived the worst – and moved on. By-passing wisdom…

Mount Canigou
Stone Cradle – or – Star Portal of Mankind ?

Note of facts: No modern day military or civilian pilot flies across that mountain range; declared no fly zone.. the first ascent of Mount Canigou took place in 1285, (Templar times) by the King of Aragon. (not same as “Aragorn”) He reported that at the summit he had thrown a stone in a lake, and a vast dragon emerged from the water, and flew into the sky blotting out the light. (Sounds paranormal?!) — There is “cosmology” – and there is Cosmology.

Elliptical Narratives

(special esoteric grand tour) — by St.Clair
* bottom footnotes, sources & resources / research – intro!

NEW 2017 Rooster Year
– A N C i E N T * F U T U R E S
Far Seeing Saturn in Sagittarius Documentary Series
– by Zensu / St.Clair
(above 2 min. trailer)

The premise of the new work series “Ancient*Futures” is this:

In ancient pasts, in China for instance, wise rulers protected their seers & astrologers because they needed the LONG COUNT ViEW of REALITY and kept that knowing secret; but then later, misguided Western rulers disliked those who had this seer ability, and hence astrologers and top seers / astronomers became hunted down targeted individuals. Nostradamus had to hide his views in silly quatrains. Napoleon had his “Little Red Man”.

I see things HIGHER than mankind, I see even the Non Human Element – and I am not talking “people” politics, personalities, celebrities and ridiculous ephemeral things. (Albeit I have met current heads of states and know what I am talking about.)

As a seer I ob-serve. I see astro event time lines like ordinary people would see their watch faces analog or digital, except I know what the alignments mean, because in addition we have the principle of SERAPiS (abundance & afterlife) at work, the ancient Enki Eqypt afterlife connection to the stars. The Nordics simply show me the spots and guide the narrative.

In my documentary series, I see / say what is written in the stars, via the principles of planets aligned to stars, their timing and alignments to each other, and constellation geometry, cosmology, and so what I state is not an “opinion” — it is more like whats been going on here for tens of thousands of years… My statement foresees mankind leaving Earth during the Age of Aquarius cycle.

The Master of The Light is back. A new original imagination inspired series by St.Clair, of time travel tales from the future. Visiting ancient sites related to the Iberians – Portuguese – Celts – Greeks and later followed by the Romans discussing the real origins of these sites: ancient knowledge, fall of Atlantis, relocation of the survivors. Their left over culture. Our civilization, now?

Michael St.Clair’s Ancient*Futures pulls together many levels of human creativity and hidden messages from within the DNA – an adapting intelligence travels within us across the ages that we must connect with to understand THE FUTURE now.

Ancient*Futures – Time Travel Tales from The Future –

ASKLEPIOS / Ἀσκληπιός – Not a God but a Principle — to be discussed in depth as the series progresses. This unique series is a work of art progressing as it is filmed. The ideas come to St.Clair at the locations visited. The dialogue is unscripted .. original and raw. Authentic!

Not known for “fake news” in our “TimeTravel Tall Tales” we give you an education in seeing. Imagine one day Fahrenheit 451 is real, and the gangs burn down the internet and all of hermetic Hermann Hesse’s Glass Bead Games are gone? As an example. The Sufis? Gone. All wisdom is toast? Not funny! Back it up!

My future findings are startling. The ancient European infrastructure, aqueducts / road systems, were laid out mirroring star systems ages ago. Compostela – the star field. Nothing is new or recent here. Everything taught is false.

When as a time travel guide / Nordic asset type envoy you cruise around / observe this planet — CLUB MED / the center of its universe — you soon find out that the History they tell us is utter fake, their teachings (invented scriptures – Bible gospels? Sumerian tablets? Q’uran? Tao? Baghavad-bingbong? Seriously – all beyond “fake news“, fantasies of idiots) – even as a movie script it would be deemed a very poor show. The set, however, is beyond awesome. Cannot be designed better.. Really??

[Except Kubrick / St.Clair would send the stuff back to the drawing board, on the Seventh Day, Shabbat Shalom – for God to redo. Not acceptable his Creation is – both as design & as narrative. So we took liberty to rewrite the script, and redesign the set.]

Above arial shot – Empuries / Empuryon @ Costa Brava / Catalonia
A magical city of Healing Arts – dedicated to AfterLife & Trading
(Post Atlantis “resort phase” – vineyards, parties, philosophy.. )

Reality taught by Nordic ET guides shows we have since the Age of Leo ( 12,500+ human Earth years ago ) waves upon waves of civilizations coming & going, from outer space, landing here, trying stuff, and cataclysm after cataclysm, in the end, they depart unseen. All of a sudden they dematerialize and reappear, say in the Andes, Central Africa, Siberia, Antarctica, or wherever…

Who were the mysterious Iberians / Celts on Spanish Peninsula? They seemed advanced in crafts and arts, yet primitive in scope, as if their advanced skills had to be adapted for harsher times, after the times of glory.

A super advanced place – symposium for space time magicians – like say the ISS space station would look to us now.. We see they dedicated their sacred sites & trading places to their “Gods & Goddesses” – Serapis / Asklepius / Artemis / Ishtar / Tanit – the “High Powers” of Highest Pure Magic, Healing, AfterLife, Wisdom, Astronomy with Ptolemy, Sociology & Medicine. Pretty advanced folks! (Replace word “Gods” by ETs or space aliens…)

I stood at this light house the other night. The ETs out there signaled back to me. “The thing they are looking for is below that sea bed. Keep looking!” (same ETs who told me at same spot in 2015: “Trump win!” so the source is good.) 😉

So they figured out eventually that there has to be a lot more to it than just this 1 life time here on this 1 blue planet – which existence Socrates described as The Cave – in his fabled analogy.

The master sages of antiquity wrote down the “Exit” codes for us to find. Journey South to Egypt, across the Eridanus river Nile… They made sure we would not forget how to exit the Matrix. How kind of them. Did you know the word “L’Exit” (in Catalan) means “the Success” – why would that be so?

“Exit” = “Success” !
Most interesting timeless LinguistiX fact,
for any student of life language to ponder.

He masters the snakes! Wisdom?!
Symbols of D N A \?/
Contemplate reality /!\

Study — Thoth – The Atlantean Teachings — in full!

(Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean: 15 tablets + Doreal translation)


P R O P H E T i X

— by St.Clair


Above TinTin book cover predates the Apollo 11 Moon shot by 15 years.
Enjoy the 1953 issue of DestiNation Moon – to grasp exquisite seer ability!

Volume by volume . . Visit the whole TiNTiN Exploration!

The Adventures of Tintin – a veritable initiation into geography for entire generations. At a time when TV (internet) didn’t exist, the international expeditions undertaken by the young reporter opened young people’s eyes to countries, cultures, landscapes and natural phenomena which were still relatively unheard of. From the sands of the Sahara to the glaciers of the Himalayas, from the Amazon rainforests to the Scottish highlands, Hergé’s pictures overflow with details revealing a world full of wonder, danger & excitement – a passionate introduction to Planet Earth.

The Blue Lotus

“NO Mind is NOT Conditioned.”

— Jiddu Krishnamurti



You ask what TinTin, Spock & Kubrick taught me as a toddler & teenager 1962-1975? Observing reality, investigating, studying, imagining other avenues. Becoming Logical, as well as a creative artist – in essence, is what these three inspiring Proponents of Truth showed us all.

Did you study – The Morning of The Magicians – the 1961 classic?!
(in 1969, aged ten, I studied the original French version, interesting!)

In my work, since Atlantis Oracle – (1999) – I showed our friends several ways how to free their minds by becoming creative original artists first & foremost – before thinking about doing anything else. To do / be things bigger, better & more beautiful.

You enjoyed KUBRiCK 2001 Space Odyssey X-Plained? – Might help grasp it!


Explore CrystalTor – by ZenTzu – From The Future!
Inter-Stellar Archaeology of The Soul

Their craft slipped through the vortex strand and seemed to hesitate before recalibrating its shift into a larger deep-space wormhole..

TimeTravel Tales with St.Clair — new documentary mini series shot @ EMPURiON & Iberian Settlement atop Sant Sebastian’s El Far LightHouse – by the Costa Brava / Catalonia – are testimonies of the “Master of The Lightsending his incarnation back to meet his lineage — past / present / future.

Explore it further in NORDiC * ASSET — its companion (book, essays’ presentation, film documentary) — mirrors itself — organic / dynamic / alive & aware.

Imagine they find an Atlantis “Space Craft” installation below sea bed?

Time Machine atop Cova Den Daina – a million years old?
NeoLithic Cosmic Scanner / TimeTravel installation with Kim Castells & St.Clair

The force field is still active – alive aware now.
What in the world were these beings doing up there?
A super disk & its cast off remains hover around atop?

. . . and to top it off: — A n t a r c t i c a !!!

Superficial / shallow people see History turned into a labyrinth of highly questionable & invented / fake stories – which do not even match with the historic sites / artifacts they are supposedly based on. And yet – within the Old & Wise History remains a shining memory of the Future Emissaries & Benevolent Beings — The Engineers of the Human Race.

Stay Tuned!

Same type of Findings @ RT / Greece:
Ancient Futures – Discovered in Greece
– December 2016

Foot Notes
– by St.Clair’s RZ world-wide Research*Teams —
(Radiant Zones’ – See Eye Aye’s advance * intel):

* Ever considered playing the famous Glass Bead Game — and become a master @ it!?

* First you may wish to read the original outstanding super novel in free PDF @ starcenter.com — Magister Ludi – The Glass Bead Game (Das Glasperlenspiel) — 1943, by Hermann Hesse. In Joseph Knecht’s holograph translation:

* For although in a certain sense and for light-minded persons non-existent things can be more easily and irresponsibly represented in words than existing things, for the serious and conscientious historian it is just the reverse.

* Nothing is harder, yet nothing is more necessary, than to speak of certain things whose existence is neither demonstrable nor probable. The very fact that serious and conscientious men treat them as existing things brings them a step closer to existence and to the possibility of being born. . .

* –> Then ponder all of above suggestions once more: Follow up on them!

* 580 page acclaimed work Light-Seeds: Futures of Planet Earth covers much of the past / present / future & permanent mysteries we are left with to solve, until we are worthy co-pilots to fly out of this realm and off into the stars…

* SciFi imagination, Art by James White @ NeoWave Series — An ongoing personal art series exploring the style and form of science fiction landscapes and giant abstract monuments.

* What did “The Ancients” teach us? How to Leave Earth in Aquarius Age!

* Thinking & Destiny (1,000 pages) by Harold W. Percival
Full PDF for free – Thinking_and_Destiny_by_Harold_W_Percival_14th_printing

* What is the “ A C i O “? –
Advance Contact Intelligence Organization.
Ancient Arrow / WingMakers 1998

* EarthStar – THOTH The AtlanteanThe FifTeen (15) Emerald Tablets

* Explore the Original WingMakers.usWingMakers’ TimeCapsule Art

Consider the above an executive summary of
“The ET Phenomenon” – D i S C L O S E D !!!

Explore Fantastic Surrealism – with St.Clair