The Team

We show you how to expand and enrich your life. Mindful that we may never meet again, we do our best to prepare you forever. We meet very well prepared. We waste no time. The first step is the last step. Only an empty mind sees clearly. Empty your mind & be like water, my friend! Below are a few of the topics we address during our memorable encounters.

Timing & Purpose

Based on your birth chart St.Clair will assess your potential, what you can do to reach your goals, and define: When, how, with whom, and where your talents are best presented. Our combined expertise and consultation sets the stage for your questions; we establish a game plan, a strategy, a way to go about your immediate & long term future.

Zen Like Balance

We discuss mankind’s psychology, events unfolding since 1965. Look at astrological developments of things to come, creating zen like balance in the now; and for decades ahead. We draw conclusions as to how to be best prepared for the unknown. We figure a societal reset takes the world by surprise around 2021.

Exclusive Location Catalonia

Exclusive Location Catalonia

Material Resources

We advise you on macro economy, and how to buy / sell gold & silver safely. Designing business plans for you is a pleasure to us. Grasping ongoing currency wars, we show you how to place yourself beyond the ongoing collapse. We win this together by being innovative, and by safeguarding your resources now.

Agents of Change

You wonder where you wind up, or how you get out of dubious situations in a secure manner? We advise you confidentially on what to do next. We are agents of change, unafraid to bring about transformation for our clients; team work with decades of experience in how to tackle the unexpected, or the utterly unknown.

Exclusive Location Catalonia

Organic Food

Self-Sufficient Living

We explore ways to be autonomous, independent, out the system, able to live a life worth living. From health & nutrition issues, to energy or how to select a place to build a home, etc. You find out that leaving the system is prerequisite to becoming an asset to society. We work to create a living harmony among our communities. We show imagination at work.

“I’ve seen things, being in touch with sources,
I know what is going on world-wide.
We are in the loop.”

Exclusive Location Catalonia

On Location: La Placa

The Way Ahead

* St.Clair extensively researches each topic in depth.
* Shows the way ahead through "hot-spots" & difficulties.
* Experienced skills in multiple areas of knowing.
* Advise on the best places to live & do business.
* Working for a better future for us all - Together.

Exclusive Location Catalonia

Seeing Ahead ...

St.Clair’s Qualified Team

St.Clair's qualified team consist of leading professionals in the fields of macro economics, sociology, (degrees in Social Sciences and Company Management). Innovators in health, diet and nutrition, Feng Shui, motivational coaching and psychology. Qualified in world affairs & political sciences; law and in high level Astrology. One member started his career in intelligence which took him into world diplomacy.

Meeting St.Clair is to enter a sanctuary of dedicated and creative artists, each with practical down-to-earth experience in the real world. This practical methodology has, over the decades, helped many to achieve their personal goals. Our unique approach for our clients is also based on the ancient teachings of the I-Ching. Seeing skills designed for challenging times. We deliver results and how to change one's inner approach to evaluating personal situations at hand.

Our combined strength lies in developing and creating deeper insight and understanding as to what is actually going on in our world and how to adapt to the changes we face. Meetings take place in a relaxed oasis - a peaceful sanctuary where "thinking together" is inspired, and where working on life-enhancing strategies is made possible with great ease.

*Apart from English, our transatlantic team are experts in
conversational French, German, Swedish, Catalan and Spanish.

Challenge of Changing ourselves

With Michael St.Clair at the helm, we are a group of international people, who understand the changing world and are action oriented in order to THRIVE, not just survive. We face the challenge of changing ourselves, our minds, and our actions to achieve this. We are future action.

We leave behind all the theories, mind control, and fear based information to form our own networks to create a different world than the past or present. We exit the system and sail into the unknown together, sharing what we learn and know, and using our imagination to find what works.

In our online forum, (Radiant Zones Network), we share important cutting edge information, and attend meetings in various parts of the world, to connect and share confidentially our experiences and what we see is ahead.

There is nowhere better to get the most important news and perspective, and to brainstorm projects which will be invaluable in our changing world, no matter where you live.

- Gail from Florida

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