Google birthed its first Snowden; others will come out in SillyCons’ valley @ other names / firms = mere fronts for Deep State NSA / CIA. In my 2009 film by Ruben del Muro – Master of The Light – I prompted people with relevant world knowing helpful to free mankind, to spill the beans so we have a full spectrum OPEN source intel level playing field.

Faking views, faking reality, attempting world control = enemy of mankind.

Now here is what will happen with PLUTO in Aquarius Tech Society 2024-2044. Recall the replicants in BLADE RUNNER. US attorneys / private lawyers will shine a MEGA spot light on SillyCon artists / GOOLAG’s internal & external practices, such as Obman’s 2008-2017 hit men crew securing Goolag executives’ homes – Goolag’s executive boss writing secret Podesta memos about how Goolag will get Mrs Klingon to sit like a clone in the White House for 200 years – with GOOLAG ruling the world.

They will find it goes back to See Eye Aye’s NSA creation. (see links)

All these documents will be shown, special prosecutors etc. Goolag / NSA will be suspended once proven unconstitutional. [It’s TREASON, Espionage Act]. AG Sessions better put GOOLAG / Obman in his cross hairs instead of medical weed. Or Sessions must be replaced / retired by a 5 star Marines or Army general. If lawyers cannot do it, military guys can.

Time has piled up to break ‘GOOLAG phenomenon’ apart — legally. It has outlasted its purpose, grown inhuman, anti human, was never human by design anyway, and Trump can send in the SS secret service to start the procedures now. What the ILLEGALLY fired young employee of GOOLAG shares with the world is something I had known for a decade, but I needed an internal witness with high clearance to state it from inside.

Advanced constitutional / criminal legal minds and trial lawyers will possibly make the case that Goolag aka Google is an enemy of the state of the US people. Key employee witnessed secret off record talks where no paper trails were desired. That sounds like classic conspiracy. Let us subpoena all participants of these secret goolag meetings!

Now the hunt is on, as Eric Schmidt GOOLAGs Boss indicted himself – and so GOOLAG will finish itself off fast. They crossed too many red legal lines, US Constitution even, interfered in US elections multiple times – and they tried install a state within the state – and become a super state of their own. We need all governments world wide (all 200 of them plus) to ask UN to smash GOOLAG in a special UN Humanitarian resolution.

GOOLAG Represents The Enemy of Mankind.

– The Grey Aliens in Deep State / NSA @ See Eye Aye –

See what the young ex goolag man explains.

What he shows us is B E Y O N D * “OUT THERE”, breaks every law of mankind.

He is typical of the young experts I described in my “Pluto in Aquarius Nordic NoteBook” series. His mind is scientific solution orientated, when he sees a flaw he points it out. He has no political views really. He thinks logically. Goolag doesn’t like logical / creative people. They want an obeying mindless Hive Mind.

‘inside the ‘mind’ of goolag it looks like a Stalinist era type / inbred backward thinking / science denying group of unbalanced people. Their bosses are so unhinged they think they run the world. Now that is the definition of sociopaths.

The “rules” / levels of psycho indoctrination / social engineering of thought policing — all of which this young man describes at GOOLAG is what the controllers of the world want to do with all the 7 or 8 billion humans here. The climate he describes is what you will breathe if you don’t take action.

[Not to be graphic.. Someone else who knows it from inside told me that even the children of their employees eat breathe and think goolag all day long. Lots of little Goolag robots coming up there who later will have to fit in “normal” society. Living in and on and around the GOOLAG premises is reminiscent of No. 6 – “The Prisoner” – in The Village.

The silly con wives must only talk certain PC stuff, silicon in brain and elsewhere, the kids do google school, on premises, wear certain styles, and the husbands do what appears “google-esquely” squarely approved behavior — while trying to do the opposite in secret, but then they get caught by Google’s white balloonz, or by the wife’s girl friendz.]

What is google really — Search Engine or Deep State Organ? (part 3)

part 2 Google manifesto – firing google employee

part 1 Why ‘Google Memo’ Brings Forward Overdue Conversation

[Above 3 parts authored by Mike Krieger via ZeroHedge / Liberty Blitzkrieg]

Most people here don’t even know that GOOLAG is the Rand Corp’s / CIA/NSA’s test tube project (with FB and co.) to take actual control of everyone’s minds. Are you an FB profile? Then you are a number. (Source of this info is Alexander Haig, founder of AOL.)

They burned the Library of Alexandria after Atlantis. Google not far behind.

The world is in for bad surprises by 2020 = Zuck US President? NO.

The best of the best = Assange – McAfee – Snowden – Tesla – Wilhelm Reich – Dr Fred Bell – Daniel Kesonen = and many more have said that we need a new (tech) society. I will explain this more in my clip series into 2020, when our turn will come. Like chess player Kasparov who lost against a brute force using machine, I agree we need to embrace the ‘artificial intelligence’ revolution – while we have to control it also. AI in the right hands will help us create space cities.

In the hands of the SillyCon Goolag types, AI will create a monster. Suggestion for the ex google genius: How about you help design a better free and open source platform to share our films? Make YouTube irrelevant! Thats the project we like to assign to you 😉

The Future is ours... is what Tesla said. The old guard dies.

Astrology sees Saturn Jupiter Mars lining up in an ENDING waning cycle of hundreds of years with PLUTO in Capricorn a reset of all things institutional / structural by 21st January 2021, date I showed you many many years ago — before I predicted TRUMP to clean house.

Whether or not you like / agree with him – you need support what he stands for as the elected head of state.. President Trump is like the chief surgeon of a team of super surgeons. He was elected to fix a dead patient. They were asked to perform a miraculous brain surgery on a patient (USA) that was diagnosed via MRI as economically, politically and spiritually dead on arrival in 2016.

The hospital they work in refuses to give them the electricity. So what should the surgeon do? Call in Secret Service? Either way, the patient dies, immediately, if Trump is taken out of power – via civil war, or a few years later, when Trump will have bought USA a few more years and the Western world goes into full decline.

Either way the outlook is grim. But we can take care of Goolag on our way out. GOOLAG is an unconstitutional and anti-human element in world society, legally based in USA / sponsored by USA’s Deep State. GOOLAG is the front of Deep State, together with Apple, FB, IBM, MicroSoft, Lockheed Martin, Rand corp. etc.

Are the grey aliens to be welcomed by GOOLAG also = under diversity rules? =
They run GOOLAG already! The few humans @Goolag are REPLICANTS=NON HUMANz!

GOOLAG is non human, anti human, has now been outed by one HUMAN for what it is. Here is the PLUTO in AQUARIUS series, explaining some of the major risks and opportunities — as introduced by the Nordics.

From a series – within a series of 55 clips – 5 hrs materials.

MStC. [ my work is para-political / futuristic – see Light-Seeds ]

Seeing the world, seeing humanity, the “me”, and the necessity of a total, radical revolution, how is it possible to bring it about? It can only be brought about when the observer no longer makes an effort to change, because he himself is part of what he tries to change. Therefore all action on the part of the observer ceases totally.
– Jiddu Krishnamurti