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They Gave Me A New Name

They Gave Me A New Name

Alba means Dawn. “Albi” were the “fairies” of the High Elves – the White Ones. The Cathars people protected them in their sacred lands forever. Their time machine installations & Dolmens are still powerfully active now 2017. These here are not beginners in the Pyrenees. Pyris Neos — New sacred fire. Some times, after a […]

FREE MiND does not obey –

FREE MiND does not obey –  K.

“When it snows, people know nothing.” – Ruben G. ( a 6 year old Catalan boy ) New revolutionary super intelligent electrical currents engulf our planet / solar system and existence now. Spectacular mental ignitions, happening, all the time now. Jupiter – Uranus – People who observe events world-wide might feel like by now they […]

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