The Nordics gave us a prescient collection of timed film clips – into this super unique once in a 99 years life time event. 2017 AMERiCAN ECLiPSE CLiPS – on economics & life. Nordics are fanatics of LOGiC; intense dislike of human ‘Crimes against Logic’ = you need think clear ok!

USA Eclipsed on Trump’s ASC!?
Is this the end?
— Class dismissed !! —

[I am not going sit here and say “I told you so.” Instead I tell you what was said. I told Trump’s advisors “if by 21 August 2017 you don’t have this America you want off the ground and have Bush / Klingon / Obman people fired, arrested etc. you will never make it thereafter; i.e. you have 6 months to succeed; then you go into a rolling coup d’Etat.” The Gemini art of the deal with Trump’s voters? Say 1 thing, do opposite?”]

Watching the American Eclipse = (the name alone??)

Planets positions as solar eclipse builds. (reverse R is retro.)
Monday 21 August, 04:03 PM UT + 2 hours

Sun 28°47′ Leo++
Moon 27°27′ Leo++
Mercury 8°16′ Я Virgo
Venus 24°38′ Cancer
Mars 20°37′ Leo++
Jupiter 20°10′ Libra
Saturn 21°12′ Я Sagittarius
Uranus 28°23′ Я Aries
Neptune 13°15′ Я Pisces
Pluto 17°12′ Я Capricorn
Chiron 27°48′ Я Pisces
True Node 24°14′ Я Leo++
True Lilith 9°44′ Я Capricorn


Monday 21 August, 10:05 PM UT
Sun 29°02′ Leo———
Moon 0°59′ Virgo
Mercury 8°05′ Я Virgo
Venus 24°56′ Cancer
Mars 20°47′ Leo ——–
Jupiter 20°13′ Libra
Saturn 21°12′ Я Sagittarius
Uranus 28°23′ Я Aries
Neptune 13°14′ Я Pisces
Pluto 17°11′ Я Capricorn
Chiron 27°47′ Я Pisces
True Node 24°14′ Я Leo
True Lilith 9°19′ Я Capricorn

The proximity of Mars makes this a potentially belligerent situation. Jupiter is applying to oppose Uranus, so this is still future related, and repeating all of last year Jupiter-Uranus. Mars is moving in few days on to the ascendant of Trump’s, where the eclipse takes place now. Mercury retro is rewind, in Virgo it leads the sun, opposite Neptune in rulership, fake news prevails.

Astrologically – taking into account the fixed star the Persians and ETs know a lot about – The 2017 Solar Eclipse in Leo happens now in line of a fixed star that empowers this area of the galaxy with a kinder benevolent light — while Pluto opposes Sirius fixed star, facing it down with ultra destructive might… and while other alignments can also spell the end of all of it, and here on planet Earth we just play out a smaller version of some “Cosmic MacBeth” game. The game is set up structurally so that no one can win, and all have to lose, and this is something we need overcome now. New structure necessary.

World finance games are unsustainable. Eclipse will end world economy in 2-3 years. Highlighted by eclipse path through IMF lands. Ex finance guru economist ‘leftist’ Greek Yanis Varoufakis Blowing The Lid on EVERYTHING about Everything – [he taped the Elite in their meetings] – except the ALiEN context he doesn’t get yet. That’s for later.. all the rest he witnessed from inside at lower classification levels. He says to work with the IMF / EU elites is like being part of King Lear show‘How can such smart people be so totally deluded?

For the 2017 Eclipse, the Nordics present:
Fake IMF / China / Sirius / 2027 Neptune Saturn
– Dr Fred Bell’s Pleiadean Tech clips series –
copyright 2017 — by St.Clair

The astro secret IMF – part 1

– part 2

The IMF is the Grey Alien finance system.
China represents Sirius. Russia Pleiades.

– part 3

Dr Fred Bell – ET Rays of Truth

– part 4

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SpaceTime Mind Navigators

The 2017 American Eclipse takes place on its [USA’s] President’s Ascendant, [hope you grasp what this means], as well as cutting right through the American territory, once in 99 years, West to East. Eclipses foreshadow ‘stuff’ [things] to come… West is past. East is Future. [ancient esoteric knowing.]

Silence of the eclipse. During the solar eclipse birds get quiet and cower in their nests, while bees become louder and restlessly fly in and out of their hives. Chicken and cows return prematurely to their barns. Best is we quiet for two days now. Observe…

TOTAL Eclipse on ASC of POTUS? He will perceive his reality anew.. differently.. [while his chief top advisor eclipsed himself to restart the civil war phase of the new operation.] You cannot betray your base during an eclipse, you need reconnect. America eclipses itself as it’s President Ascendant is reached.

Now this is where the real troubles start. TITOR’s TIME LINE.

China is [as we explained] likely from Sirius, they have all the time in the word. Russia has all the DRY land in the world, plus some brains & tech. USA – a hostage of the alien Greys – needs to figure out next steps. Europe may choose now between ‘suicide’ by non defense.. or EU/Russia continent, and the Earth changes may favor some — NASA studies Yellowstone. They know it is cooking when it’s cooking. Yellowstone erupting will change all equations.

With Hurricane Harvey, TX has learned.. YOU cannot control Nothing!

News items on eclipse day time – [‘shamanic signs‘]:

* The damaged USS John McCain vessel (2nd time in 3 months) cannot be blamed on Russian hackers, even with bad astrology. Even Navy Admirals know it is bad. Is this now also the total eclipse of the US Navy operations ?

* Putin’s new man in Washington: “Putin appoints Anantoly Antonov as Russia’s new ambassador to US – Kremlin.” [Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the United States] Antonov is very high up with Lavrov, and Putin takes a closer look now at who talks back to whom. New face for a new face. Moscow has selected a career diplomat specializing in defense and security issues, as its next ambassador in Washington. Antonov is presently Russia’s deputy foreign minister and replaces Sergey Kislyak, who was painted as a shadowy spymaster by those targeting the Trump administration. [replaced in retro.]

* Catalan MOSSOS police security forces plus Madrid = based on CIA guidance = finished off the Barcelona / BCN terrorists Arrests reported. Pretty professional operation – considering the risks. No prisoners is what was said. Almost all blew themselves up or were done by Mossos. This is War. We need to study in detail now how the North Africans infiltrate this place in SW Europe with their Imams and terror cells in place from a while back. These are not “refugees”, they were locals.

* ANOTHER SCIENTIST BANNED by Gaaagle. – Gaaagle? Toast!!

* What you need do in an Eclipse is watch precisely what goes down then. That will show you the way ahead, on the path of its shadow. It’s the shadow stupid, and an eclipse of this magnitude has implications over 2-3 years on the territory it passes. The time ahead is laced with pitfalls on that path.

* Study why now the – Explosive Industrial Metals Surge .

* And finally Trump’s eclipse announcements. Why in the world does Trump decide / announce anything during an eclipse in retrograde Mercury, when we told him that’s the worst day on Earth to do it? He announces a U turn retro – against his instinct? That’s Gemini for you. Think one thing, does opposite.

Dr Steve P., the super black ops shrink, has the final word:

No comment.

50min. intense journey with master Jay Weidner.
Don’t mess with The Elves!

Cube Rick = STANLEY KUBRiK = is part of the US space cube delusions.

. . . in this context Future of America? – by St.Clair

This brings us to Pluto Saturn Jupiter Mars – : 2020 Twenty=Twenty.

America 2024-2099 sees eclipses in criss cross formation coming up during the years / decades ahead. One look at Eclipse Map USA 2017-2099

What does this mean for America…? Watch my ET Nordic clips!
St.Clair Nordic Asset ET series