Time capsule 1954 scoop – TinTin / or Dr Ed Mitchell on the Moon – hoax or not – Explorers on the Moon — 1969 first moon trial balloon A11.

TimeTravel – A while ago in 1990, I saw civil wars & weather weapons 2020-2050 allover Europe, USA, Asia / China.. Cities down – entire coast lines disappearing – Irma Harvey Fukushima 11/3/11 / Aries Uranus timed. Aliens use astronomy / astrology as tech-navigation — not as worshipping tools to see into a Tolkien-type Palantir. For this they (we) use actual / functional powerful — “looking glass technologies” — ET made tools.

The Nordics who guided me to write LIGHT-SEEDS say:

If the alternate you from another timeline or from the future traveled here.. he is you and you are you = no one can prove it was true or was a lie okay, the line is open future * past

Palantir – Seeing Stone

With time travel there is no truth or lie (see John Titor 2000 phenomenon)
SAME TiME you predicted saw Bush ballot recount inside the spot you lived
He goes to when you were 4 years old = and he travels also to year 2000 –
2020 with you — or 2050 FORESiGHT by St.Clair Nordic Asset
He was here and there you exist = that is where it gets really complex !!

He was here = and is gone = and you are here with same name or not =
Technically from another timeline the name place could be different.

in 1999 St.Clair predicted weather weapons / climate warfare. 2017 I R M A Cat Six.

Fact = Weather weapons exist & in use since centuries ago. Hurry-Canes Harvey Irma Joseph & co in TX / FL – same as in NOLA 12 years ago, or a new one say “Zenia.” – YellowStone, Scalar. = Make America Great Again = Great new real estate deals = 18 – 36 missing HUD Housing Urban development trillions. Deep State swallows the trillions…

Maybe the military send in teams from 2137 as you said, to muddy the waters = Using A.I. remote viewing technique / tactics (Al Bielek / Montauk Project) – to confuse / mislead everyone, gather them into a FakeCrook maze of lies/delusions, as John Keel Operation Trojan Horse – free PDF explained about the ET Phenomenon in extreme depth. Even Dr John Mack took a while to grasp this.. It’s a vast black hole… (makes Alice in Wonderland look like a party girl op.)

WHEN is JOHN TiTOR’s Time-Line nowadays ??


Allies of Humanity

Are We The Aliens
(the non humans?)


‘The Master of The Light’
Ruben del Muro / St.Clair

Project Camelot 2006
– with a Nordic Asset –

Many expert UFO researchers — such as NASA’s Dr. Ed Mitchell / Dr. Fred Bell / Nikola Tesla / Carl G. Jung / Dr. Wilhelm Reich / John Lear / Bob Lazar / Stan Deyo (Reptilian TakeOver) / Col Tom Bearden Vacuum Energy / Col Phillip Corso & the Greys — worked undercover for the military intel industry machine – and some of them had protected deals.

Dr. Fred Bell was encouraged to develop Pleiadean connections = in return for some remote viewing ‘services’ – to find say a guy like Osama bin – in desert rock caves – or other applied technology things of supra-national secret security — such as where are the missing nukes — which only the very few need knew about. NSA / NASA work with alien ET crafts. Has ben proven.

Others asked me where are the missing Trillions? Up in the Black hole. Planet Earth is — for now — a space-based “War Economy” model – prison planet – ‘administrative colony’ — in a galaxy far far away.. at some point we may transform it into peace / prosperity space based model.

Testimony: Al Bielek / Montauk Project shared / SAVE it!

It’s a new world – if you can take it!

We know the Nordics teach that there is a reality dimension beyond what technology can access – let alone master – and yet TECH is a human / ET brain product. The sources we studied over time were ETs…. either NORDiC & Pleiadean / or SiRiAN Venus type assets. DUNE agents all –

Co-operative Galactic Federation types. Some few still kick around.
– for instance the original WingMakers / Dr Anderson
– worth our time.

The final “C Beam speech” by Replicant Roy Batty
– in Ridley Scott’s epic movie — BLADE RUNNER —

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost, in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”

by St.Clair 2017
Space City Networks

(one up from Earth RZ Radiant Zone Networks)

Discover – Sufi Science of Time

Relativity theory / quantum mechanics overturned classical mechanics, which had itself overturned Christian cosmology. The paradigm shift ushered in by such figures as Einstein, Planck, Neils Bohr is important because it destroyed the destroyer. Heliocentrism was erased, because from the point of view of relativity it is nonsense to say that the earth “goes round” the sun — as it is to say that the sun goes round the earth — because there is no fixed frame of reference to say which is going around which.

They all lately fear or love “Artificial Intelligence” because they don’t know how to control * guide this thing yet. They be better off fearing their co-humans. And the non humans – passing for co-humans. Putin teaches A.I. to a million students

ALL ABOVE & below
also applied to Hotel Catalonia CatLand gone off the deep end…

Salvador Dali never had a child. Proven now by DNA probes in Madrid courts.

The Jiddu Krishnamurti & David Bohm Project
– The co-exploration of consciousness by the unique spiritual figure J. Krishnamurti and world-renowned theoretical physicist David Bohm took place in a series of more than 30 investigative dialogues – in 20 years. – Read: The Way of Intelligence by the K.