Since age 12 – when I was ET contact kid in 1971 – I became aware that I was a TI targeted individual – with unwanted advances from Swiss schools & society. Imagine age 12 you change trajectory to stay alive socially etc. playing dumb kid with high IQ to get by. This is the sharpest indictment ever coming down on Western society now. Europe caving in to NON humans. The Nordics sent me to military schools so I would understand how the world really works later on and so I could stay alive another day.

This is / was my window of time for over fifty some years…
CHiLLON Castle – photo copyright 2006 by The Master of The Light

Targeted Individual status is an uncool, yet also very stupendous and interesting existence. In my recollection Nordic AssetI recall that I had to stay alive 40 years. You constantly move around to stay alive. When I met the astronaut he and I understood each other. We had to stay alive. We knew they hunt down all contactees.

CHiNESE 2018 Year of the EARTH DOG — [ analyzed ahead by a master from the Orient – Raymond Lo ] — starts 16th February 2018 / Sun Moon Aquarius. Very many types of earth changes and life challenges for several visible Dog people.

Next 2019 year is Earth BOAR. Special report ahead.

High Tech Humanitarian BreakThrough
/ Jupiter Aquarius 2021/22?

Super BlueMoon 31 Jan 2018
– Leo Lunar Eclipse Live –

Astro – Harmonic Resonance – TIME MAP 2018-2025

TimeMap visual

At an actionable ‘Aquarian’ intel level, we suggested to our friends world wide, tens of thousands of them, in 2006, to create “RZ Radiant Zones” — in & around them — and network these functional life areas into tech / economy success stories, which we see happening. Not an easy task. Few did it successfully.

Masters of energy directon (using a resonance artifact)

Techno can do so much, yet ‘human mind’ needs to do then its own thing…
[Vilardebo is medical doctor who developed this with Girona University.]

The Nordics taught me all my life to simply observe, like a scientist or intel asset, observation being then its own right action – so they insisted. Keep observing, and stay “para-political” in attitude was their best advice, is why I don’t say much about what I know.

As Uranus enters Taurus in 2018, we will find out about self sustained life. What is REAL MONEY? Really? Store of Value? Exchange mechanism? All of it? Some of it? is a quantum question URANUS will explore in eccentric manner into 2025.

Having lived around / being educated by Targeted Individual – T.I. “ET kiddo” status –– Automatically you always are alert aware & alive. The deal is to live another day. “Targeted Individual” Life began at age 12 for me. Interesting little life. The clips below explain this ET “contact person” existence in 2 Saturn cycles inside of an expanding / developing series of film clips. “DUNE” is a joke compared to what my friends & I lived in this one life time.

For what it is worth, the Nordics insist we take their 100-200 years game plan of “Space Cities Network” proposal seriously. Unless we leave this planet and venture out, by 2200, we are toast and circle in endless (karmic) circles. You can break out of this if you want, so they told me.

Predicting events & trend lines is a dangerous business, because the ones who cannot see on their own will try trail the ONE who has the sight. Having “THE SiGHT” is worse even than carrying the RING. You get to the point where security is needed just to keep “The Sight Man” alive… You have all the world’s ass holes up against & after you – so you start becoming silent about what you know..

[expand your thinking

(In 2015, I explained why & how Donald Trump would develop USA in new ways.
Now in 2018, we can see it is best to let things develop further into 2020.)

“LiGHT-SEEDS” – Copyright 2006-2018 by Michael St.Clair
In TiME-MAP 2018-2025 we address the unknown. CRYPTO? Who Controls it?