A present/future PLUTO in AQUARiUS “Tech Society” can bring benign progress like we had in Atlantis, or anti-human robotic dystopian futures as in “Blade Runner” or “Avatar” – which will it be this time around?

Every 250 years, let alone every 26,000 years, in cycles, Pluto traverses Aquarius at some point.. and rips apart societies’ system structures, infra-structures, tech systems, all of it, you can look up the phases in my book LIGHT-SEEDS.

NEVER excavated truths & Nordic NoteBook
To sum it up: “No Logic, no Civics = No society = no future!.”

We are on our way to meet a final intersection on the highway of ET/Mankind.

PLUTO into AQUARiUS = More Human Than Human?

Even though you tie a hundred knots — the string is one. – Rumi

Pluto Transformer in Aquarius, GroupMind Sign? Imagine Silly-Con gone insane. Men in Black society rules the world, as Putin explained to Oliver Stone in 2017.. or as Dr. Edgar Mitchell ex NASA explained to Michael St.Clair in 2001 – in a deal that he, St.Clair, keeps the knowing quiet until Mitchell goes back to his stars . . . . same deal as with Walters, Haig, and Carter. All of whom were military officers.

ULTRA EXTREME form of societal ground swell coming… DEEP STATE if ever. Cyber terror at the hands of dark forces wherever. I knew some heavy duty guys in Deep State who told me the many issues facing us later.

(Sources: Jimmy Carter, Vernon Walters, Dr. Ed Mitchell, General Alexander Haig, Dr. Bruno Stanek, Erich v Daeniken, Billy Meier)


The Nordics teach many sciences. All integrated… To all ETs.. “equally”..
meaning according to the level [proportionally speaking] of their awareness.

Cosmology, Law, military, architecture, society, medicine, safety & planning…
I spent life times with the Nordics, we did a lot, seen a lot. Taught a lot..

Look.. see BiG PiCTURE 2050 The ET tech tool toys are distributed – unevenly – between USA Russia and China, and India, and some. USA in Grey hands. Plus some secret Mars project off of the NASA books.

Russia more with Pleiadians / Andromeda studying space energy tech to save people here after catastrophes; more Earth bound, will own the rest of whats left. China allied with The Sirians, mostly interested in super fast warp drive / tech to venture out there. Space time travel tech is in hands of Iran mathematicians. Future travel is through TiME, not via space.

If all nations were to pool their ET tech toys,the space cities network project is REAL in less than 20 years. Those who talk robot / humans A.I. (“artificial intel”) mind=machine games are insane, from Shammat’s Grey aliens. Will finish themselves off — if we just dont interact with them. Know that they are the enemy of mankind, and many humans represent them here – volitionally.

At the moment it starts to look like the idea / concept / management of “democracy” is ending as a societal system in the Western world. This would now be the case as PHOLUS passed Saturn. I don’t see how this can be rebooted in this current form. Then you have the breakdown of consciousness, of civility,of the civilization really, plus fake news etc.

It reaches saturation point for those who see through this, and more people do see through it. I meet many aware folks from all walks of life, rich poor old young well educated or not. Maybe 50 years experience of a farmer is worth 2 high end university degrees of a 21 year old.

In some parts of society – across the board – we even see now a trend, if it is a trend, where the more aware citizens prefer not even to take part in the choices the system offers them. You see this in unusually high abstention during elections and referendum, etc. Some people begin to question if everything about everything is rigged? And if so, and if all of it is kind of illegal, or questionable, plus monitored, then why take part in t? A choice is also to volitionally not be a a part of the circus.

This is what I observed. I saw it in many nations, in many situations, I don’t need to name them. If this trend becomes predominant reality, we are then ready for 2020 alignments. You then have an aware population that checks out of democratic civic system, and waits things out, while the unaware and controllers play games until it all ends in new elections. It always ends in new same.

Even the ancient Greeks knew their shitty system was an illusion. They probably didn’t go vote either, and their elections were also rigged, and we know some of them even beat each other up in parliament. So it was not all roses there either ever, even 2,500 years ago the things was questionable.

Then eventually earth changes took out what was left of it… as you know.


Richard DreyFuSS ex # 3rd Kind Encounter.

A Rarer than super rare Canopus ET agent who Knows the USA Constitution,
Just watch him teach Tucker buddy who is polite enough to say “Thank U Sir!”

Kali Yuga age we are leaving behind now.. PLUTO in Aquarius is IMPERSONAL to the max. All it does is it transforms societies in an indifferent / unconventional / new / futurist way for humanity, systems, groups, things BIGGER than small people. Therefore expect extreme changes in areas related to sociology & tech teachings, social, computing communications mental, spiritual and intellectual – relationships – affairs between small and HUGE groups for this generation born 2024-44 to come in.

These changes are likely to persist (fixed signs AQ), and be intrinsically systemically motivated via electro-magnetic genetics. This has always been a time of outlandish / extreme / unexpected / drastic social changes which could reach to the profound depths of beliefs, minds / existences / beyond / and it does in fact threaten the foundations of mankind’s society OFTEN. See cycles in LIGHT-SEEDS – (1778-1798, 2024-2044) etc.

The NORDiC knowing I was handed to explain to the heads of states, intel bosses and military agencies around the world is simple. First of all you know I address you as a military officer now, and as a Nordic Asset. Not as an astrologer. Pay attention!

YOU have 3 major real threats affecting this planet Earth now:
– simultaneously these factors are (in no particular order) –

* EARTH climate solar weather tectonic changes taking out civilizations!
* MiGRATIONS of planet scale affecting health, economy & logistics systems!
* CYBER security super state attacks that put all 7 billion people at risk!

YOU have a systemic breakdown threat staring you idiots straight in the face!
YOU have only one solution: Get your 200+ heads in a room; and figure it out!

These are potential planetary “ELE” = Extinction Level Events, Fukushima Yellowstone etc. The above are the REAL 3 THREATS, all else you are being told are vapid distractions. We don’ have time for wars any longer!

The above intel report entails the solutions can only be planetary by design.
Time for Leaders of nations & their people arguing about irrelevancy is OVER!

YOU will require a PLANETARY SOCIETY in 2020 for security reasons.
PLanetary solution approach by / for all together. Get heads together!

NO POLITICS; No Social Engineering; faux economics: all this is finished / failed.

PLUTO AQUARIUS = checking in on SYSTEMS SOCIETY STRUCTURES (hive minds) deeply.
Each time Pluto passes Aquarius…. all hell breaks loose in ALL societies…
The future as of 2020 is purely technological, all else proved nonfunctional.

= A tech savvy group. Non ideological. Future young trouble shooting experts =
System-managers, solution-orientated, self determined, self sustained, self sufficient — self- organized, SELF RELIANT, self-everything..

Uranus in Taurus 2018-2025
is EXTREMELY and unpredictably SELF RESOURCEFUL.
Aquarius is ruled by URANUS. PLUTO will sit in Uranus’ sign for TWENTY YEARS,
and which in short means very extreme stuff on all fronts through all spectrum.

The dark side of PLUTO in Aquarius is shown in the movie “BLADE RUNNER.”/

That is where it will go, if we let it go there unchecked; machines / robots.
It would be the end of mankind. The decision is made in every one’s sane mind.
As a Nordic Asset I am just allowed to repeat: It will be the end of mankind.

YOU can try merge a human mind to a machine, or vice-versa, and even to think of doing this — you would have to be mentally questionably ill, but you can think it through on you own. That would create many cloned NOTHINGS fighting their mirrors. Are you well in the head to propose this? Think about what that would create? NO future, the end. My friend.

There might be laws later in a future saying such thoughts are non human.

Krishnamurti prophetically addressed this deeply and warned us as young guys about this in 1980. YOU want to think about PLANETARY SECURiTY in Hamburg now, at G22 ? (The Nordics & Sirians are there too) — and not get distracted!?


* NORDiC ASSET — Report Contact!

* Pluto in Aquarius – “the transmind” / trance-formation of society’s infra-structure systems, and the death of the individual human, or the birth of the machine “being”? Nice future there buddies. It would be the end. No more soul, no more purpose. No more “re”-incarnation. Nothing.

* The Nordics will send me a space craft, nicer looking & faster moving than air force 1 — to get me out of here. I described it all in LIGHT-SEEDS. Hey guys, we are almost there in 2040: Human society has only 25 more years at most, or so, to go to hit the wall — if we let it happen. . . .

* Pluto in Pisces means – “Die another night.”

I meet you there.
Michael St.Clair

Chuang-Tsu said:

“The purpose of a fishtrap is to catch fish,
and when the fish are caught, the trap is forgotten.
The purpose of a rabbit snare is to catch rabbits.
When the rabbits are caught, the snare is forgotten.

The purpose of words is to convey ideas.
When the ideas are grasped, the words are forgotten.
Where can I find a man who has forgotten words?
He is the one I would like to talk to.

Beam up FNN. – [fake new narrative]

On the other hand… Understand
it is not only about survival: Incarnation Spirit PathWays

Foot note:

[Read “The Art Of The Deal” – by Donald J Trump ]

Real important to KNOW what one talks about OK @ FNN! The book contains an 11-step formula for success, inspired by Norman Vincent Peale‘s The Power of Positive Thinking. Trump’s steps are (and anyone mentioning him should study this):

1- Think Big. 2- Protect the downside and the upside will take care of itself. 3- Maximize your options. 4- Know your market. 5- Use your leverage. 6- Enhance your location. 7- Get the word out. 8- Fight back. 9- Deliver the goods. 10- Contain the costs. 11- Have fun.


12. Makes sense