Disclosure occurs one by one. There was Snowden, then Putin / Stone. Now St.Clair Nordic & his black book – explaining in plain language how we came here, what is actually really going on & what we CAN do about it: Create a massive mankind project worthy of its advanced humans – Leave Earth!

“We can not extend the runway of this blue planet beyond 2080.”
– Nordic commander to St.Clair

Nordic statement to all present / future world leaders:

We have earth changes which require cooperation of all continents nations.
We have MORE migrations yet coming, that need managed now by all powers.
We have a completely broken world system infra-structure, needs replaced.

We have to realize we are not designed / built for this harsh environment.
We have the technology on planet [in USA, Russia, China] to leave Earth.
What are we waiting for? To be wiped out first by extinction level events?

Creating space cities is the largest economy mankind project. Let’s do it!

In his new ET contact series, St.Clair explores the extreme situation of planet Earth in light of his knowing about where we came from and what is most likely to transpire in the coming years. St.Clair reports back to the Nordics, as this is not addressed to Earth humans, yet of interest.

Land degradation ahead, earth changes potentially similar to what we saw after Atlantis, such as Yellowstone, and California Pacific weather manipulations bring drastic consequences. Technology and awareness give mankind a potential chance to evolve and develop along a new future past 2020, as long as self sufficient ways are traveled.

Chances for unexpected extinction level earth events to transpire in the time up to 2020 are statistically getting higher. Each day Yellowstone does not erupt is a day closer to when it will do it and take half of America down with it. Same is on now in center of Germany (FRAPort area) with a caldera that is overdue since 5,000 years or more. And it is rumbling, or else we not mention this.

One hit there, and EU is bye bye. So don’t be too “smart” in Brussels .. we all know which fault Lines to hit sharply to enforce order / Yellowstone 1 / Frankfurt 2 caldera ok. Imagine. We would re-establish ORDER.

NORDiC ASSET – St.Clair’s CONTACT clip series
(The name “Shikasta” comes from the Persian word شکسته (shekasteh) meaning “broken” planet.)

Sociological / constitutional legal United Nations DiSCLAiMER:
This work by St.Clair is not addressed to Earth Humans, but to the ETs.

Hammer-hard film documentary series – Guided by Nordic Intel /.
( of metallic precision – taking NO prisoners – human or ET. )

Awareness levels have improved on one end of the spectrum of very aware people while on the other end of the spectrum, larger elements of the population no longer are able to cope with the enhanced energies flooding our planet, and the level of true knowledge or knowing is not suitably adapted to what develops in 2018-2020.

St.Clair predicted accurately Trump’s election as 45th US President, and his ending the FakeNews monopoly on propaganda. Shammat-type elements (Lessing students know) are in / on this Earth planet — from since before Atlantis, messing everything up here. There is the question if to produce an ELE extinction level event would take them out of this planet? The super experts I know among highest level ETs are not sure you can take the cancer out — without hurting the planet host. Its like GlioBlastoma Grade 34.

Several ETs came here in human form over the past hundred years to assist people and governments in using new energies and new technologies, and teachings to free mankind. There is positive albeit small change in the air in 2017-18. Jupiter in Libra & in Scorpio moves the energy higher. Saturn in Capricorn will address the timeless.

The fact that President Putin speaks with Oliver Stone — over two years — (The Jungle Book’s Baloo & Shere Khan — dancing inside the Kremlin) — and St.Clair speaks to the Nordics for twenty years — all this amazing event timeline in itself shows the way ahead. The future is in fact shown by the reality that the super guys speak to each other now, without hesitation.

Seriously, now watching Putin & Stone
is like watching Aladdin ^ Elven at my home….
a dance of major cats knowing each is dangerous

We know who is who; who we can trust; who we cannot trust.
See BlackBook 2020 – by St.Clair. The thriller.

What is of non negotiable import is to create platforms — space cities, networks in orbit, during this Century — from which to be able to leave planet Earth within the coming 200 -300 years. The Nordics know of planets and places where humans could live when this planet runs out of steam. There are areas in space very hostile to Nordics and humanoids, ruled by Reptilians.

Many planets are livable now and inhabitable for humans / humanoids, defense systems are in place, in the orbit of Saturn. The RING MAKERS built a defense system worthy of study by NASA if it has the brains to see it. We invite their ant brains to see it in its true and full CiNEMAscope. The thing is humans as are now in their state of mental development areNOT welcome on the planetswe can colonize. They are seen as dangerous by the watchers.

You need understand the planet EARTH (Shikasta) was sort of divided up between alien ETs a long long time ago. After many thousands of years of restructuring and reshuffling stuff and many earth changes, lands were lost, the land mass that is now known as the USA / Canada / Mexico is in the hands of a robotic Grey ant sub race, who are machine slaves, soulless machinist things with a chip in the brain, subjects to the Reptiles who are seriously demented..\\

(SHAMMAT=Lessing term) — Serendipitous that Trump saw at least clear on that one.

Now in line of Galactic Center with Lilith, Saturn is Lord of TIME.. and on an incursion into its own timeless sign of structure — Capricorn One. Saturn Pholus started a new very long term synodic cycle, indicating a new human management system. Ixion approaches Cap1 after Galactic Center. Ixion brings about order in management affairs.

The fact that many ETs and some Earth bound Grey aliens are on this planet Earth, directing some tech human affairs, interfering in developments etc. is disclosed and known to those aware enough to be in contact with the higher forces. This has always been known, and will now become front center of human awareness during the coming years.

The Nordics are not a part of the Galactic Federation which encompasses many groups, such as Pleiadians, Andromeda, Orion etc. They are unbound, free, creative, renegade, and work with forces from both Canopus and Sirius star systems when the situation presents itself. The Nordics in turn work with “The Guidance” – a network of advanced inter-dimensional higher energy beings.

Crafts of extremely different propulsion systems were sighted / filmed from the ISS station in early 2017 — and some secret NASA/ISS footagepieces, few seconds were released on youtube at “Third Phase of The Moon.” Those are NOT Nordic crafts. The Nordics can dematerialize theirs. They do NOT travel point to point through space, they are MORE advanced than Shammat minds.

The REAL things that only advanced aware humans face in this planet reality is that we are in a contact point zone with MANY other ET dimensions, negative and positive and neutral. Imagine an airport. Planet Earth. 4,500 landing strips.

Millions of faces cruising through… ETs do too.
Oh and at times…. they may leave you a business card 😉

What we know NOW is not true – not relevant — and what we NEED to know, we really don’t yet know. That is the situation in 2017/18 – 2020. Until Saturn Jupiter AQUARiUS 2021. The Extra-terrestrials will make their presence felt in such ways as to have mankind pay attention and take notice-consistent with our report in 2009 LIGHT-SEEDS. Much to learn in our new ongoing / developing NORDiC DiSCLOSURE series. . .

Around the Planet EARTH (Shikasta) — ancient advanced technology portals have survived the cataclysms of the past. In the last 4,000 to 8,000 years the resonance lock to the home star was lost between Earth and higher dimensions.

In the Aquarius Tech Age, these hyper-dimensional energy portal alignments are rebooting anew NOW – a phenomenon that will allow humans to leave Earth in the next 200, 300 to 1,000 years of planetary development. The Age of Aquarius (2040-4140 roughly) is only for very intelligent futuristic folks, whereas the old brains dies by 2020. I meet 7 year old children born with old mind. Age means nothing, ok. I meet 70 year old folks who are futuristic living.

E x p a n d i n g ASTRO*iNTEL series

For reference – NORDiC ASSET – Intro chapter presentation

In this conversation – The Way of Intelligence – 1980 KrishnamurtiTalk – they look into what happens when AI takes over. That is when the Nordics will for sure abandon this planet. Then it will look like Mars.

Another irrelevant collateral casualty among our Cosmic host platform stations.