Age of Aquarius until 4,044 has only one purpose:

Mankind leaves planet Earth during this Aquarius cycle; gets acquainted with its ancestors / offsprings in other star systems, travels to new spaces via time, leaving behind the last few prisoners who could not make their escape. I would not be surprised the old “elites” & their guards are stuck here forever. Core of LIGHT-SEEDS prophecy: First Contact — Freed up Humanity evolves to explore space time. Bye-bye Earth!


Spock contemplates inter-dimensional QiGong Game with his Creator!

« May I say that I have not thoroughly enjoyed serving with humans?
I find their illogic and foolish emotions a constant irritant »

The sooner we as a species / group of ET people understand the time travel technology resides within us and we are capable of mastering / furthering the DNA which is within us, maybe already by 2,222, the better chances we have to fulfill our purpose. It never was the idea to rot here forever. This is just a stop over in evolution. Like a play yard, we should leave it clean when we leave. Earth Changes will wipe off the physiognomy of this planet literally of the face of this earth, you see that surely? So what do you want to do here LONG-TERM?

Timeless Logic & Wisdom with Friend Spock

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* Given the 96% accurate track record by St.Clair — 5 misses out of 250 correct predictions in 20 years — the above is set in stone. (St.Clair even predicted Germany wins last soccer cup, embarrassing but he predicted it too.)

* Observe how — Beyond Personalities — Gene Roddenberry’s Spock inspires still very many, and which is what Spock came here to do, do guide us all – to reach beyond ourselves – and beyond the stars…

[Gene Roddenberry said of belief systems: ]
“How can I take seriously a God-image that requires that I prostrate myself every seven days and praise it? That sounds to me like a very insecure personality.”


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* St.Clair predicted specifically the revolution of the human mind ongoing, a new mind; we are the technology — and which is Beyond Personalities. Trump’s a part of it. People elect their own people. Le Pen etc.

Furthermore — beyond “names” ? The new existing tech generation takes over by 2047 Uranus – Pluto. Nameless faceless anonymous, as explained here… We enter – “A new contract.”



Surely you have seen the famous movie Avatar – You know who produced it? The very same gentleman who was asked by Trump to head the Treasury of the USA! Dr. G Heath King & I specifically said in our first essays, that Donald Trump will invite the very best minds. We invited you to Join!

Imagine . . .

In 2017, or 2018 – — on one new moon night — a super sleek silent invisible Nordic attack craft – a mile diameter – lands unseen deep in Russian territory and lets the human Russian scientists visit and cooperate? The RU helicopters fly in and out.. at night mainly. With clearance. The cell phones in neighborhood work when needed. Everyone is informed what it is about.

The craft sits there, shining, for a while, hidden, yet surrounded and refueled by black sleek small defense crafts defending the landing zone.. This game goes on.. A year or two, deep works – 2020 – high levels – full spectrum, exchange everything they know. Humanity has now changed.

You still with me? No one hears of this.. They do it all. New Medicine, new free space energy, new warp drives, new decentralized energy sciences, new 11 math, hyper physics – secret DNA, propulsion tech magnetix – levitation – etc. etc… and give us all the solutions to enact.

Now! Thanks. Imagine… A lot of extreme intense condensed fast work at all levels takes place until 2050. Fiction is about 500 years behind reality. Then they fly out again… they are not made to hang here very long.. one year at the most.

A decade later we would be ready to do test flights.. ?
Again.. Are our minds ready to meet our destination.. ?

Imagine . . . there are way better futures out there awaiting us!

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