Five clips explaining, with help of Nordic ETs, what is going on now – next three years into 2021. Saturn Capricorn alters time band in governance structures of nations / mankind. Meeting Mars Jupiter / Saturn Pluto in late Capricorn 2020-21. Years ahead see massive societal disruptions.

Krishnamurti: I wonder what we mean by a new year. Is it a fresh year, a year that is totally afresh, something that has never happened before? When we say something new, though we know that there is nothing new under the sun, when we talk about a happy new year, is it really a new year for us? Or is it the same old pattern repeated over and over again? Same old rituals, same old traditions, same old habits, a continuity of what we have been doing, still are doing, and will be doing this year.

We experience “bad astral winds” right now into 2020.

Jupiter Scorpio 2017-2018 – Exposing The Hidden Hand

Jupiter Sagittarius 2018-2019 – Higher Int’l Laws / Treaties

Jupiter Sagittarius & Saturn Capricorn combination implies changes in International Laws & new cosmology including the discovery of new Planets.

Jupiter in Scorpio: secrets are being revealed / the hidden hand is being shown where things below the surface we do not know are being explored with Jupiter .. published and discussed.

Cruising with Jupiter’s Journey –
— to the Costa Brava — The best coast on this planet

New clip series 2018 (shot then, added later)

Neptune Saturn 2024/26 – Climate Weather Seas Oil – all of it

Astro*Intel 11.11.2017 – Saturn / Neptune 2024-26
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Saturn Neptune 2024 The Social Illusion. Saturn is Government (structure) and in Pisces it is Social Illusion. It will change the economy of the World. It will usher in a new ET world view.

Meanwhile EU & German Defense intel study 2040 future EU breakup / scenario see – Intel Leaks predict EU Collapse 2040 — [St.Clair’s comment: 2020 THE problem is in your face, in 2040 it will be post industrial, Europe will look like the Middle East crossed with Asia.]

The Oligarchic idea / perception is dead on arrival with PLUTO PISCE 2045.

Outlook in secret now..
Jupiter Scorpio 2018, Sagittarius 2019, and Capricorn 2020

Neptune (illusion) & Saturn (reality) Work @ Cross Purposes 2024-2026

— of astro note:

Astro*Intel by St.Clair – We see the Globalist ‘Hidden Hand’ signature now showing up worldwide: Anarchic WindMills were powered up by dark forces, everywhere from Catalonia, Brussels, Saudi House, to China, Russia, USA, to Africa & Venezuela — “Independence” is by now a worn out meme. Self-determination is within. Same time an inter-dimensional deleterious force field energy stalks this planet – place by place – person by person..

IT security at stake. – Kaspersky wins. CIA wrote fake code — Global Polarization was Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus Aries up to Sept 2017. Now we are entering Scorpio Jupiter type hidden discussions & shadowy discoveries.

By Winter 2021 it will be about being creative & intelligent – swearing in ceremony of the President of the United States – Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius & at that point a whole new connected society begins. Uranus in Taurus 2018-2024 heralds massive unexpected resources, land & property reforms.

In true Gemini manner, seeing all sides, Donald Trump (beyond diplomatic) states he believes BOTH the versions served to him by Putin and by his intel apparatus about all the past Russian / US 2016 election operations & shenanigans.

^ Jupiter’s journey shows the twelve years ahead – Visual Advanced Astro*intel — by Michael St.Clair You Tube
copyright by – Michael St.Clair 11.11.2017

Catalan Post Script:

Interview with Alfons López Tena, notario y ex diputado en el Parlament — The Messianic Cult ‘Process’ of Catalonia to never never land “independence”… a cold hard view by an insider who co-founded the new movement.

Jupiter Journey through Scorpio 2018 & Sagittarius 2019 winds up meeting Timeless Saturn Capricorn 2020