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Catalan MetaMorphing

‘I am more interested in unique persons than the united flags they wave’ – St.Clair

1984’s George Orwell; Ernest Hemingway (For Whom The Bell Tolls)Salvador Dali, Antonio Gaudi, myself – St.Clair – we lived & breathed most colorful ‘HOTEL CATALONIA’ – long enough to know when we see the Spirits of Trauma re-incarnate. We have seen this many times, thousands of years, it comes around. Freedom Democracy Uprising Tyranny etc. it’s a cycle. You can check in (at leisure) anytime, but you WILL NEVER leave the prison planet.

Spain & Catalonia – most of planet – is a story of recurring Spirits of Trauma.

Gala & Salvador Dali’s castle – facing Stone Cradle / Mt.Canigou
– Catalonia Winter sun rise – (photo copyright Sheila-Lama) –

What we experience in Catalonia, (those few 8 -eight- million of us fortunate enough to witness it) is an ice breaker type societal innovative ‘Transformation Project’ of all of society in a VERY LONG TERM. This is metamorphosis of centralized STRUCTURES to regional autonomy FOLKS – YET in a slow motion – united fashion. Birth pangs. Experiments. Many small ones = together stronger – after separating . .

* Debunking Catalan myths & lies — Ten points of ten important study!

* The Silence of The Majority in Catalonia — and its lengthy absence from the public arena — have created the illusion that “a majority of Catalans want independence.”
Yet survey after survey contradicts this FAKE MEME view.

* 400 law professors in Spain (50 Catalans)
A strong legal opinion on Catalonia

[This illusion is shared by a secessionist minority and by naive onlookers outside Catalonia / Spain. Half of Catalans are Spanish also. The CUP/ERC coup d’Etat = driven from outside Spain – by NGOs that did similar things. Ukraine Venezuela etc. color=full revolts]

Esoteric — Beginning & Ending — complex 9 part report on Catalonia
(only for Spanish readers)

Meanwhile “ballots” being distributed confetti-style allover cities..
– Print them out & Fly them in —
crypto democracy up=rising/s…

Amid relentless calls for “independence”–
Catalonians for a unified Spain struggle to be heard

I am a neutral objective observer, see all sides, more than two only…

When “Ballots” are thrown around like confetti, something weird, no?

[the official electoral board disbanded itself, no safe guards of anything]

Autumnal Equinox 2017

M O B Y Landed in Catalonia
– for an -X-tended – enforced vacation.

MOBY will house the “occupation” soldiers in this movie

PABLO IGLESISAS (leader of Podemos) and I propose something different —
Multi-nation Spain = Where everyone has its space in peace & cooperation.


Why would Catalonia have to be never ending failed hobbit state that pays taxes to keep FOUR fifths of Spain alive, Andalusia & co? OK something not right there. ?‘ ((Why do Bavarians have to pay for East Germans?))

“Anachronistic, absurd & illegal.”
Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa states that the Catalan referendum is “an anachronism that has nothing to do with the reality of our time, and which is not for the construction of nationalities, but on the contrary, for the fading of nationalities within large common organizations like Europe,” which he considers “one of the great democratic creations.”

FACT — Silent majority in Catalonia is OPPOSED to Independence

Fact. 80% of people in Cat Land wish a LEGAL binding referendum, either way.
Fact. 65% of people reject this current circus act driven by a radical Junta.

The Catalan government has no power
to organize a secessionist referendum
and it knows this.

Watch two times ten min.
to understand new situation now..

Asking for – promoting – dialogue that we are talking about will, in short, require time, a minimum set of clear and shared goals, a commitment to the common good by all regional leaders, and the broadness of vision to address changes ranging from constitutional reform to the regional financing system, as Economy Minister Luis de Guindos suggested. Surely, a true dialogue to reform our structures will also require new conversation partners: it is hard to imagine that those who have openly violated the law, or that those who have in the past blocked any chance at change, could now lead such a process. This new dialogue cannot take place yet, nor can it begin until the rule of law is unequivocally restored in Catalonia. What can begin, however, is the political initiative to create a foundation for such dialogue. It is important to say it. It is even more important to do it.

Nothing can move forward until ALL the old actors of ALL sides leave the theatrical scene. Hamlet goes, King Lear goes, MacBeth is Toast = all leave. To build a 17 multi nation state in Spain & settle the matter for the better. Federation style. Will take time.

Never mind all the many “secret plans” the many players talk about…

The ever so clever Julian Assange said there will be civil war in Catalonia. He is the oracle. Notwithstanding the fact that I personally asked Trump buddy to pardon Assange buddy, and his cat buddy, I am the source in CatLand. I say there is already ‘civil war’ in Catalonia, since I am witnessing it, of a deadly / silent Stalinist kind, it is how it starts. Name any case study! It always looks like a great idea until some dark ones take over from the naive ones… from a sinking empire..

((See Histories comparable to when one piece of an incredibly powerful empire wishes to split.. where a majority of quiet people are scared to speak any word for fear to be targeted by a few (outside sponsored) radical extremists who have taken a legitimate movement, a failed parliament, and now a whole puppet government – as hostage and dictate in autocratic manner what goes to a majority who wishes to stay within the rule of Law.))

Isn’t that something? = Autocracy passing for Democracy.

Sociology Sorrows.. soros sources — 1-on-1 —
here we just share some links ideas \ resources..

The new idea

“Govern d’unitat pluri-nacional que pugui convocar un referèndum legal.”



As a Nordic Asset
= I can tell you 1 notion =

“United Autonomy”

= Million march 11. 9. (9/11) 2017 BCN =
(they celebrate 303rd anniversary of their defeat 1714)

THE Manifesto

With the Spanish / Catalan governments at loggerheads over Catalonia’s desire to be independent, it seems some citizens of the small regions have grown weary of the bickering. A manifesto, entitled ‘The Other Catalans’ has gone viral — at FB — with their message of tolerance & peace. The Catalan society is discreet & hospitable.

Being widely shared on Facebook / WhatsApp:

“We are the other Catalans.

— “Those who do not go to demonstrations and never place flags on the balcony.

— “We are calm, tolerant, hardworking, peaceful, discreet and friends of our friends. We want to have health, money, love and work, like everyone else.

— “We believe in family and in the personal effort and not in donations and public money to get things.

— “We love peace and freedom, we detest corruption, violence, abuse of power, manipulation and lies.”

It goes to say how they “respect Spain”, despite the war of words between politicians Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont.

— “We are quite fed up with the “procès” (Catalan independence process) and politicians in general with so many lies. We vote for the least bad.

— “We hate those who promote phobias between territories, whatever their colour is, from here or elsewhere, just to win a few votes, keep their job and keep themselves warm.

— “We do not believe that independence is the solution to all our problems: we are not so naïve. Confrontation politics and its leaders are part of the problem.

— “I believe many think like that, but we are not seen or heard: “we are THE OTHERS” and although they know we are here, they ignore us for not thinking like them.

— “We love Catalonia, we love Spain, we want to remain European.”

— For this particular NOBEL Prize winner, Catalonia’s referendum is anachronistic, illegal, and absurd, all three of it. see Mario Vargas Llosa explaining how he has seen it all.

— 1 — Orwell showed Hemingway the Way in CatLand
Orwell & Hemingway in Spain & Barcelona
Just recall, that Hemingway, Dali, Orwell, Gaudi, and I, we have seen it all.
(Orwell served on the Aragon front for 115 days – Homage To Catalonia)

— 2 — Rounding up the Mayors
for or against it? Catalan Mayors who pledged to hold referendum under investigation – Mayors risk their arrests now.

— 3 — Where are the famous transparent six thousand BALLOT BOXES in Catalonia? Someone flying them in at BCN in strike, or Crypto Revolt?

— 4 — Update. Spain’s Constitutional Court puts Catalan Referendum on Ice

— 5 — Most Catalans view this absurd farce of Referendum iNVALiD & ILLEGAL (both)
[61% of YOUNG adult voters – under age 35 – are against this operation.]

— 6 — Astrologically, the 2017 impasse is super steep = Insurmountable.
Jupiter in Libra vs. Uranus in Aries is a last replay of Trump vs Clinton. Same story more evolved now with Mars Venus opposite Neptune..

Most people will learn soon that Majorities do NOT define democracies, because a democracy is defined – rather – by its ability not to break the Rule of Law, which is beyond what a “democracy” is about.
(For Assange & Snowden to figure out still on their own when they grow up…)

— 7 — Catalans’ Bid For “Independence” or sovereignty,
After Spain’s Guardia Civil’s precisely well-timed Virgo New Moon “Anubis” – Egypt dog of the dead – raid operations into the Catalan main Economy, Finance, IT, and Presidential chancelleries, a steep question arises.
(They seized the printed referendum ballots in huge crates, photos.)

Why were ten million ballots printed
— when only 5,5 million people can vote? This is an ‘aesthetic question’ only ok.. Is that strange or not? What were the 4 more extra million ballots for?? Aware minds ask, and you may think along side…:

“Why ten million printed ballots for 5.5 million registered voters?”

— 8 — To top it off. The HOBBiTs’ “contingecy & fandango plans” for a street party.
see Puigdemont speaks Catalan

— 9 — Debunking the 8 most common lies — recited by CatLand’s puppet president Puigdemont – just to say Catalans are NOT stupid people.

[Propganda wars one on one]

Operation Anubis on Catalonia’s 2017 Virgo New Moon.

Or – When LEGAL notion of Sedition floats around – it gets serious.

Historically speaking, just asking a question . . .
Is a “legalistic” Coup d’Etat a new form of Democracy inside the Rule of Law?

Can the ‘Jungle Law’ system be declared by a Parliament President of a minority population – in a 48 hours emergency session? [Steep constitutional legal question.]

– photo finish of a divided society –

The above OFFiCiAL tweet takes the cake in matters of “Rule of Law” — Never seen any thing more absurd in all my life than these 24 hours, and I am a seasoned super intel officer — (who witnessed West Palm Beach 2000 after predicting it 1 year ahead) — I cannot believe they were allowed to pull off such an insane anti-constitutional stunt, unless prosecutors needed to follow the trail of money to prove sedition. Should have been stopped then & there.

[This is moment when Ambassador Vernon Walters reincarnation would look Nixon man, or me in the face and eye me down, and say, Michael you cant pull this crap in a democracy.”]

Time for a lecture on valid inter-national constitutional Law/s — Saturn in SAGiTTARiUS’ last ‘galactic center’ (or most evolved) degrees, while well aligned to Jupiter & Uranus both. Majorities, democracies, rule of law, or rule of the mob? Takes time to see clear.

Brave Catalan people speak freely…


“It is a revealing fact that a lot of people in Catalonia don’t want to talk about it, out of weariness or out of fear of getting harassed by either side, or even by both at the same time. This is a small world where everybody knows each other. For instance, everyone knows where any given Catalan public figure – whether a politician, a writer, an athlete or a TV anchor – stands on the issue of independence. And everyone knows that the moment they open their mouth, they will be categorized into one of the two opposing sides.”

Josep Cuní, 1 of most popular journalist TV personalities in Catalonia, admits that until now he had kept his distance, but that he is currently feeling annoyed.

“I am very critical about the manner in which this whole thing has been handled. Not so much because of the illegality, but because of the aesthetic aspects,” he says.

This might sound very snobbish and selective, but I think that respect and delicacy of manner is an essential part of Catalanism: a job well done has no borders, while a botched job has no future. Like [20th-century Catalan writer Josep] Pla used to say, ‘You go ahead and do whatever you like in life, but above all, never make a fool of yourself.’

That sense of ridicule is a big deal in Catalonia, where grandmothers routinely say, ‘Whatever you do, don’t draw attention to yourself’.”

source A “Referendum? Yes, but not like this one.”
Here is an inconvenient intelligent Dose of Truth

On a forward-looking Saturn Sagittarius / Jupiter Libra note…
1st October 2017 astro for Barcelona Catalonia, with moon in Aquarius
A good connected day in the neighborhoods for inspired street parties!

Jupiter Uranus face off to decide what is LEGAL or Lawful

Misguided action – Aesthetics gone awry – peace & love & mind control.

Catalonia always chooses the WORST astro dates to do something of importance. Lately since 2011 all elections & referendum operations were very unfortunately scheduled by IGNORANT folks – either into eclipses or Mercury retro phases – where nothing would ever work long term, and this last operation for 1st October is no different – 1 more nail in the coffin of all of it = Catalonia, Spain, EU, the Western Civilization, etc.. (watch 2 ten min videos above.)

Neptune in Pisces
blows giant purple smoke across ALL of it.
Keep breathing. Purple Haziness.

The Hurricanes storms floods are part of NEPTUNE’s 2026 decade long rulership.

You know.
What defines a democracy is not the existence of (rigged) “majorities” – all political systems & regimes have them – but rather the fact that even the best ‘democracies’ cannot disobey the iron rule of law with impunity.

There is a difference between ‘rule of law’ – and rule of mob by / mobsters / autocrats. North Korea / Ukraine / Uganda / Yemen / Venezuela etc. Catalonia could easily fall-off that cliff because it is low hanging fruits.

Fall Equinox 2017: — Deja-vu
== in late December 1936 == G. Orwell describes the atmosphere in Barcelona as it appears to him at this time.

“The anarchists were still in virtual control of Catalonia and the revolution was still in full swing … It was the first time that I had ever been in a town where the working class was in the saddle … every wall was scrawled with the hammer and sickle … every shop and café had an inscription saying that it had been collectivized.

They all think themselves super smart.
When foolishness passes for cleverness?
The Nordics are yawning with me — bored.

The Costa Brava in Catalonia
Keeps its Tomb of Secrets Closed

Dali never had any children

Destination VENUS ?!

Copyright 2017 – by St.Clair

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