[You have to admit…]

Signs of times – Empty Your Mind! – [Uranian] are with the applied astrology that we move as individuals in self determination / self actualization towards an attitude of:

“i-can” and “i-create” & “i-intel” & “i-zen” & “i-future”

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They all told us this 2017 photo finish would never happen. They laughed in our face for twenty years. We had the twenty plus years experience + track record of 98+ %. They still dared telling us their unprintable BLACK predictions which we blocked from happening. As predicted accurately in these futuristic / timeless pages, the Intel inside people will take care of business.

Game Over.
– Rien ne va plus. Les jeux sont faits.

(Many placed their bets.. We shall see about that..)

Orient-(ation) is EAST !
Towards the Pyramids!

The Asklepius Principle [Project Ax]

[ Directed & produced – by Zensu ]

You may be led to unwillingly believe that “Artificial Intelligence” is your collective (individual) future; No. it is NOT. You might want to consider it “alien intelligence” / non-human intel / Your own future is YOUR own INTEL Self-Determined! Self-resilient & resourceful in self realization mode — “i-Create + “i=intel”

They want you all to become replicants. You really want that?
There is some thing extremely surreal to this phase ahead now…
Like crafting a Dali painting we can morph into position & time.

The Way of Intelligence

[Canopus in Argos — cia— agents do not re-incarnate.] – Galileo, Kopernicus, Dalai Lama, E. Velikovsky, N. Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Jiddu Krishnamurti… etc. these types of dudes are exempt from re-incarnations –
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When the machine takes over the brain …

“The brain has infinite capacity; it is really infinite. That capacity is now used technologically. That capacity has been used for the gathering of information. That capacity has been used to store knowledge—scientific, political, social and religious. The brain has been occupied with this. And it is precisely this function (this technological capacity) that the machine is going to take over. When this take-over by the machine happens, the brain—its capacity—is going to wither, just as my arms will if I do not use them all the time. The question is: If the brain is not active, if it is not working, if it is not thinking, what is going to happen to it? Either it will plunge into entertainment—and the religions, the rituals and the pujas are entertainment—or it will turn to the inquiry within. This inquiry is an infinite movement. This inquiry is religion.” [ source: A Timeless Spring– pp 164-165]

John McAfee aged 72
[an achieved 5 stars Canopus in Argos agent]
giving FREE advice to David Knight & everyone about A.I. etc.
Listen carefully to what he answers about the reality of the Human Mind.