– by St.Clair

THE WAY forward to resolve Snowden’s & Trump’s dilemmas. Snowden says he misses America and did it all for America, and for the rest of the world, I add. Trump knows in his brave heart that America was founded upon an act of treason, and that wrong laws need to be changed.

He changes bad trade deals, he updates the vapid NWO style of world diplomacy, all for the better, I agree, and so why not change all the silly surveillance and antiquated “laws” not applicable nowadays? Traitor? The famous special 1776 “traitors” then went on to become US Presidents. There are “laws” – and there is HIGHER LAW. Sure you heard of it.

Hey you! He is watching you –
checking if you are learning!


Putin just issued a new Info Security Doctrine – to defend his people’s “mental / spiritual” realm. He has more high level stuff in common with the 1776 US founding fathers than with you know who these days…


So what is the perception problem?

The archaic century old US espionage act is not aimed at guys who inform the whole world of misdeeds of their own Government. That notion could not even exist technologically in 1917.

This “act” was aimed at US insiders (citizens, residents) who work for foreign governments and foreign agents. The Clintons & Sorrows, etc. typically all fall under this 1917 circus act indeed. And they will pay fthe piper, so I was told by some birdies..
(“Fake news” has the updated list of those to indict!)

What has Snowden got to do with the old espionage act? Nothing!

Get your brains on par! Not to compare to ex CIA Director Petraeus who got everybody into the lethal ISIS mess to start with, but it dawns on you that Snowden is a choir boy in relation to Petraeus’s perilous adventures – for his own benefit, no less, to get laid with the lady. And who knows if the Chinese did not have her machinery tapped?

Who will ever know, right? His clearance anyway was way higher than Snowden’s techno gadgetry ever was, and Snowden did what he did not only NOT for his benefit, he did it @ his own peril. (If someone could prove Petraeus had funny biz in the Karzai opium wars, then the “espionage act” would catch him too.)

There are several ways out of this mess. You can as I suggested appoint Snowden US Ambassador to Russia, and make this the art of Trump deal. I bet you the populations of the world would APPLAUD ROARINGLY – twitter abuzz and MSM flip flat out melt down… as the new President of the USA, sends out his best of all tweets:


Just pardoned @Snowden, accepted his apology.
Deep phone call, he accepted my mission with Putin.
Great Guy, go ahead!”

They will give you BOTH then a joint Peace Nobel Prize next year 2018. Perhaps they will make you share it with Putin also. Worth it ok! They say of Trump he selects only the best & brightest around him. Which is true. So what are we waiting for to get Snowden onboard?


Otherwise make him another creative deal, bring him back – after pardon – and appoint him head of a new ministry of Cyber-TRUTH whatever and let him supervise the snoopers and report back. Have him transform the NSA, make sure they don’t do mistakes. Get creative and find him a worthy mission.

You are facing an anonymous, faceless and endless world movement of super tech people of this plus the next and the next generations who have what it takes to change society, beyond personalities, in the Aquarian cycle ahead, as we discussed in these presentations on these pages. It is time now to help bring it about and not delay it.

I am addressing this to whoever needs to know:

USA’s top 15 intel gurus wrote (The intel super police):

“As former professional staff members of the U.S. Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities (the “Church Committee”), we are writing to urge that the White House and the Justice Department negotiate a settlement of the charges against Edward Snowden that both sides can accept.

There is no question that Edward Snowden’s disclosures led to public awareness which stimulated reform. Whether or not these clear benefits to the country merit a pardon, they surely do counsel for leniency.”
more at Brennan Center Memo to Obama: Make him a Deal!

Obama has a chance to move on it. But said he cannot until court?

Trump! Now it’s his hour. As Dr GHK said: “The hour of the outlier.”

Let me give them my NORDiCs’ input (they just whispered it to me now via mind twitter): @ While you are @it, why not have him write a NEW USA CONSTiTUTiON? Right. He can do it! @

Snowden explains time & time again: It is not about him, so why the interviews by the personality chasers ?? This new cycle is about mankind. He explains well: “Nothing to hide – nothing to fear” is pure Nazi propaganda. To say you feel safety has to be above free speech? That’s like saying you have nothing intelligent to say anyway. Think about it a bit!

Dan Gilmore Talks With Edward Snowden

This is why in my old days they told me to FiRST study Philosophy which I did a bit, and THEN study The Laws, which I also did, a bit, until I figured, we can’t work with these old mind game sets and reference frame works . . . i realized first we need a new mind. It is being manifested these days, slowly.

What did people elected Donald Trump for, really?
To bring America into the Future, and out of the old brain mind! And out of the globalist fangs who spy even on Trump. Maybe you can use Snowden at least as your cyber security guy? Just kidding…

Do something inspired intelligent with your Super Spy Gemini Genius !

(Trump & Snowden are both Geminis with Sagittarius positions, one mirrors the other astrologically) well – and they might just really get on fine, you never know, until you try, if you put these two Geminis with their Libra and Sag positions into a room, it might get interesting… and maybe they should meet in secret @ the Antarctic flying Nazi base. So no one sees the meeting. The have a base also underneath the sea bed. But you won’t get clearance I think, either of you?

If you need help, the Nordics gave me the clearance ok!


Good Luck Buddies!

Special Astro*intel documentary mini series…


FRee-Arranging the Deck Chairs of your WorldView!

Trump & his “fake news” landing teams are about to disembark into the swamps of Washington, D.C. (designed by the hand-shake boys in Pentagram format etc.) Lots of esoteric stuff you need to learn real fast before you get there.

Best would be to move that Obelisk out the way. It will drive you insane. It puts a shadow straight over your decision making line. Haig told me the Oval Office tends to drive the inhabitants paranoid / psychopathic etc. YOU need to Protect Your Mind, when you get in there! I am not making this up, he really said it!

Alexander Haig told me in person, several times during the Nineties, that place sucks very bad! Viper pit! They called him a viper in the garden snake variety. Trump will need a guy like Haig there with him by his side. Someone who just kicks asses, arrests people if need be, and hey, even… (Mattis Motto!) — and I don’t see that guy yet? We don’t mean to scare Trump, he is fearless anyway, we mean to share the place is DOOMED!


Let’s help Trump out a bit here:
We need to think TOGETHER about . .

. . . The Future – positively

. . . War on Mankind + war on Health

. . . War on Literature & Internet Targeted for Elimination ???

. . . War on the mind. War on ideas, on words, on cash, on cars, on fake video view numbers even, and WikiPedia — itself the grand master purveyor of the super fake, lists Fake News – enjoy the journey down the rabbit holes. . . and learn!

. . . While making unsolicited recommendations to my famous American friends & partners over there, I suggest you end the entertaining interview travesty with your apprentices at Trump Tower, and name Jon Huntsman US Secretary of State.

He is another genius type, former Utah Governor, held huge 80% approval ratings there, speaks fluent Mandarin, was US Ambassador in China, so that should work splendid. He is old money, never mind Mormon, and thus he cannot be bribed, at least that. I think he has a grand game plan in his head!

This will be a vast welcome change in both style and substance, compared to the inept / treacherous (that word again) agents of influence who led US diplomacy for decades into perdition. Recall that Secretary of State Al Haig and Ambassador Vernon Walters (German Re-unification) explained to me in depth how the game went. Otherwise ask John Lear * !

You grasp that in topmost levels of world military / intel / diplomacy business (( — read ORiGiNAL — Dr. Anderson speaks to Anne — )) you have to be clued in to the future? Advance tech ETs etc.? I am talking a level beyond US “generals” Mattis Petraeus Flynn whoever. Not cowboys, not Bakaaroos ok!

We are talking ET envioy generals. And it is of paramount benefit to speak, or at least understand, a few world and ET languages. Otherwise you just pass for plain dumb and unsuitable. You don’t want your emissaries to look like the previous idiots. That’s not looking “great again” at all.

You want them to shine and look smart! It is then even more interesting if you get TRUSTED people who already have established mutual trust in their existing connections worldwide. Makes stuff move faster…

* Wiser names I suggest. Former HUD Asst.Secretary Catherine Austin-Fitts as BlackBudget Tzaress. You will need her to light your pathway through Mordor – that maze into the underground alien bases allover USA – believe me. She can tell you where the Twenty Trillion disappeared! But you have to ask her politely!

There is a base below the White House, not sure you want to go down there? Nasty hole. Ask anyone “cleared” there, they know! Visual impact will be unfriendly, to put it mildly, with the slimy Greys. Son of the Lear Jet founder, Sagittarius John Lear (you could use his services) can fly you (alone) in a stealth U13 over the XXX-expanded Area 51. S2 / GroomLake, etc. Have a look. Go meet the dudes! Eisenhower did it! Be sure they don’t shoot you down though!

It pays to listen to John Lear! Better is to fly with him!

If you are real nice to him, Sir, like respectful, John Lear might then take you down to Antarcica in secret at Mach13. Just be sure John Lear doesn’t fall asleep on the way. He tends to do that when it gets boring. It will only be a few minutes. He probably lost his license, but he is still the fastest pilot this side of Cosmos; i hope he looks up to the stars – from time to time… he tends to be always accompanied by some UFOs or others. You get used to that!

And possibly, if all goes well, he takes you from the Nazi base at the South Pole over to Siberia to meet the Nordics. Can be done in 2 days, one night. But that’s only if Putin agrees he trusts you at all. So far we peoples helped you beat the clone monster. Now you have to deliver back to the people/s.

Go visit Rand Corporation, ask them some seriously very classified questions John Lear or I can give you! They are up to extremely super shady questionable and mind-bending activities, Sir that should know about! Then you decide!

The NewYork legend Guiliani would love to be seen by our friends in the new club, so I pass that on, and ideally in charge of rehashing NineOneOne, for an encore, but this time for real. All the way down all rabbit holes, and which, with Austin-Fitts’ Guidance will be easy, ok! It is as this intel colonel Anthony Shaffer said to Alex Jones: you have to hold everyone accountable!

One more thing – just words…
You have an amazing opportunity ahead now:

The world wants you to atone for (as in acknowledge) the overall nonsense the USA did to itself and to the rest of the world over the last say hundred to two hundred years, or so. American Indians? Civil War? Hiroshima? Darmstadt? Dresden? VietNam? Opium wars? Iraq, Libya, Syria? Fukushima? The Gulf Oil sill? The snooping on the whole world? Covering up the 1947 alien tech transfer? Need we go on?

Let’s stop the list here for now. Let’s clean the slate. Then we can start again.. Let’s all go to work! But should you ever run out of (fake) friends, this happens in the viper pit a lot, go ask Putin! He seems like the kind of guy who will brief you honestly about everything in quiet, been around the earth block now for 20 years – @ the switches of Russia / BRiCS.

He is probably the best informed / most experienced dude on this planet, don’t you think? (No cell phones in the meeting ok!) Kissinger can tell you, you just met him, and he met Putin. I don’t think Putin thinks a lot of HAK, but that’s only my guess. My astro hint: Kissinger is a plant. pure & simple. But I understand you have to meet him at times. Is he still alive at at 111? Sounds like Reptilian genes.

If I were you Sir, I would watch my back with that fake “human” entity. Al Haig told me you simply can’t trust him, like Snowden, and yourself, he is a Gemini, lots of double-crossing there! The Sagittarius Haig did tell me, while impersonating HAK at a dinner party to the delight of Aquarius Dick Cheney, that this Kissinger dude does really bad stuff behind your back, when you don’t have him under control, or bugged. Don’t let him erase the tapes! Your place is bugged too. Ask NSA! Maybe you could simply move to the old Post hotel?


Disclaimer: Top 1st word of this essay is “Fiction” – and despite the fact that Putin’s people (PP) and I follow each other on different electronic venues — (we can see a bored Russian sub marine commander in Antarctica reading my posts, smiling — добро пожаловать = “welcome!” ) — I was not mandated by “PP” to write this essay or any other essay, in case your guys feel I am now also part of your “fake news” / PP sponsored spies?

We switch the narrative forward.
Our team is called / known as
NewMindTech – Future News
We foresee timelines, we explore & develop solutions!

Look at this epic List of Astronomers

My list is shorter, deeper: Ptolemy, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Kepler, Maimonides, Giordano Bruno, Machiavel, Nostradamus, Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Cassini, Haley, Herschel, Hubble, Krishnamurti, Dr. Fred Bell, etc. — What do these famous fellows have in common with me – St.Clair (and let’s add friend clif high) – Fake news?

Or vision & discovery? What would these guys be considered today in your mind’s eyes? Traitors? Spies? Foreign agents? PsyOps Magicians? Crazies? Woowoo? What we all have in common is this.. we studied a lot of things, applied them, researched ourselves, and moved on…

((I hesitated to add Doris Lessing in above list, but yes I can see how she would pass for “fake news” – albeit the Theosophists and Sufis toured her around the world, same as Blavatzky, & co.))

And how about REAL FAKE HiSTORY?
Looking back and finding flaws?

Would you call these archaeologists what? Fake story tellers?

Don’t mix it all up OK! We are SEERS – Just sayin… 😉

((We predicted all this stuff long before anyone imagined it possible.))


– Michael St.Clair