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Five Years
O U T * L O O K
2 0 1 6 – 2 0 2 1

C h e c k p o i n t s
somewhere in time

Earth Changes

Solar flares and other changes impacting our planet during the coming five years have also a gravitational pull and alter the (electro) magnetic field. While these shifts seem subtle, their effects are quite evident in mankind’s psychology. This in turn can lead to an improvement in human consciousness. It will not end our world. It will lift it into a new vector. The following are five major check points in time worth considering as a grand game plan.

– by St.Clair




1.1.2016 jpeg

2016 starts out with Saturn in Sagittarius making a great triangular approach to Uranus in Aries and this bodes well for a general understanding of world treaties, and it looks a lot better for a new type of world economy in the making. 2016 itself is a mixed bag with many tentative changes.

This means a new societal deal is intellectually in the air. It is being discussed, and looked at. It will be a return to economic basics. A planetary or at least inter-national federation of “Sovereign States” across this planet, modeled on BRICS / SCO, is what the geo-political end game into 2045 is all about.

However… There are still many difficult years ahead into 2020.

Saturn remains square to Neptune and very unhelpful, as perception of reality is mis-guided, delaying matters in austerity, until May 2016. More bizarre weather patterns. Hot cold etc. Jupiter in Virgo, also square to Saturn, not beneficial at all for an economic reset / recovery now, is not really positioned too well, except for its constructive alignment by sign with Pluto.

Uranus is still in essential square to Pluto – which is the same story since 2011. This is not over yet, by far. So the first half of 2016 is very hard going, a repeat continuation of the 2nd half of 2015, without any doubt, only harsher still. Get ready!

* (We have dwarf planets and Centaurs busy in our heavens also. Pallas, Ixion, Pholus and Quaoar are mainly in Sagittarius. Chariklo is nearby in Capricorn, on the cusp of Sagittarius. The Sagittarius placement makes them part of a broad but very effective T-Square in mutable signs.)

In addition to the planetoids in Sagittarius, this T-Square involves Jupiter in Virgo, and Neptune, Chiron and Nessus in Pisces. This is hard going alchemy while we understand what the next levels of awareness will entail for mankind.

In May 2016, Jupiter is still in principle in clear opposition to Neptune, which is in its own odd manner a very promising yet ambiguous alignment, and not really helpful. Jupiter in Virgo insists on exploring functional and practical solutions for a healthy living. Hysteria and panic give way to euphoria and vice versa under the above aspects. Breakthroughs are made later in 2016, when Jupiter will leave Virgo for Libra on 9.9.2016.

Mars goes retrograde at 9 Sagittarius on April 18th, and starts its direct motion again on June 30th, 2016 at 24 Scorpio. On August 23rd, Mars passes in line of Saturn in the 10th degree of Sagittarius; Sabian Symbol: “A golden-haired goddess of opportunity” which has its promise.

Pluto – opposite wise fixed star Sirius – continues its long outer journey in Capricorn; probing all structures further, dismantling those not needed over time. This is the most destructive part of Pluto’s voyage. Neptune and Pluto are on top of it all (and for years still) in an uneasy angle called “septile” – which is not really beneficial for a larger understanding of where we must evolve to. In fact it explains the global insanity in place since 2001. This ends then towards 2024.

November 2016 sees the surreal US Presidential election. It seems like the global elite and Western banking Cabal wants a 3rd Bushman in charge to do what they want, which is to confront Russia. Bush is too low energy to do anything. Clinton is other choice of system, very much impaired. Alternative is Donald Trump who enjoys good relations with Putin, and whose astrology is favorable to his intention, which is to win. He predicts he will win.

It does not matter who is US President. What matters is what BRiCS / SCO and the other 110 non aligned nations will do to build a planetary federation. The Western world sings its swan song after having pushed a bad position for two hundred years.

The advice for 2016 / 2017 is to prepare your self sustained Radiant Zones, get gold if you can, while you can, grow your food, get out of the system, and generally be ready to tighten the belt. The Western world’s economic mess is in free fall, which can last four or five more years to lead to a resolution, if any. The ending will be a long and terminal process. Not a flash crash. The debt is over two quadrillion large, impeding any growth. Those are the facts of life.

You do with this information what you can.





2017 starts with Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries and in very constructive relationship to Saturn. This means that 2017 opens on a most optimistic or at least balanced note, and is off to a much better start than what we have in 2015 and 2016. The sequence shows the obvious ups & downs which the astrological clock presents to us humans in the next few years.

Also interesting you see Neptune in early 2017 is still in the 10th degree of Pisces. The Aviator in his ground obscuring clouds. Neptune dances in this degree for over TWO years. Always well aligned to the Sun as each year begins. Mars is exactly in line of Neptune then, lost there, and yet also in good aspect to the sun as 2017 opens.

Last day of February 2017 sees a dynamic dynamite alignment with Mars in Aries in line of Uranus, opposite Jupiter in Libra, yet intelligently aligned with Saturn – and yet also square Pluto. Chances are that certain things take a terminal ending on that day.

There is hope there for a moment or two in 2017…

Half a year later, the last days of August 2017 (25th/28th) are very promising with Node 24 Leo, Mars 23 Leo, Jupiter 21 Libra and Saturn 22 Sagittarius, widely connected to Uranus at 28 Aries, and so this feisty FiRE & AiR configuration makes for a very fantastic Summer 2017. Ideas and actions can function freely. Weather patterns may turn HOT and extreme. Uranus opposes Jupiter most the time for unexpected twists & turns of fate.

(Centaur Pholus and planet Saturn begin a new synodic cycle in late 2017, in sidereal Sagittarius. Pholus conjoins Cebalrai – shoulder of Ophiuchus / sting of the Scorpion in 2016 already, after which it will enter sidereal Sagittarius, beginning its journey over the Galactic Center and the Gate of God by 2018. A potent journey for this Centaur, subsequently for its influence in our lives — about our highest education, learning self-mastery in life; especially regarding our personal metamorphosis while in the very primal forces of nature governing life and death; and of these forces within self.)

The above bracket is meaningful. There is a new science of collective consciousness emerging, which may replace or evolve what we knew as “social sciences” which are no longer taught at Western universities so as to keep mankind in check. Moral, ethics and constructive social behavior are the big ticket issues which the would-be world controllers struggle with extreme prejudice to contain versus a somewhat educated humanity in lift off mode — folks who look for new functional avenues.

(See the foot note about dwarf planets / asteroids etc. discovered. The best way to learn social sciences is to stay updated with astronomy.)





2018 opens possibly to the best phase in this 5 years game plan series under consideration. Mars super strong in Scorpio / conjunct Jupiter also in Scorpio, both well aligned to Neptune by trine 120 degrees aspect, and to Pluto in Capricorn, synching up well for power plays – with the Sun in mid point anchoring the affair usefully. Saturn cautious in its own sign Capricorn, deploying quietly, effectively and taking care of its business, in its final approach to Pluto.

Jupiter in Scorpio – Nessus in Pisces (discovered in 1991 / combining artificial higher and practical down to earth intel, like scientist and spy) – and Pluto in Capricorn, all make the energy synchronize in a team work and in a very resilient manner, as by then anything carefully planned goes ahead. Much will be possible. Mars passes in line of Saturn at 9 Capricorn in the first three days of April 2018. On May 15th, Uranus enters Taurus after its long stay in Aries. A serious shift in mental attitudes to things more grounded and practical.

At the same time, May to August 2018, Jupiter and Neptune form a constructive spiritual power alignment. Mid June to mid July, Russia hosts the soccer / football world cup. A grand affair, a peaceful festival of sporting spirits. Master Putin may well go for a 4th term into 2024 if he wishes so, and if his nation wants him to.

In August & September 2018, Saturn in early Capricorn and Uranus in early Taurus form for the first time in a long while this longer lasting, most beneficial, useful aspect of intelligent grounded cooperation, which altogether I read as positive for macro economics, science and applied technologies. Saner heads will prevail then. November 9, 2018 Jupiter enters its sign Sagittarius,

2018 is a transitional year of great magnitude. Things can get accomplished then easily. When Jupiter and Mars are in Scorpio together, we always see profound and lasting changes afoot. This is a far reaching year with constructive consequences. The 2018 start aspects by Venus and Sun are of good augur. Sun helpfully aligned to Neptune brings a dose of reality to big dreams.





2019 shows Saturn well aligned with Neptune, and this is a good working year. Smart start up alignment there: Mercury in early 2019 in beneficial contact with Uranus. Jupiter in Sagittarius – sign it rules. So we have FOUR ruler planets in their respective signs as 2019 opens, showing a much more grounded harmony, with in adition Saturn in Capricorn, and Neptune in Pisces, and Mars in Aries. 2019 promises thus to be a kick ass year.

13 February 2019, a shock alignment of sorts; Mars in line of Uranus, for the last time in last degree of Aries. This is a clean up moment. The Jupiter / Neptune waning square is actually beneficial for sorting out truth from illusion. Deceptions are held in check. Mars at Aries One starts 2019 on an extremely proactive confident note, reminiscent of the Spring 2015 Equinox Eclipse. Trine between Mars and Jupiter applies to build up positively and Chiron about to leave Pisces after a long visit there. The healing process should begin to complete itself soon.

May 4th, 2019 – May the forth be with us – shows Mars in Gemini opposite Jupiter in its sign Sagittarius – aligned with Mercury / Venus in Aries; while Saturn, Neptune & Pluto also align in a useful manner to one another. 2019 has this distinct smell of surpassing wisdom.

The middle and even later part of 2019 still sees Saturn (CAP) and Neptune (PIS) in a constant 60 degree angle which is promising for getting realistic visions off the ground. Saturn demands reality, Neptune suggests surreality. And they work together to create Magic! The whole year is an applied test run for 2020. It could not be better.



March 20, 2020 Vernal Equinox
Mars Jupiter Saturn Pluto / Grand Board Meeting.



2020 is the Kryptonite year, and to understand this above Equinox chart with the 4 super power planets cruising in at the end of Capricorn, at different speeds, and seen high in above chart, you need to understand the so-called Doppler Effect

(( Definition: a phenomenon, observed for sound waves and electromagnetic radiation, characterized by a change in the apparent frequency of a wave as a result of relative motion between the observer and the source. ))


More intelligently speaking, as you know from  LIGHT-SEEDS –
Krishnamurti taught us to consider that the observer is the observed.

As Spring 2020 starts, the four most powerful planets meet in the later degrees of Capricorn for what amounts to a large scale 2020 ForeSight Conference. It is like a board meeting with all male planets attending a high level account settlement. Mars is of course the fastest moving object, triggering each other planet within the first week of Spring 2020.

All planets on that day line up on the Eastern side of the chart as Mercury sits on / near the ascendant in Pisces at the time I set the chart when Sun enters Aries One. This makes Neptune the chart ruler – and in any event the most dominant reality of the entire operation.

This is the most focused bundle of high powered energy imaginable, and it talks to us of an ending of time and of a new beginning. The entire societal structure and system seems to go through a reset during most of all of 2020. This theme lasts well into January 2021.

It is time now to look at it in more detail. This shows that everything to do with the system and society – from institutions, governments, banking, finance, macro economics, even schools and super infrastructure will be tested severely. Everything comes under immense scrutiny. High powered elite people will go to jail.

Scandals will blow wide open. The moment is short and yet ultra powerful. What does it mean? That is for us to figure out from inside – and ideally years before the outer event/s will happen.

The initiating degree of the four planets stellium is occupied by Mars / Jupiter – powerfully aligned to create proactive forward soldiering enterprise – at Capricorn 23: Sabian Symbol – “A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat.” This Symbol speaks of awards, rewards, recognition and respect.

The overall alignment shows Neptune in Pisces in harmonious cooperation with the entire chart alignment, anchoring the affair wisely. Nessus is in Pisces also and Nessus links up the orbits of Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is moments away from leaving its sign Capricorn and entering Aquarius for the first time in a long time, the sign it co-rules with Uranus, and to apply a square angle to Uranus in Taurus.

So you see the tension is most definitely in the air as 2020 unfolds. By the time Spring 2020 gets under way, we will see a whole new different world to start unfolding. It may take a few more years, into 2022 until we smell a new dawn in macro economics. On the whole a greater decade of healing and rebuilding begins.

Later, Pluto in Aquarius after 2026 until 2029 will make intelligent aspects to Uranus in Gemini, where technological breakthroughs, new energy, new internet and more, will help mankind build a new society. But first, let us get to, and then through 2020. The next decade is for healing and rebuilding.


This is not a time to come to finite conclusions about what is going on. It is rather a time to observe very carefully what is happening. We must not react and go into reaction mode. We must create space – TiME – between looking at data and information, and acting. The idea is not to focus on the OUTER event/s, or react to it, but to work on our own inner self inside, while protecting our mind.

We come ideally out of these alignments with a societal Zen master type “New Mind”.

We need to keep in our collective mind that the societal changes ahead are a very long process (decades in the making) which parallels also the earth changes. So we cannot really predict a final outcome. It would become clearer by 2045 when Uranus in Virgo opposes Pluto in Pisces. We will look at more charts soon. Meanwhile you can always study my book LiGHT-SEEDS – Futures of Planet Earth and get an idea of where we are at now.





Ixion enters Capricorn!

1.1.2021 chart

Kryptonite alignment. Nessus, Neptune & company.
You can see all the detail action high up in the UK noon sky.




1.21.2021 is depicted inscribed in the sky:



* Saturn & Jupiter pass into Aquarius January 2021. A new dawn for mankind…
* Saturn & Neptune pass into Aries in July 2025. Time Travel is then proven…

Sources / Resources >

End of inner / outer paradigms are certain.
Economics – The end of capitalism has begun.

Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy. The old ways will take a long while to disappear, but it’s time to be utopian…

Read PostCapitalism – The End of Capitalism by Paul Mason at The Guardian UK.


* Study “LiGHT-SEEDS”


5 hours film documentary; 14 videos
– from our ForeSight 2020 Conference –
with Egon von Greyerz & Michael St.Clair


Foot notes on astro physics:

Mid July 2015.. NASA New Horizons flew by Pluto. Finally!
(While this may sound academic, it is indeed very revealing.)
YOU cannot understand astro physics without an ET background.

Based on research by astrologer / historian Carl Boudreau, and sidereal astrology expert Nick Anthony Fiorenza, and based on my own historic / mankind’s “Hidden History” cycles correlations (see Light-Seeds) in global affairs and sociology, we find certain patterns / cycles and explanations worth mentioning. This is deep stuff, valuable, and yet tentative.

Some of the heavenly (asteroid / planetoid) bodies – such as Ixion & Pholus – seem to rule over moral, legal, or social management science and ethical principles in human society affairs. They are now positioned in areas of the system which tell us the future. This is not by chance we discovered them.


………………………. G l o s s a r y >

The Centaur Orbits


~ Pluto: The opener ‘ transformer. Pluto creates openings or opportunity by dismantling what is no longer in our higher interest. When in Capricorn it takes apart structures, later when in Aquarius it will transform society.

~ Ixion: King of the Lapiths (a race) in Thessaly. Potential themes: Tyranny, control and ownership of the feminine, deceit and attempted annihilation between authoritarian figureheads, the taking of kindred blood.

~ Quaoar: 2002. Creation Force of the Native American Tonga Tribe. Potential themes: Inspires our return to the sacredness of life and to natural law, to synchronize with and live according to the natural laws of creation.

~ Nessus: The Third Centaur — Potential themes: Perhaps with a disrespect for morality, Nessus seems to teach us about embracing our sensual and sexual nature, to enjoy this abundance in life, rather than denying it or shutting ourselves down to it due to righteous or erroneous beliefs and emotions of unworthiness. Nessus, in its own raw way, may serve to free up and and promote healing regarding issues of sexual abuse and sexuality in general that had been locked, frozen, held in denial, or suppressed.

~ The strange Ixion / dwarf planet was discovered on May 22, 2001. Ixion relates to conflict amongst questionable world leaders in authoritarian positions being brought to justice for deeds involving the suppression and manipulation of people, especially women, as well as the the tyrannical destruction of people for their own end. Ixion may also be prominent in malicious and deceptive power-plays between control-orientated figureheads, drawn out in long karmic-based scenarios.

* These bodies are now in what I would term the trans-human sector of the astrological Zodiac, for years to come. So this is a tapestry of heavenly we need to start to understand better. The astro-physics of Centaurs Chiron, Nessus, Pholus & co. are complex. There is a screen play developing as they cross orbits.

~ Ceres (discovered 1801) established as a care giver, apparently rules over our impulse to nurture and care for others. Related similarly to bodies like Juno (a wife person, 1804) or Chiron (1977) a therapy, healing / teaching figure… and others, in this part of the solar system. The HiDDEN story they all tell us in time is very magnificent.

~ Asteroid Pallas (discovered 1802 / feminine) appears to govern the logical / rational validity of such above ethics principles to be observed, and seems related to our ability to recognize patterns of all kinds, including mathematical and logical patterns. Pallas is a positive smart influence, usually seen at the 11th hour.

~ Pholus (discovered 1992) relates to management and observance of community standards in our personal dealings. Pholus crossed Uranus’ orbit in 2003 Iraq invasion; then will cross Neptune’s orbit in 2018, enters influence of Orcus and Pluto by 2030 . . and reaches its aphelion and Orcus’ orbit in 2037.

~ Nessus (discovered on April 25, 1993) has extremely wide ranging interpretations. It would be cautious to wise up before over-interpreting what this centaur wants. The eccentric orbit of Nessus extends from between the orbits of Saturn / Uranus – across orbits Neptune, Orcus and Ixion, with its aphelion between the orbits or Neptune and Pluto.

* Nessus… Like all of the Centaurs, which are a bit rogue, rebellious or unconventional in their approaches and retreats, are also teachers, aids, or liaisons for those willing to awaken to a greater path of exploration in self-mastery. Nessus inspires our need to radically sever from the conformity of the past and pierce our veils of illusion, to relinquish our denials, and to enter new realms of vision and creativity. Nessus in Pisces now in 2016 is extremely strong.

~ Asbolus (discovered on April 5, 1995) – Orbits between Jupiter and Neptune with a “phi resonant” eccentricity. It is in perpetual intuitive attentiveness due to its trajectories. Asbolus, the seer, responds as a protector of what is considered sacred to a specific group or culture, especially regarding the possessions of such a group, including the protection of land and sacred or private sites (perihelion stars). Asbolus, with a strong sense of “right use of will” (South Node stars: Zaniah of Virgo) and without hesitation, will enter into a scenario where psychic-emotional confusion or manipulation exists (North Node stars) to stop such violation or disorder.

~ Chariklo (1997) appears to govern our respect for the most subtle, personal boundaries, and what we might call “the rights of the person.”

~ Ixion (2001, around 9/11) relates to moral and ethical integrity of those in high public office. (Think all Deep Game related financial scandals yet to be disclosed.)

~ Quaoar (2002, after 9/11) is wild card in time of its finding… [relates to the balance between stability and change in our ideas about the world and how it should work.] It seems related to the process of morphing these concepts about social science / sociology affairs over time. To list the discoveries in time and in their proper context is a byzantine affair, yet it pays to know:

This to say in short… that we see a new and massively complex global “social science” afoot during the years under above consideration. It will involve the knowing that we are the aliens. We are the signal we were looking for. This is big. No sociologist knows what this means – and I am glad to advise on this affair in private.

Keep in mind – for a reference – that planet Uranus was only discovered in 1781 during the “revolutions” (which were however master-minded by the hidden hand), as was planet Neptune only seen in 1846 during the time Karl Marx was used and misguided to publish his Utopian work, and dwarf master Pluto was found only in 1930, as Germany / USA approached joint nuclear domination of this planet Earth – with alien assistance.

So you see context now? is the Alien ET Affair clear by now?

However, beyond their assigned or assumed significance, the discovery of all the bodies in the outer solar system correlated in a general way with the emergence of the social sciences we will see morphing during the years into 2025 when Saturn passes Neptune in the cusp zone Pisces / Aries for a complete new cycles start up.

We also consider real time space line of sight astrology with fixed stars, because we have a clock in the Cosmos telling us the signs. Right now we have PLUTO opposite SiRiUS in 2015. Hard going, deep ^ explosive! In such a long lasting alignment it pays to grasp The Deep Game – by St.Clair !



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