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Batting TenThousand

Batting TenThousand

[You have to admit…] Signs of times – Empty Your Mind! – [Uranian] are with the applied astrology that we move as individuals in self determination / self actualization towards an attitude of: “i-can” and “i-create” & “i-intel” & “i-zen” & “i-future” (Art by Zensu) – Follow OneZenTsu They all told us this 2017 photo […]

InfoWar / Data Like Wate...

InfoWar / Data Like Water

Ides of March 2017. Drowning in Data ? Neptune Sun Mercury Nessus Chiron Plethora of planet positions in Pisces moving into a Saturn Sagittarius check point of verification in truth content. Secrets revealed, everything seeps out — as was a foreseen development for about two decades. True IT experts know that data will find its […]

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