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Michael St.Clair

St.Clair advises clients in how to leave the system carefully to create a meaningful life in a new paradigm by taking personal responsibility. In 1978, St.Clair studied political sciences. In 1983 he served as intel officer to a Swiss general. He was in touch with renowned key figures in global diplomacy. General Alexander Haig & Ambassador Vernon Walters were his early mentors.

St.Clair’s acclaimed book LIGHT-SEEDS – Futures of Planet Earth and his masterful, unique film documentaries have helped thousands of people to understand hidden History and the future of mankind. International clients and entrepreneurs consult with him on how to buy & store gold safely.

Achieving Personal Goals

Choose to Change NOW! - Meeting St.Clair – you enter a sanctuary of dedicated, creative artists, each with practical down-to-earth experience in the real world, from economics to world affairs. This practical methodology has, over decades, helped many to achieve their personal goals. Our unique approach for our clients is based on ancient teachings of the I-Ching… Seeing skills designed for challenging times. We deliver results, show how to change one’s inner approach to evaluating personal situations. We do not focus on outer events.

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Consulting & Coaching

Our methods of advising clients consists in sharing what has worked for us over many years. Sometimes leading to an enlightening coaching session based on astrology, the I Ching and other seeing skills. We can help you to change your life - for the better - simply by changing your mindset. Change is a natural part of our lives. Our consultations are varied, sometimes legal advice as well as practical and economic. St.Clair Services

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